1. Puddleglum

    where can I get K501's recabled?

    I would want these phones recabled mainly because I want all of my headphones to have 1/4" plugs, any sound benefits would be great but nothing would be expected. Do you think if I went to headphile they might be able to do something?
  2. GuruTech

    can my headphone cables be long

    hey all! I Have i guess the longest headphone cable available but still not satisfied. Every time i want it to be more long   Is there any way to extend my headphone cable?
  3. ProjectDenz

    Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 Replacement Cables.

    Just got my TripleFi 10s and love them. However, inevitably the crappy cable will die on me so I want to be prepared to replace it without length waiting times. Does anyone know of any extra strong and durable UE cables that will work on the TF10? They must be able to ship to Australia though...
  4. DavidMahler

    K701 / K702 balanced with a single sided cable....really?

    So I've read and heard some conflicting opinions...   Is there any benefit to balancing a K701 / K702 with a single sided cable?  
  5. Rob N

    Damn....driver failed on PS-1

    Right driver just failed on heavily used 6yr old pair
  6. faisal2003456

    Maximo, great customer service

    I've been enjoying the Maximo iM-590 for about two months or so. The audio quality was fantastic (I have noob ears). I babied the IEM and I'd always put it in the case. At the bottom of the cable it seems to have a problem. At first it lost some of the range now I've completely lost the right...
  7. Rasmutte

    HD595 - Shorter Cable?

    Is it existing? Where can I buy it? The cable is too long for me. I want it like 1-1,5 metres.   Or can I shorten it myself?     Please give me some answers!
  8. bluedolphin

    Denon Refuse to help

    I called the Denon Distribuitor in my country and explained i have a headphones with aftermarked cables i bought from a friend I asked where i could get the Cable remplaced or buy a remplacement cable (official Denon cable)   This was the answer from the Technical department at Official...
  9. thebeast1616

    just crushed my ath-es7 cable! help!

    so the cord of my ATH-ES7 leading to the right ear just got pincered between my desk and chair arm. so im still getting sound but it looks like its going to break really soon. is there a way to replace the cabling if it does snap? i need it to be cheap! please help =(((((
  10. tashlin

    Cable upgrade for HE-5LE?

    I'm keen to upgrade the stock cable for something that would smooth out the top end of my HE-5LEs (currently amped single ended out of an EF-5).  Any suggestions please?   I'm based in the UK so would prefer to buy something here if possible (much easier to sort out any problems if they...
  11. IJGabor

    Wires keep braking

    Hi I would like o ask for some help. I am using my headphones quite acively, I guess, because after several mounth the wire always brakes. I used for a long time Sennheiser PMX 60. Had quite good sound quality. Some mounth ago a friend of mine showed me his JBL Reference 220. The soud quality...
  12. 021311

    Will Westone cable fit my Ultimate Ears?

    http://www.westone.com/catalog/elite-series-monitor-replacement-cables I did search the forum but reading different things which confused me, some claim that just have to trim a little, some claim should purchase from some web sites. My superfi 5 pro and triplefi 10 pro have been using mod...
  13. Mike K

    Replace my 'phone cable or buy new 'phones??

    I have a 10 yo pair of Senn HD600s.  I like them.  They sound fine to me.  But I'm SURE they can be improved!!  I just know it!   So here's the options I have investigated, and I'd like your opinions thereon.   1.  Buy a replacement cable.  There are 4 I've found:  One from Cardas, one...
  14. ClassicThunder

    HJE900 bud dies.

    My HJE900 are unfortunately out of warranty and one of the earbuds just died on me. The quality sounds fine but the sound is very quiet. Does anyone know of a fix? Or should I start shopping for a new pair?  
  15. willyc32

    Review: Westone UM3x (removable cable) Unboxing and First Impressions (vs UM2 and Triple.Fi 10)

    Just got the UM3x purchased from the Gear Lab and sent direct from Westone after selling my UM2's and Triple Fi's. Here are some detailed unboxing pics and initial impressions.   So that's what you get in the box, and that's how they look installed. I expected less tips, so that was cool...
  16. nututubes

    Stock HD 800 cable DIY question.

    Can a stock HD 800 cable be converted (DIY) to dual 3 pin XLR or single 4 pin XLR? I will be using a Woo WA22, which has 3 pin, 4pin and single ended outputs.   TIA   John M
  17. 212live

    I need a cable mod

    I have a ultrasone hfi-700 and I use it with my portable field mixer. Is there any one in SoCal who can mod the cord. I want to get a coiled cable on them. Thanks
  18. missileblitz

    Durability of Non-Detachable Cables

    Hi,   I was just wondering, how long do non-detachable cable headphones last until they either get damaged or not usable? I am planning to buy the M50, but I'm worried that after a few months of use I may need to buy new headphones again because of the non-replaceable cable.   Also, if...
  19. johnhunt

    Help putting a 3.5mm jack on HD 555's

    Hello,   I spent pretty much my entire weekend trying to put a 3.5mm jack on to the end of my HD555's to replace the quater inch jack it comes with. After two failed attempts I finally got something that works but I can't help but feel like I didn't really do it properly. Either there's...
  20. Vergex2

    Problem with ES10's connector, may need recable

    Hi there.. My ES10 is running into problems. The 3.5mm male jack doesn't seem to have any problems on the exterior, but recently, I've noticed that the sound on both channels is pushed way over to the left.. as if everything was soundstaged very strangely. When I pull the jack out by about...
  21. the dude

    Can anyone recommend a strong-cable IEM?

    Last year i bought my Shure se210. After using them almost daily, rapping the cable around the ear like your supposed to, the cable started to tear apart. now days the earphones in 95% of the time don't work, with a lot of messing around and pressing the line sometimes i hear some sounds that...
  22. ccfoodog

    Modify UE 10vi cables to fit "custom" socket?

      I'm curious:   1) How is the quality of the vi cable vs the custom cable?  I assume the vi cables isn't as nice (given the price difference), but how much different?   2) How different are the plugs for the vi vs the custom?  I think I've seen posts about modifying the cables to...
  23. krismusic

    Upgrade cable to IE8 ?

    As Null seem to have their silver cable on hold, anyone know of a silver replacement cable for the IE8's? Thanks.
  24. googleli

    Does the Twag cable fit UE 18 Pro?

    Does the Twag  balanced cable fit UE 18 Pro? I heard there is something special to the UE18 Cable, just wondering whether the Twag cable would work for the 18 Pros? Coz I am ordering an RSA protector soon. Thanks all!
  25. Stellvertreter

    Less microphonic (cable noise) with better IEM?

    Hi there!   Usually I use my HD650 most of the time. However, lately I was thinking about IEMs for some purposes. The reason why I haven't given it much thought so far are the 'cable noises'. I still have some cheap CX200 here and the cable noise is horrible. I only have to turn my head...