help needed
  1. J

    Help Us Out With A Survey!

    Hi everyone! My friend and I are Cornell undergrads starting up a HiFi company and we would really appreciate if you would spare a few minutes of your time to complete this survey. All of the questions are optional, so answer as many as you feel comfortable answering. Feel free to message me...
  2. J

    Help Us Out With A Survey!

    Hi everyone! I and a friend are Cornell undergrads starting up a recreational HiFi rental service, and we would really appreciate if you would spare a few minutes to complete this survey: All of the questions are optional, so answer as many as you feel...
  3. T

    Help with making a blind headphone purchase

    Hello and thanks for taking a look at my help request. I am looking to buy some new open-backed headphones around the $500 price bracket. However, it seems I'll have to make a purchase without trying the headphones because of the place where I live. The few stores with anything related to...
  4. Dyl2525

    Hello Everyone

    Hello everyone! super excited to be on here I just aquired a pair of hd800s recently and am loving them! Whats your guys favorite headphones?
  5. B

    hd650 Cutting out when moving head

    So, i've had a pair of HD 650's for a coupe of years now and for the past couple of moths they have developed an odd fault. Every now and then the right cup will cut out for a few seconds. it appears to be when i move around in the chair, e.g. sitting upright from reclined etc. I have replaced...
  6. R

    Liquid Spark preamp out to Sabaj A4 Aux in not working

    Recently testing a just purchased Monolith Liquid Spark amp's pre-out by plugging into a Sabaj A4 Aux in, but getting no sound. The source is a record player, which when connected directly to the Sabaj Aux In works fine. I've tried unplugging headphones while powered on, and resetting the power...
  7. Pinkomeno

    Aune X1S volume problem

    Hello, fellow readers! Did you ever had this sort of problem? "Windows Volume: 20%; AMP knob: 9 O' Clock; Volume pressure measured by a calibrated UMIK-1: 120 DBs" Like *** I can't listen to it at all, it's so loud I think I'm going stupid here. All my previous listening was by listening...
  8. Pinkomeno

    DT 1990 Pro: 2KHz Peak!?

    I hope I'm posting in the right place... anyhow: Some of you may know that I've got set on a ZMF Aeolus a while ago, but I still need to create songs and that's where I will always use my DT 1990 Pro. Now, yesterday I did a tone sweep and I found a VERY big peak at 2.2 KHz (2KHz with the B...
  9. Pinkomeno

    New to remixing, any help?

    So I've been lately on doing some remixes, like 20 or so but never actually get to end them. Not until this last one:!Wbg03Yaa!7rYT_cwdllbQ7rOLW4rGppZ1R2oBpM3yrRyBW3j84l0 So my question is: what do you think of it? P.S.: I know I could just upload the file to Head-Fi but it...
  10. Ninth Wave

    Onkyo DP-X1A - stock rom needed?

    Hi folks, I posted this in the dedicated Onkyo DP-X1 thread (which also has X1A discussions) but it may not be the right avenue for this. I'm really appreciate some input or assistance with trying to rectify an issue I have after resetting the DP-X1A I've got, which I'd like to sell now that I...