1. Xaverian

    Entry- level Amp for Shure srh440 and Grado sr80

    Recently, I checked the specifications for my Shure srh440 headphones and realized that they are considerably underpowered by my ipod (old nano). I decided that I'd buy a portable amp for commuting to and from school with my ipod. I usually use the Shures to listen to electronica and the Gados...
  2. JorgeC

    HeadRoom Total AirHead On Sale!

    Hello Everyone,   Since our 20th Anniversary HeadRoom Triple Balanced Stack 'high-end' sale was so gangbusters, we've decided to bring the 20th Anniv sale excitement down to our 'entry-level' starter portable headphone amp, the HeadRoom Total AirHead, and offer a 25% discount off that little...
  3. autumnholy

    Govibe Peak

    Just wanna ask you, have you tried using the Govibe Peak before?   My exposure to desktop amp is very limited. Wanna ask what's your comment about that particular amp, the sound signature, how it pairs well with which headphones, and so on.   Thanks!
  4. bwong247

    Which Portable Amp do you think is better!!

    Fiio E17 Vs JDSLabs C421   I listen to Trance / Dubstep / Dnb / Hip Hop ect.   Which one is better and why! Thanks!
  5. Aquafear

    Fiio E7 USB Malfunction

    My Fiio E7's mini USB port no longer works. It no longer charges nor recognizes audio coming through USB. I know for certain it is the USB because for a short while before complete failure I could jimmy the plug and get a stable connection at a certain angle.   I think it may be over one...
  6. Jackcell

    Fiio E10 and E11 or Fiio E17 Only

    Let me start by saying that I realize there is an almost Identical thread to this one, and I did not know whether or not to post onto that old thread or create a new one, so I created a new one. I apologize if I piss anyone off. I am new so please bear with me.    I am looking to purchase a...
  7. GravityEyelids

    How to Properly drive the HD580s

    I recently got a pair of HD580s cheaply, and I want to make sure I'm getting the most out of them. The only amp I currently have is a Fiio E6. While it is loud enough to listen to through this, i don't know if i'm getting all I can get out of the 580s quality wise.   1) Would the Fiio E11 be...
  8. HiFiGuy528

    HRT HeadStreamer vs. Audioquest Dragonfly vs. Audioengine D1 comparison video

    I spent some time on all three portable headphones amp/dac solutions under $300 so here's my thoughts. Your thoughts are welcomed.    
  9. vokus

    Does a powerful battery equal to a headphone amp?

    My Current Setup Sansa Clip + 8GB Black Electric Avenues PA2V2 Sony MDR XB700   I found this battery and I want to use it for my Sansa Clip +. I am thinking of opening the clip, and unsoldering the small 230mah lipo cell from its protection board, and then soldering the two wire...
  10. drekar

    Sub-$100 dollar amp for Grado MS2?

    Hey Guys,   I'm new to this site but been reading it for awhile I guess.  I currently have a pair of Audiotechnica M50s and recently had a relative randomly give me a pair of Grado MS2's.  Never thought I would really need an amp.  Don't really have much budget to work with so less than $100...
  11. Kosmik Panda

    Does a headphone amp do the ATH-M50 or Ultrasone HFI 580 justice?

    Im not sure which headphone to get and not sure if a amp would do the headphones good, help please!
  12. natty15d

    Alessandro MS2i and Fiio E6 dont mix, what will make them sing!

    Just got my MS2i's and love them. I've been using a Cowon S9 unamped and they sound great, so i thought id try my Fiio E6 to see what happened. Its not a match made in heaven, flattens the sound and compresses it.   What would be a good amp to go with the Cowon, and with a PC and DAC...
  13. loonacy

    Headphone amp with Peachtree Decco 2

    Hello all,   This may be a stupid question but here we go.  I have a Peachtree Decco 2 receiver and I love it, my problem is I just purchased some Sennheiser HD600 headphones and it pushes my peachtree to the limit.  What i want to do is get a new headphone amp (looking at the Schiit...
  14. DSchwartz88

    Headphone Amp/USB DAC for ATH-M50s and Westone 3s

    Hey Guys,   Back for some more advice. I'd like to get a headphone amp/usb dac for work since I listen to music from my computer anyways. I mainly listen to my ATH-M50s at work, but also own Westone 3s as my travel buds, so sometimes ill listen to them at work as well. Would I benefit from a...
  15. funcrusha

    Grado SR80i, Audio Technica ATH-AD700, Sony MDR-XB500: Do I need a headphone amp?

    Hi there,   So I've been using these three headphone sets plugged into my Creative X-Fi Go! external soundcard/DAC. Thus far I have been fairly impressed with the results; there is no shortage of volume. What I have been wondering about is how a headphone amp might improve other audio...
  16. kstuart

    Headphone Tube Amps under $300

    Whereas you can generally find lists of all popular full-size closed headphones (for example), either from just doing a search at stores like Headroom, or else lists at reviews sites. in contrast tube headphone amps seem to come from a variety of sources, and seem to be inconsistently reviewed...
  17. iim7V7IM7

    Suggestion Please: DAC/Headphone Amp that has XLR outs for Active Monitors?

    Hi,   I own AKG K702s and I am thinking of purchasing Neumann KH 120 active monitors to use with my new iMac.  What integrated DAC/Headphone amps would you recommend to:   - Have a USB in from the iMac - Headphone out to drive 62 ohm AKG k 702s - Has XLR outs to connect to the KH...
  18. itshot

    Channel Island Audio VHP 1/2 for AKG K/Q 701?

    I've been searching around head-fi but I can't seem to find anything about people's opinions on this amp paired with the 701's   Any ideas or experiences?
  19. pichu

    Amp or soundcard for this pair of cans?

    ok, so I am going to get the Sony MBR XB700. they are in my budget, i am a basshead, so people have told me they are perfect. I was wondering if these need an amp or a sound card. I have heard they are one of those pairs of headphones that doesnt need or benefit from a amp or soundcard. Is this...
  20. Norway

    Tubes for WA6-SE with AH-D7000 and my prefrences in music?

    So I finally got my WA6-SE from Woo Audio. As the topic states it will be coupled with a pair of Denon AH-D7000s and I use Grace Design m903 as a DAC.   I ordered WA6-SE with the stock tubes to get a feel for the system as I don't have any prior experience with tubes. So far the system has...
  21. konsole

    I need amp for headphones and small speaker

    Basically when I'm at my computer what I'm trying to do is power a pair of over ear headphones something similar to the Audio Technica ATH M-50s, and also power a small 7 Watt mono speaker.  I plan on using the headphones for listening to music, playing games and watching movies, and using the...