headphones amplifier
  1. ottoborden

    Amp for IEMs?

    Hey, So I'm picking up a set of Thieaudio Monarch MKII. Not my first go round with HiFi but it is my first foray into serious IEMs. I'm wondering if it's appropriate to use a headphone amp (e.g. Schiit Asgard with a 1/4" to 4.4mm adapter) for these or if I should instead get a DAP? What...
  2. Robeats

    Good Idea?: Audio Interface Balanced Line Outs to Separate Headphone Amp With Line Level Inputs.

    Hello everyone, I am a home music producer. I compose, produce and mix music as a hobby. I am not a professional but it’s safe to say that I am proficient in what I do. I ask help from my fellow audiophiles to give me advice if I have some concepts wrong and if my “semi-pro” audio setup can be...
  3. T

    Help with "taking headphone sounds quality" to the next level

    Budget - about 350 dollars Source - Samsung Galaxy s 10 plus How the gear will be use - on the go I do need NC and Prefer tonal - I have no idea how to answer it but I can say that I like to listen to any instrument and hear the voice of the singer most cleanly so bass less what I'm...
  4. raoultrifan

    New, Fully Balanced Burson Conductor 3X: Dual ESS9038, 7.5wpc XLR, 3.75wpc SE Headamp, Changeable Opamps

    I'm very glad to find out that BURSON Audio is building for us a brand new balanced DAC with balanced headphones amplifier inside! Several Head-Fiers were expected this, me included, so like always BURSON listens to us and then commits. The non-balanced 'brother" would be the C3-Reference combo...
  5. AudiophileKing

    Dragonfly Cobalt + Fiio A5 in Car AUX Stereo and Headphones

    Hi, did anyone try out the DF Cobalt in Combination with the Fiio A5 in Car Audio and/or headphones ? I had this idea but I don't have a Fiio A5 to test it out. Would anyone with experience share their findings ?
  6. F

    Advices about best DAC/AMP combo for Meze 99 Classics?

    Hi! I'm really happy with my Meze 99 Classics and I want to improve by buying a new DAC and (eventually) AMP combo that i can. I said "eventually" because I guess that 99C are quite easy to drive with their 32Ohm impedence, so i'm searching expecially for a good DAC with a 3.5mm out. My budget...
  7. Bluewave GET Wireless HiFi Headphone Amplifier

    Bluewave GET Wireless HiFi Headphone Amplifier

    With its compact design and powerful amplification, BLUEWAVE GET is the perfect solution to enjoy both the benefits of high quality sound and the practicality of wireless. Enjoy music with the highest level of clarity, answer phone calls thanks to the integrated high quality MEMS microphone...
  8. dillydadally

    Recommendations for a sub-$200 amp to use with AKG K712 Pro headphones on both PC and Xbox One?

    Hi all! Brand new to the whole audiophile thing and just spent a ridiculous amount of time learning about headphones and what makes a quality headphone. In the end, I ordered a pair of AKG K712 Pro's as my first higher end headphones! I chose them because although I want a good all around...
  9. MrOTL

    Fujiya Avic Hpfes 2017 Nov. Event in Tokyo

    Headphone Festival (HpFes) 2017 Autumn event was held in November 3~4th in Nagano, Tokyo Japan. I had been here for both two days. I shot some of products which stand out, and will post sound-details about these products soon. All pictures are taken by me, Bigheadfiler. Dita Audio &...
  10. Zenrap518

    Warm-ish Amp and DAC Recommendations

    I have the PSB M4U 1 and while i think they sound great, i hear a bit of sibilance and sound break-up at louder volumes. This is a bit annoying, so i am wanting a warm and smooth solid state amp and dac to solve this. I have a budget of $200 USD, or $300 CAD (So no NFB-11.28). Also, it should be...
  11. MoonAudio

    NEW Questyle Audio CMA800R DAC Headphone Amplifier

    NEW Questyle Audio CMA800R DAC Headphone Amplifier FREE 2ND DAY SHIPPING $1999 Questyle Audio CMA800R DAC Headphone Amplifier Hearing your music for the first time The "Current Mode Amplification" technology, developed and designed by Questyle Audio CEO and founder Wang Fengshuo...
  12. MoonAudio

    NEW Sennheiser HDV 820 Headphones Amplifier

    NEW Sennheiser HDV 820 Headphones Amplifier FREE 2ND DAY SHIPPING $2,399.95 Sennheiser HDV 820 Headphones Amplifier Pair your reference-class headphones The HDV 820 digital headphones amplifier will surely change the way you listen to and experience your music. That is, if you...