1. Ansem

    best Mp3 player for 150€

    Hi at all,i want change my ipod nano 3°g with a new Mp3 player. After that i have read some topic in this forum i understand that the sony walkman is the best series of mp3 player. I live in italy,and i don't want spend more than 150€ (sandisk sans for examples cost 60€). I have see on the...
  2. stozzer123

    CK4 vs hm601 vs Rocoo D vs Colorful C3

    Opinions guys, take cost out and imagine they are all the same price point.   Also comparisons to a ipod w/ fiio e11 and cube c30 is appreciated.
  3. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] HiSound Audio's RoCoo-P

    RoCoo-P, or previously known as the RoCoo-D Power Edition, is the re-launch of HiSound Audio (HSA) to the world. For those who don’t know about HSA, they are a small, audiophile orientated DAP company specializes in marrying the popular SigmaTel STMP series based DAP design with powerful...
  4. vausham

    Earphones for psychedelic trance and chillout trance

    Hi Guys.. I am thinking of buying new IEM in the range on 150 $  or less. I currently have Sennheiser CX300 II, but want to see better earphones. The music I am looking forward to enjoy on new earphones is Psychedelic trance, Chillout trance and may be some rock bands of 70s.   Can you guys...
  5. halwaraj

    combo in Pounds 300

    Hi all,     I plan to get a mp3 player and head phones. Please help me get the best.     My Budget: 350 GBP Requirement: I hope to buy the best available in my budget.   MP3 player: A space of 4 to 8 Gig Best available sound quality WIfi: n/a Hi-fi: preferable...
  6. HiSoundAudio Rocoo D Power

    HiSoundAudio Rocoo D Power

    ·ROCOO- D Power is one of the most powerful DAP in the market. ·It can work well with wide range of earphones which are covered from the IEMs to the most of the full size headphones. ·ROCOO- D Power applied the exclusive high power earphone amplifier which has 50mW rated out put power...