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    Need some relatively budget recommendations for closed back headphones.

    I'd Like some closed back headphone suggestions. Although, please consider the following if making a recommendation: *They need to have a high sensitivity (I may be running them on my phone) *I prefer a warmer and impactful bass sound signature *Extra points for a wooden back! That is all...
  2. T

    Looking for recommendations: TOTL headphones for Techno

    Hi, I'm hugely into Techno music and other EDM genres such as Trance/Drum & Bass but mainly Techno & most subgenres. I purchased Focal Clears 4 years ago powered by a Questyle CMA600i but they recently snapped & I am outside of my warrenty. Using this opportunity to upgrade from the Clears/AMP...
  3. Penon Legend

    Penon Legend

    Penon Legend 13BA – TOTL Flagship HiFi Audiophile In-ear Monitor with Tuning Switches Description 3 tuning switches , 4-way crossover , 4 catheter 4 Sonion bass frequency open hole balanced armature 4 Sonion intermediate frequency balanced armature 4 Sonion high frequency balanced armature 1...

    Best Accurate, Detailed, Clear and Neutral Headphones $1K-5K

    What are the Best Accurate, Detailed, Clear and Neutral Headphones between $1K to $5K. He is purchasing Sennheiser HD800S for Gaming, SONY Z1R for casual laid back listening and Focal Stellia for Regular work and stuff. But is still looking for Headphones for his Pro grade work where he needs...
  5. shokyy

    Seeking advice : New to Headphones but not new to High End Audio

    I have been a dedicated audiophile for many years and had a a listening room with a fairly high end high efficiency single driver and low power SET and Laufer Teknik Memory player. I recently relocated due to a job change and now live in an apartment I am used to very resolute sound and an...