headphone stand
  1. HiFiGuy94

    Sieveking Sound Omega or STAX HPS-2 Headphone Stand for STAX SR-L700 MK2?

    I personally prefer the look of the Omega stand however i was wondering if this stand would stretch the EarSpeakers plastic headband? Which would you choose and why?
  2. Evan McNaughton

    Is there any thing to avoid when it comes to headphone stands?

    I'm looking to get one of those wooden headphones stands that's vaguely head-shaped to display my headphones when I'm not using them, however before I buy one I wanted to make sure there's nothing I should avoid. My concerns are that it could permanently dent a softer ear pad, stretch a...
  3. 20210621_195554.jpg


    Final version of my hand made stand for Tago Studio headphones.
  4. Terozzzz

    Cyberpunk headphone stand

    What you guys think if i start to make this kind of cyberpunk headphone stands in CNC metal, not flimsy plastic? This is just a concept drawing from the net but we will make unique design. This is just very early thinking tho the equipment is ready for production...
  5. GoldenOne

    Headphone stand for large headed people

    So, I am looking for a headphone stand that fills a couple criteria: 1) Can fit headphones that are adjusted to near max. My head size means I have to wear HD800 on max, HE1K on 2nd to max, and susvara on 2nd to max as well. This means that on many typical 'arch' headphone stands, the cables...
  6. zach915m

    ZMF Salire - A Headphone Stand

    Hey all - I'm really excited to announce our new headphone stand! I spent a good deal of time trying to make a simple, durable, and easily desk compact headphone stand that would look great and not take up too much space. Here's a pic with the description below. It's available right now for...
  7. someyoungguy

    "The Band" wood and leather headphone stand on Kickstarter

    Hey people, I follow Meze Audio on Instagram and was pleasantly surprised a while ago to see this headphone stand pop up in my feed, adorned with the 99 classics: There's now a campaign live on Kickstarter to get your own - currently 26 days remaining: http://kck.st/2VxixVQ I did a little...
  8. Avantree HS102 Universal Headphone Stand

    Avantree HS102 Universal Headphone Stand

    HEADPHONE STAND & CABLE HOLDER - Give your headphones a stylish resting place and keep your workspace clean and organized. STURDY - Made in solid steel and silicone to provide a safe and stable foundation for your headphones. SCRATCH FREE - The soft silicon top pad will hold your headphones...