1. konseki

    Asking for High-Performance Headphones and Specs

    Dear ALL   Hope you have the time to look through my post. If you notice, I have enquiries on getting a suitable pair of headphones with High OHM preferably over 100 if possible.   Tried Seinnheiser PX100 & PX200 2nd generation. Sorry but it sounds a little crappy to me.X___X  ...
  2. earphone gawker

    Bassbuds 2012 : have you heard of them?

    Hey guys,   I was wondering if anyone has bought these new bassbuds. The website looks quite good!
  3. Seidhepriest

    Hisoundaudio Live Earbuds Review

    Hisoundaudio Live Earbuds Type: dynamic, open. Driver size: 16 mm. Nominal impedance: 32 ohm. Sensitivity: 105 dB/1 mW [?]. Maximum sound pressure level, at 1 KHz sine tone, 1 VRMS: 125 dB. Frequency response: 16-22 KHz. Plug size/type: 3.5 mm. stereo miniplug (compatible with...
  4. High Performance Earphones

    High Performance Earphones

    These Earphones create an exceptional Music listening experience. The highest quality full range speakers allow Full Range Stereo Sound with deep Base Tones. The Earphones are compact, comfortable and lightweight for long-time use, and come with soft silicon earpieces in three sizes: small...