1. Ev0lution

    Are these "High End" Daps worth it? How big is the Jump?

    Hi everyone, i just got a new pair of IEM's the Heir 5.0... even though i own them now for some time, i'm still blown away everytime i put 'em back in... Right now i'm feeding those puppies from an 5.5g DIY Mod and powering them with my E17 wich is quite statisfying to my ear, i've already...
  2. H20Fidelity

    Hippo Pipe Headphone Amplifier

    I found this amp made by Hippo and cannot find any information on it besides a few small details and a picture. I was wondering if anyone has tried it and their thoughts? First I've heard about it was a few hours ago.              One of the smallest headphone amps we've ever seen...
  3. HolyXtremeZ

    Best headphones for Country under $300

    As the title says, I have no idea what headphones to get.. I am a fan of T.Swift.. Thanks! :) Amp: I don't have one yet.. Might be getting cricri or D2+ boa
  4. bigcat47

    Need Reasonable Priced Portable Dac/Amp to Power the Sennhesier's HD 598

    Need something with enough muscle to drive the Senn. HD 598 Through a portable device ( andriod tablet , mp3 ) and pc. ANy suggestions ?  Thanks.
  5. drmrwt

    Best Bang/Buck under 150$ DAC or DAC/AMP for Android. PLEASE HELP.

    Hi,   I do not have a decent source for my Atrio Mg7's, i am in the market for a DAC or a DAC/AMP(preferred) Under 150$, will be more than happy to pay 100$ i shall be getting the V MODA M80's soon too.   Another question will there be any noticeable difference? i have been looking in to...
  6. Swimsonny

    [REVIEW] hippo cricri: A Handful of Energy!

    Hippo Cricri Portable Amplifier Review The amplifier in review is a mid range model from Hippo. Hippo is the house brand of the awesome earphones store Jaben.     What the cricri is sold as is a portable headphone amplifier. By looking around I can see that there are a lot of people...
  7. ostewart

    Hippo CriCri+ (Amp+DAC) Review

    Hippo CriCri+ Review   I would like to thank Hippo Audio for sending me this CriCri+ for review, I will try and write as honest a review as possible.   All opinions expressed are my own, others may not agree.   Gear Used: Toshiba netbook – Foobar2000 – CriCri+ - SoundMAGIC HP100...
  8. Swimsonny

    [REVIEW] Hippo Cricri+: What More Could You Ask From This?

    Hippo Cricri + Headphone Amplifier/DAC Review   Introduction:   Jaben’s house brand Hippo maybe known for its rather impressive budget orientated IEMs but to me I know and love Hippo as the company that brought my current go to and most used portable amp, the cricri. It is cheap, tiny and...
  9. Hippo Cricri Headphone Amplifier

    Hippo Cricri Headphone Amplifier

    Feature/Specification: -Powerful Amplifier enhanced -Gain feature enable -Bass adjustable feature included -Sleeky, Flat, Portable, Rugged design -Responsive Volume control and powerbutton -Long lasting Battery which lasted 30 hours per charge -Scratchless surface -Clear features indicator...