1. jonckr

    Review: HiSound Audio's PAA-1 Pro

    HiSound Audio's PAA-1 Pro Review   First off, I'd like to thank Jack from HiSound Audio (HSA) for the sample. Before we proceed further, it's important to note that these were burnt in over 50 hours before the review.       Specs:   Type:Dynamic,open Size of the driver:16mm...
  2. hisound

    PAA-1 Pro free for review. Excellent earbuds can never be die out by IEMs.

    PAA-1 PRO free for review,Excellent earbuds can never be died out by IEMs.    PAA-1 PRO earbuds is a pair of excellent earbuds. which has punch bass and layer mids but still comes with the detail and parkle treble. For IEMs are dominate the market at current. and there are only very few...
  3. Psybrain

    Which are the best Earbuds from the list below for smartphone mp3's

    1. Sennheiser MX880 2. Yuin PK2 3. Hisoundaudio PAA-1PRO Or you have something better to offer for me . The same prices - + Thanks. Sry for bad eng.
  4. anoxy

    Hisoundaudio Nova N3 Player + Wooduo-2, Tabour, and PAA-1 earphones

    The player is brand new with the box and all accessories. Screen film hasn't even been removed, and I haven't taken any of the earphones out of their plastic baggies.   I've used it maybe 2 hours tops for testing. Sound quality is fantastic, I just don't need another dap.   $190 shipped...
  5. Vlooienuker

    FS/FT: ColorFly C3 for Blox ANV3/TM7 or HiSound PAA1 PRO!

    Hi,   Comes with all original box and accessories.
  6. Woody469

    WTB: PAA-1 that come with the Amp3 Pro2

    If you have a pair, I'd like to buy them off you or trade.   PM if you own a pair    
  7. momoyou

    PAA-1 Pro review - The best earbuds for under 50$

    It's my first time to review about earbuds. I like earbuds more than IEMs, because of their sound stage. I have nine earbuds and IEMs. For a start, I rank the ones I spent significant amounts of time with thus:   Audiotechnica ATH-CM707 < Starsonic EP-888-E1 < Sennheiser MX560 <Yuin...
  8. tomscy2000

    [Review] Hisound Earbuds (HiPhone Line, PAA-1, Living)

    Hisound Audio is a Chinese audio manufacturer with aspirations of being a leader in the enthusiast/audiophile segment of portable audio. Its products are no stranger to Head-Fi, namely their media players --- the AMP3 and the Studio variants. However, Hisound as a company is still an unknown...
  9. shotgunshane

    Review: Hisoundaudio PAA-1 Pro earbuds

      PAA-1 PRO earbuds     I’m not a big fan or user of earbuds but I was given the opportunity to evaluate the PAA-1 Pro and since I enjoy testing and evaluating IEM’s, how could I pass it up?  Many thanks to Jack at Hisoundaudio for the opportunity to give these a listen.  ...
  10. shotgunshane

    FS or FT: Hisoundaudio PAA-1 Pro earbuds

    Interested in selling or trading a pair of new Hisoundaudio PAA-1 Pro earbuds.  Retail is $50.  PM me with offers.  I'm not an earbud guy, so I'm looking for IEM's if making a trade proposal.   I will consider trades for some IEM's like RE-zero, Sunrise IE (+ cash for value difference)...
  11. jant71

    New Blox M2C and Hisound White PAA-1 earbuds(Rocoo P Stock Earbud)

    Hi,   Selling my Rocoo P stock earphones since I have a pair of the Hisound Live earbuds and won't need them. They are white, and unopened in their little box. These are the ones...
  12. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] HiSound Audio’s Battleflag (Popo) / Crystal / PAA-1 Pro / Living

    First, I’ll like to thank HiSound Audio (HSA) for the samples. A few years ago, HiSound Audio was introduced to Head-fi as an audiophile DAP maker and made a fairly big splash among the community.  Nowadays, they also have their own line of earphones. I’ll be reviewing one of their latest DAP...
  13. soundstige

    HiSound Audio PAA-1 Pro HiFi-Grade Earbuds, Free USA Shipping, No PayPal Fee!

    I'm selling this great pair of HiSound Audio PAA-1 Pro earbuds. This is the pro verison of the earbud that is included with the Rocoo line of players by HSA, and has better definition throughout the spectrum and slightly boosted bass, to give a nice thumpy sound. These are on par with things...
  14. tomscy2000

    Hisound PAA-1, HiPhone Earbuds

    I'm getting rid of clutter... and I'm not an earbud user, so these things need to go to someone who actually wants them.   Of course, you'll have to pay for shipping, which will be around $15.
  15. nerv

    Hisound PAA-1 Pro

    I bought these off another head-fi user but I prefer my Senn MX580s so these got to go.  It comes with the original box and gray donut foams.  Here is a head-fi review of the PAA-1 Pros: http://www.head-fi.org/t/579817/review-hisoundaudio-paa-1-pro-earbuds   I accept Paypal or Amazon payments...
  16. Tamirci

    FS: Hisoundaudio Paa-1Pro (BRAND NEW)(PRICE DROP)

    These earbuds are 2-3 hours old. No smoking and no pets.   The box is really small and it wont cost that much to ship. Keep in mind ;)   http://cdn.head-fi.org/4/43/43b5c477_paa1box.jpeg
  17. 2enty3

    WTB: Paa1 pro earbuds

    Looking to buy paa1 pro earbuds for around $20. As long as they work and don't have major damage or not about to fall apart, I'm fine.   I am located in Calgary Canada, PM for more info if needed.
  18. stozzer123

    HISOUND PAA-1 earbuds 3 set available *NOW WITH FREE SHIPPING*

    3 sets of hisoound paa-1 earbuds availabe.  All brand new.   BLUE OR WHITE.   Price is £7.50  shipped to uk.   Thanks.
  19. narutofan36

    [REVIEW] PAA-1 Pro Earbuds

    EARBUDS ARE NOT DEAD! PAA-1 Pro Driver: 16mm Dynamic Rated impedance: 32Ω Sensitivity: 105dB Frequency Response: 17KHZ-22KHZ Channel Balance: ≤120dB (@1KHz) Plug size: 3.5mm Cord length: 124cm There is a good amount of bass, for what an earbud can do. It isn't the tighest bass (not when...
  20. noxa

    Hisound PAA-1

    I have a pair of brand new unused Hisound PAA-1 ear buds for sale. Only looking to sell in the UK or Europe. Price includes shipping. PM me if interested
  21. alphaphoenix

    Hisoundaudio PAA1 Pro earbuds - SOLD

    Recently purchased this from another member to test it out.  It's well worth the $20 I paid, but won't get used much with rest that I have.  In great condition and includes case and 3 sets of foams.   Price is PayPal gift, but includes CONUS shipping.
  22. ostewart

    Review: Hisound PAA-1 Pro

    Hisound PAA-1 Pro review:   I would like to thank Hisound for providing me with this sample for review, I will try and write as honest a review possible.   These received over 50hrs burn-in, no real changes were noted.   Gear used: IPod Classic 160gb (rockboxed) > PAA-1 Pro (amping...
  23. swbf2cheater

    Hisoundaudio Popo and Paa1 Pro

    Howdy, selling my mint A+ condition Hisound Popo IEM and Paa1 Pro earbud   I'd like $20 for the popo and $20 for the Paa1 Pro     BOTH HAVE BEEN SOLD
  24. kanuka

    Hisound Audio Paa-1 Pro Earbuds

    Being someone that likes earbuds, I wanted to try something new. So here goes a 'review' wannabe, and probably my most serious post here.   Specs: (provided by Jack from Hisound, thanks!) Type:Dynamic,open Size of the driver:@16 impedance:32 OHM Sensitivity:105db Maximum SPL (Sound...
  25. macro

    Hisoundaudio PAA-1 Pro vs Apple Earpods

    I'm looking for some decent earbuds for the gym, skateboarding, snowboarding, and biking in the under $100 range. Not interested in IEMs.   The main things I'm looking for, in order: 1. Sub bass extension 2. Balance 3. Treble extension 4. Comfort 5. Detail/clarity/control  ...