1. Shaker

    Audeze LCD-X Mint Condition *Price Drop*

    I bought these brand new from Crutchfield in 2014 and listened to them for no more than 25 hours max. It is the complete set with all connections, certificate of authenticity, documentation and the Audeze carrying case. The original packaging is intact and will be used to ship to you. It is all...
  2. kipper15

    NAD D 3020 V2 as a headphone amp?

    Not sure if posting in the right place so mods feel free to move if necessary. Is anybody on here using this amp mostly (or even exclusively) as a headphone amp? If so, what are your opinions of it? It has had favourable reviews in this regard from the hi-fi press but interested to know if any...
  3. MoonAudio

    Save BIG on Focal trade-ins

    Focal Clear WAS $1,499 NOW $1,100 $1,300 without Trade-In Shop Now Trade-in any pair of headphones with purchase of select Focal headphones to receive an additional discount. (must be in working order) Trade-In headphones will be donated to charity. Focal Utopia WAS $3,999 NOW $3,000 (with...
  4. Gnomeplay

    FS: Focal Clear

    I am the second owner of this pair of Focal Clear, and have had them for a few months. I've been sure to take excellent care of them, and would put their condition at near perfect. There are zero notable scratches or scuffs, and they will be shipped with all original items and accessories...
  5. rev92

    EarSonics S-EM6

    Hi, for sale are the EarSonics S-EM6, in very good condition, westone cable, original accessories. They never had been serviced, used lightly and rarely. Comes in an original case. Price : 600 euro + shipping cost.
  6. MoonAudio

    IN STOCK: HifiMan H6SE Planar Headphones

    HIFIMAN HE6SE PLANAR HEADPHONES $1,799.00 Shop Now The original HE6 remains a legend in the headphone industry. Due to many requests over the years, HifiMan has updated this classic in a limited-number edition. While the driver remains the same, it features an updated earcup and all-new...
  7. A

    Help with Low Sound in GSP 500 Headphones

    Hi. I decided to invest in the Sennheiser GSP 500 headphones because I never had a decent gaming headset before. My problem is that my master sound is maxed, I check the sound mixer, and the sound is too low in general and specially in the game PUBG. Ive done some searches and I found people...
  8. SugizoYoshikiX

    SOLD Monoprice v2 M1060 Open Back Planar Magnetic Headphone FREE local pickup

    10/10 condition (please look at photos). This is the v2 version with the removable 2.5mm jack instead of the mmcx connection. $185 cash local pickup or paypal. I will pay for the paypal fee. Buyer pays shipping. Shipping shouldn't be much. I can do local pickup in New Jersey (mostly central...
  9. AthenaZephyrian

    $500 or less upgrade to HE400I?

    Hi all! I have a pair of HE400I I quite like, but they are lacking something in realism, and to sound really pleasing, I have to EQ them to flat, which is easier said than done. I’m looking for a pair of headphones that won’t be a simple sidegrade. I’m willing to get a new amplifier if need...
  10. gavinfabl

    Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro Black Edition 80 ohms

    Selling my Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80ohm Black Edition headphones. Mint with box. One of the best. Bought 9th Jan 2018 from Amazon, receipt available. Postage in UK is £5.
  11. Aiwa ARC-1 Bluetooth Headphone

    Aiwa ARC-1 Bluetooth Headphone

    Specs Type: Closed Back, dynamic, circumaural Driver Diameter: 40mm Magnet/Driver: Bonded biocellulose fiber composite Frequency Response: 15-20,000 Hz Max Input Power: 40 mW Sensitivity: 115dB @ 1kHz IEC 318 Impedance: 20 Ohm Weight: ~258g Cable: Interchangable 3.5mm Connector...
  12. SoundPeats A2 Bluetooth headphones

    SoundPeats A2 Bluetooth headphones

    Today I get a over-ear headphones from Soundpeats. so comfortable, I like it. Recommend.
  13. sonicm

    Looong time out of the headphone game.. where to now?

    Hey guys, So it's gotta have been at least 4 years now since I've been here regularly. Even much longer since I've made a purchase. I've been really busy, and just enjoying my Grado SR-325's + NuForce uDAC 2 HP dac/amp setup. It's served me really well, but I think it's time for me to get back...
  14. X

    HD579 vs. SRH 840

    Hey, I've decided I'll buy a pair of headphones, and I was looking for some clear sounding with good soundstage. The two I'm left with is the HD579 and the SRH840. The reason I wan't to get the HD579 is because of the soundstage, I've heard it's very small on the SRH. The reason I want to get...
  15. R

    Solid and neutral-sounding headphones under 100

    Hello, I want to buy headphones under 100 and I would like to know if exists some headphones under 100 with a solid construction, solid joints, removable cable and removable pads with a neutral sound signature, mainly for listening classical. Thanks, Rafael Cordano
  16. AndyKatz

    Perreaux SXH1

    Perreaux Silhouette SXH1 w/Audioquest RCA connector & 3.5 mm adapter. Excellent condition: $325 Also offering Sony MDR 1A in barely used condition. Box, soft bag, booklet & both cables included: $125.00 Take both for $400. Buyer to pay shipping Thanks for looking Can't seem to get pictures...
  17. Lrasanen

    Dotts M - Bluetooth headphones with ANC, Aptx HD etc.

    Hi! I came across an Indiegogo crowdfund for a pair of rather nicely customizable BT headphones called Dotts M: https://igg.me/at/dotts-m/x/19081082 Spec-wise these seem very interesting with ANC, AptX HD (plus AAC, AptX and AptX LL) and 40 hour battery life on board, just to name a few...
  18. FrozenFlame

    SOLD: Massdrop Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee (Mint)

    **SOLD ** Selling/Trading my mint condition Massdrop Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee. Has about less than 12 hours on it. Comes with original packaging and accessories. Bought straight from Massdrop for $160. Selling only for $135. Paypal Fees and Shipping included. For Continental U.S. Only...
  19. klepto

    [Recommendation]: Best Wired Portable Closed Back Headphone?

    Here's what I am looking for: Portability Great Imaging Good Base/Mids Comfortable AF Decent to good Soundstage I'll be using this for gym time, commutes, plane trips, etc. My budget is anything below 700-800 dollars. Thanks for the help, I'm dipping my foot in the world of audiophiles and...
  20. SkyBleu

    WTS: Beyerdynamic T51i

    Hey guys, Just after selling my T51is as they're no longer getting used. Excellent warm sounding headphones that are nice and compact for daily commuting purposes without hassle! In-line mic on cable, so great for iPhone and Android users. Stellar reviews on this product all over the web, so...
  21. Meze 99 series 2.5mm balanced cable

    Meze 99 series 2.5mm balanced cable

    The new Meze 99 series 2.5 balanced cable is compatible with 2.5mm balanced out for the DAPs made by Astell and Kern, Fiio, Onkyo, Cayin, Questyle, iBasso and other devices.
  22. Kazz123


  23. QueueCumber

    Focal Utopia Headphones and Hardshell Case For Sale

    For Sale: Focal Utopia headphone in mint condition with all original boxes, cables, and papers. Includes the Focal Headphones Hardshell Carrying Case (~$150 value). Price: $2599 with insured Parcel Pro overnight shipping included for CONUS. Wire or PayPal accepted (PayPal must be verified...
  24. monkeysixtysix

    FS: Focal Elex

  25. F

    Beyerdyamic DT990 PRO or Sennheiser HD 598SR

    Hi I am stuck between these two headphones. I will primarily use my headphones for FPS games which means I will need a headphone that can provide the best positional accuracy and the ability to hear footsteps clearly. I am kind of leaning towards the Sennheiser HD 598SR just because the cable...