1. J

    Apollo X6 as DAC/Headphone Amp for Audeze LCD-X's?

    Recently picked up a pair of Audeze LCD-Xs. Driving them with an Apollo X6. I mainly use the combination for production, but also want to expand and improve my casual listening the experience. The LCD-X's are 20 ohms. They don't require a ton of juice to drive and as far as I can tell they...
  2. Incognito73

    LHLabs Geek Pulse X Dual ESS9018 Balanced DAC and Headphone Amp

    This was imported from the US and it's rarely available for sale on the EU side. This particular DAC was born from the incredibly successful community funded Indiegogo campaign and it's exemplary DAC for the price, matching much more expensive designs. Model X is based on fully balanced (dual...