1. tracyrick

    SE535 vs. old SE530 Fit issues - The Cord functionality

    Okay, for any SE535 owners who also has owned the SE530, here it goes before I take the plunge...   I own the SE530's and usually pair them up with my Clip+, clipped to my shirt, without using a cord extension. The default cord length is very short and leaves almost no slack in this setup...
  2. letloverule

    ALO SXC vs Westone ES Cables ?

    Hi there, anyone can chime in on the differences between the stock cables for Westone ES series and the silver-plated copper by ALO (SXC) ? I'm thinking of getting the ALO SXC for primarily aesthetical reasons (love the silver plated copper that won't oxidize to green !!!!!) but wondering if...
  3. joe2

    beginner advice for HD800 - do i need an amp? does the cable really matter?

    Apologies for the dumb questions: I've had a pair of Senn. HD600's since 2001 and I love them. I recently sold something valuable and ever since I first heard of the HD900 I have wanted them, so I've decided to buy myself a pair. I'm a total beginner in headphone audio though. I know just...
  4. deviationer

    Custom IEM cable replacement

    Currently I have the stock slim style cable that comes with my Alien Ears (which also seams to be the 'black' cable that Fisher Hearing uses) and I'm looking at getting a black replacement cable. I have looked the UE/Westone/JH black but I don't like the bulky Y splice and the clear memory...
  5. bbryann

    NYC: Anyone know where I can get a TF10 replacement wire here?

    Yeah, thats basically it. Let me know,   Thanks!   Bryan
  6. vonjuergen

    Bright PRAT : M50 recabled or T50p, D1001, DT660 / D7000, W5000?

      Looking for a M50 sound with its linear prat and great body – just a little brighter in general + strong good highs (beyerdynamic 770), and more transient attack, a tad less wooly bass on my htc desire. I am after a portable headphone + large headphone with the described soundsignature. What...
  7. gPope

    Re-cabling the DT 880 - 600Ω

    For those of you who have done it, please share your thoughts.  TIA   - Who did it? - Was it worth it? - What were the improvements and/or changes?
  8. KinesongPayaso


    I never owned an amp before, and cMoy amp is coming in a few days; gonna be played off a laptop ... and I dont have anything to connect the amp to the laptop (I dont even know what that cable is called) cMoys from ebay dont come with those cables, do they? where can I get/buy one of those...
  9. bestdriver70

    Headphone amp

    Hey Guys, New to the forum, I have a question that I'm stuck on see if anyone can help. I have a set of headphones for my computer that are usb do they make an amp that has both male and female usb or how can I use my headphones for my computer this would be a budget setup so something 100$ or...
  10. poloman

    I am lost....need new everything

    I just sold a ipod touch 1 gen and still have bose iems. I want a new setup that will play podcasts, jazz,classical,rock,etc.... What do you all suggest as far as a setup. I would like to get out of itunes and start new...better everything. I am new to headfi so forgive my ignorance.
  11. mrbigsby

    Where to get mods in Melbourne Australia? (New cable)

    Hey guys! Wanting to get a nice cable put on my 770LE, any recommendations of somewhere/someone reputable for this is much appreciated. Many thanks
  12. conquerator2

    A question for all the felllow Ultrasone pro 900 owners :-)

    Hey guys! It is related to the ultrasone pro 900 with JMoney mods and Blue Moon Blue Dragon cable review thread. Since Im not sure this thread is still visited (its a relatively old one) I figured I d create a new thread for my particular question. A detailed answer, with a few...
  13. markkr

    Do Contributing members get ad-free browsing??

    I contributed a few years back, but the new ads are driving me crazy... might make me contribute again.