1. Ethan Chan

    HiFiMAN EF2A vs Fiio E12?

    Hi guys,   Currently this is my audio setup: -Macbook Pro Retina 13" (2013) -Micromega MyDac (Never used, since there is no headphone jack) -Audio Technica ATH-M50x   I listen to Spotify Premium.   So I feel like I want an upgrade. Should I buy a new pair of cans and a headphone amp...
  2. LopesME

    Beyerdynamic DT 770 / 880 / 990 250ohms + Hifiman EF2a : a nice deal ?

    Hi folks,   I have a Hifiman EF2a amp and I am searching for a good and comfortably headphone. I bought for use with my ATH-AD700 and I think the pair does not marriage well.   Has anybody experienced any Beyerdynamics 250 ohms versions with this amplifier ? Does the amp have power...
  3. SmOgER

    Just listened to some KolorFish H50's today.. WOW!

    Seller told me that they are exceptional and I of course believed him. I thought this is just another typical studio monitor like Sony V6 but heck I was wrong... Once I plugged them in to my HiFiMan EF2A my tube AMP I was stunned! The lows are punchy, mids pronounced, highs crisp, soundstage is...
  4. guyskr

    tube amp for headphones and speakers for under 200$

    Hey everybody, Just a few days ago I ordered for myself the UE 6000 headphones and they are on there way to me. Now I'm looking for a tube amp which will be connected to my headphones, and sometimes my speakers. Is there a beast like that? I'll connect it to my computer and my record player...
  5. cddc

    Will Hifiman EF2A be a good amp for beginners

    Just bought an HD650 at the end of last year. No idea about where to start. Before making even bigger investment with little knowledge on Amps/Dacs, I am think of buying a Hifiman EF2A to kick off.   Will it be a good choice? Or do you guys recommend something better?   Thanks a lot!
  6. Pianist718

    Perfect AMP for my HD598 under $300 ? (Bravo or HIFIMAN EF-2A or FIIO E17 or HRT or Bellari HA540)

    Hi guys ... I am enjoying my Sennheiser HD598 and for someone who uses them mostly run out of my computer (with an old, cheap soundcard) I just want to see if I can get better and louder sound using a AMP under $300.   So far I narrowed it down to these.     Bravo ...
  7. martinrajdl

    Odac+O2 vs HFM EF2A or should i upgrade Headphones + other opinions ?

    Hey everyone ! So i have been quite happy about my HD558 + E10 for a few years now. However, I think i would like to upgrade my setup a little bit.  I was thinking about upgrading my dac/amp rather than my headphones becouse i am really happy with them. EF2A is probably the one fitting in my...
  8. mark5hs

    How much of a an upgrade would the Schiit Lyr be over the HiFi-Man EF2A for the HE-400?

    I have the EF2A with stock tubes and I really have no complaints with it. It fills in a lot of bass for the HE-400 and gives it a very warm, musical quality. It also makes a massive difference for my Denon Ahd-2000s. My brother is in the market for an amp though and I have some spare spending...
  9. SpartanX58

    HiFiMAN EF-2A vs Schiit Vali

    Hi guys, I've recently bought an AKG K612 PRO and I'm looking for an Amp to drive it. I want to know the differences and similarities between the HiFiMAN EF-2A and the Schiit Vali, their pros and cons and wich one best synergyses with my K612. Metal and Industrial are my musical tastes.
  10. Nikori

    Best USB DAC/AMP to be used with my laptop

    Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum so pls be kind. :)   I own a pair of harman/kardon NC headphones which sound pretty great to me. However, i feel that these headphones could deliver much more in terms of sound quality if it was used together with an external USB dac. The problem is, i...
  11. tangfj

    Help me choose an amp! HIFIMAN EF-2A or Schiit Modi+Vali or WA7? OR something else?

    Hey guys, I'm not really new here as I've been a member for quite some time but I've recently got reinvigorated in to the headphone space again.  Anyway, I've recently been considering getting a DAC/Amp to use with my mac.  I want to get something somewhat compact and small so that it doesn't...
  12. jpalenzuela

    My First DAC/amp. Need advice

    Hi everyone! I recieved my Grado SR80i's 4 months ago, these are my first pair of real HiFi headphones, Im loving the grado sound signature. Now I am planning to get a DAC/AMP combo to improve the sound experience. (I mostly listen to 16 bit FLACs) This device has to be good enough to drive...
  13. White Lotus

    HifiMan/Head-direct confusion (EF1 vs EF2 vs EF5)

    Alright, so I have a bit of a predicament.    I just purchased a second hand EF1, for $200:  (this is an image I found on the internet, mine is still in transit)       The EF5, however, is close to $500 brand new:         The EF2, on the Head-Direct website, is currently $170. It...
  14. SO74

    The hifiman he-500s with the hifiman ef2a

    Hello what do you think of this match up? Is the ef2a able to drive the he-500s and is the ef2a a neutral sounding amp. What do you think of the amp? Thank you

    Best Amp $150> ?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for an amplifier to power my Senn HD580's. I would like to keep the price under $150 if it's possible. It doesn't really matter to me if the amp is portable or not, I'll be using it at my desk. I would like to have one with a built in DAC, but it isn't a huge deal to me...
  16. Dodgercat

    Hooking up Hi-Fiman EF2A?

    Call me an idiot, or call me ignorant, but I need some basic advice. I just received my Hi-Fimand EF2A, I hooked up the power supply, put the tubes in, and connected the USB jack. So, what's next ? yes power is on. But when I plug my headphones, the sound still either comes out of the system...
  17. blt77

    Hifiman ef2a vs other options for Graod sr225's

    Hello I am currently in the market for a headphone amp that would match up well with my Grado sr225's also have akg k172 hd's (use much less but sitll want something to power them well), and in the next year plan to replace them with b&w p7's. I have little experience with and therefore have...
  18. ilikepooters

    Hifiman EF2A + Denon D2000 / D7000?

    Got a hifiman ef2a ordered and wondering if it will pair well with the denon headphones.   currently running FiiO E7/E9 combo, will it be a good improvement?   i'll be powering D2000 and D7000.   many thanks :)
  19. Clayton72

    Hifiman EF2A - Works for a few mins and then freaks out with loud white noise

    Just received a Hifiman EF2A a couple days ago.  It worked fine on one computer for several hours, but then tried it on my laptop and just now on my work PC and I'm finding that it works for a few mins and then the music stops abruptly and loud white noise fills my ears.  So it seems like the...
  20. RestoredSparda

    New tubes for HiFiMAN EF-2A ???

    Hello all!   I recently acquired the HiFiMan EF-2A DAC / Amp and wanted to start my journey into tube rolling off on the right foot. I am a complete noob when it comes to Tubes, and know almost nothing about what type of tube will work with what type of amp. If anybody cares to recommend any...
  21. Austin Morrow

    HiFiMan EF2A: A Budget Friendly Tube Amp & USB DAC (Review)

      I wasn’t too interested in the HiFiMan EF2A until I heard from a few people that it actually has a DAC to go along with some tubes. Not believing a word they said, I headed on over to HiFiMan’s website to see what the EF2A was all about. Sure enough, HiFiMan had used a DAC in the EF2A, and...
  22. Derelict

    M-Stage vs Xonar STX vs HiFiMan EF2A

    I am thinking about getting either AKG K701's or the HD650. I listen to more of old school hip/hop, Trance, Jcore, Instrumental, Classical, and Jazz. I was wondering what would work best for either of these headphones. I am leaning towards the Xonar STX because of the price. What would be a...
  23. jeremybrooks

    Grado 225's - FiiO E10 or Hi-Fi Man EF2A?

    I have a set of Grado 225's that I use for listening at work. Currently they are just connected to a Rolls mixer which is fed by my MacBook Pro and iPhone. Eventually I want something like an iDecco or MusicBox to drive these, but that is not going to happen for a while.   In the meantime, I...
  24. fishbulb95

    Matrix M-Stage to replace Hifiman EF2A?

    So about 3 months ago I took the plunge and bought the Hifiman Ef2A to power my new AKG Q701.  I've been really really happy with the EF2A, and the headphones for that matter.  Before my go to headphones were the Sony MDR-7506.  The AKG was a significant step up, and the EF2A made the headphones...
  25. tiesto141141

    Amp with my 1964 Quads with macbook pro : FiiO E10 Vs Hi-Fi Man EF2A ?

    Hello everybody !   I own Quads 1964 ears IEM since a year, they sound fantastic, but I'd like to buy a USB AMP, i heard good sthings on the Hi-Fi Man EF2A and FiiO E10, which one would you recommend to me ? and if there is another amp better in the same price range as the Hifi man ?   ...