1. KT66

    HM901 & HM802 Case

    Just found this   http://www.ebay.com/itm/A6-EASECASE-Custom-Made-Genuine-Leather-case-for-Hifiman-HM-901-HM901-/121341595789?pt=US_MP3_Player_Cases_Covers_Skins&hash=item1c4085d08d   anyone got one?   any others to recommend?
  2. TeamHiFiMAN

    HM-901 V1.085 and HM-802 V1.003 firmware update

    Hi,   Thank you all for supporting HIFIMAN. Here are the new firmware V1.085 for HM-901 and V1.003 for HM-802. To download the firmware, please click:   HM-901: http://down.head-direct.com/hm901/update.zip HM-802: http://down.head-direct.com/hm802/update.zip        Firmware Update...
  3. Willieboy

    HM802 is On The Way

    After months of research, hemming and hawing, I finally pulled the trigger and ordered a Hifiman HM802.  I also considered the Astell&Kern offerings, and IBasso DX50 and DX100.  I also gave a little consideration to the FiiO line.  I hope to have the KM802 by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week...
  4. Willieboy

    HM802 Initial Impressions

    My Hifiman HM802 arrived this morning and I wanted to give you guys my thoughts thus far. I will add some pictures soon.   The unit is quite hefty, about like the HM801.  However the HM802 is smaller in size and would fit in a shirt pocket.  Its color is kind of a metallic teal.  I like it...
  5. Edwood

    Using the HifiMan HM player as a USB DAC with Samsung Galaxy Phones and Tablets

    If you have a HifiMan HM-60x or HM-801, try the OTG cable with your Samsung Galaxy phone or Tablet.   I got both my HM-601 and HM-801 to work with the USB DAC input with an OTG USB adapter with my Galaxy Note 10.1.   Be sure to power up the HifiMan player and connect the USB cable and...
  6. Beejohn

    BEST solution for airplane (JH13Pro custom vs FitEar universal), money is no object but sound quality, comfort, and lastly portability are

    Hi All, This is my first post on head-if, hello Everyone! I have been reading a lot on the forum, but now I come to you all with a question as to which you all woud think is the best solution for me. I would like a setup for international airplane travel that provides the best sound quality...
  7. Predawnstar

    <Renewed at 2012/03/12>The new HiFiMAN 802 & New UI named "Tai-Chi"

        <Renewed at 2012/03/12>   And there were some news about the New HiFiMan.   1.Improving the sound-quality of new HM product,and it may named "HM-901" rather than "802". 2.The new HM will support all music files. 3.We will make the 24-bit music files have more sense on the new...
  8. DarthMarth

    Comparison of Hifiman HM models

    I am looking to upgrade to something better than a first-generation iPod touch for playing music when out and about. Specifically, I've been hearing about the Hifiman players for a while and they look like a great alternative for audiophiles. I am thinking the HM-601 looks like a great buy for...
  9. klfl

    New Hifiman HM-802 DAP Announced

    DAC: Dual Wolfson WM8740 Amp Section: OPA627 based Battery: 16.8v Lithium battery pack Price: RMB3999 ($653)   HM-802 will feature the same cosmetic design as HM-901, sound signature will be tuned toward the HM-801.   The amp card of 802 will also be user replaceable, and is compatible...
  10. Willydjunaedi

    HiFiMAN HM-802

    MP-3 Player