1. WEST91436

    MADE IN THE USA - Any advise

    Don't know if its the upcoming election and all the talk about the ailing US economy, but I am going to buy US product (as best as I can)...... SO...... any suggestion on top end MADE IN USA headphones/earbuds manufacturers that make the product here in the USA??   Any best kept secret...
  2. justin w.

    Audeze@HeadAmp: See the Frequency Response graph before you buy

    A new service from HeadAmp, an authorized Audeze dealer in the USA -  now you can see the frequency response graph (made by Audeze) for all in-stock LCD-2 and LCD-3 headphones before making a purchase.   http://www.headamp.com/order/index.htm#audeze ^ see the new feature here   I will...
  3. justin w.

    STAX at HeadAmp - Coming Soon

    In a few weeks, HeadAmp will begin to sell STAX headphones and amplifiers.  We'll be actively stocking a number of items.   I've ordered these headphones and amplifiers from Stax:   Headphones: SR-507 SR-007 MK2 SR-009   Amplifiers: SRM-323S SRM-007t II SRM-727 II  ...
  4. justin w.

    Headphones at HeadAmp - Available now (Audeze, Stax, HIFIMAN HE-400 in stock)

    all items now listed here - http://www.headamp.com/order/index.htm   Typically, in-stock headphones ordered by 4PM EST will ship the same day   Updated 10/24/12 -    HeadAmp is now offering select models of headphones.  The following models are in stock:   Audeze LCD-2 w/ travel...
  5. darkswordsman17

    Ross Martin Audio DACs? BB PCM1794 based DAC ($199 single DAC, $399 dual DAC with headamp)

    So I was looking on eBay when I came across an interesting DAC. http://cgi.ebay.com/24-Bit-PCM1794A-DAC-SPDIF-OPT-129DB-SNR-THD-N-0004-/320657125639?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4aa8a77107   Its a BB PCM1794 based DAC, with just SPDIF and Coax input, but claimed balanced output (1/4"...
  6. justin w.

    Feedback Wanted from International Head-Fiers: USPS vs FedEx

    Due to this year's 35% rate increase for USPS Global Express (EMS), it is now more economical for HeadAmp to ship international orders by FedEx.  I'm interested in feedback on receiving FedEx vs. USPS shipments from Head-Fiers in the UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong...
  7. justin w.

    HeadAmp Aristaeus Electrostatic Amp - build thread

    2020 Update: upgraded Aristaeus power cable now available. See this post for details: Post #119 The enclosure parts for the Aristaeus electrostatic amp arrived back from the metal finisher today. I'll have to laser engrave them, and then can start assembling the amps. This batch is...
  8. jude

    Product Sneak Peaks, CanJam @ Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) - Head-Fi TV, Episode 013

    NOTE:  If you can't see the embedded video above, please CLICK HERE to see the video.     There are many new products being introduced and launched at CanJam @ Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) on October 14, 15 and 16, 2011. In this episode of Head-Fi TV, we take a sneak peak of some of...
  9. justin w.

    Last call for GS-1! 4 remaining!

    There are only 4 GS-1 amps remaining before they are sold out!  http://www.headamp.com/home_amps/gs1/index.htm   There are 2 silver, 2 black left.  All of them are with the upgraded DACT stepped attenuator -- so keep this in mind if you choose to place an order.
  10. funboyz3

    Portable Amp for Grados 325i

    I recently bought a used pair of Grados 325i (not the new 325is version) on Head-Fi from Zombie_X (great to deal with by the way) and looking to buy a portable amp. Zombie-X re-cabled them with Nucleotide wire. Currently using a 5th Gen I-Pod using Apple Lossless codec. Not sure if I want an...
  11. epocs

    Headamp GS-1 Preamp question (about possible mod?)

    Hello,   I am in the process of receiving a Headamp GS-1 but there seems to be one thing I really want to change about it.   Currently the preamp-out is always active, even when the headphones are plugged into the front of the amp.   I have powered speakers without any volume control...
  12. justin w.

    "Like" HeadAmp on Facebook and you could win something soon

    HeadAmp is now on Facebook -- ok, the page has been there for a year, but not in use.  Until now.     Please "like" our page which can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/HeadAmp   The page will be used in the future to post photos, reviews, promotions, and more.   The first...
  13. justin w.

    Teflon Stax Jacks from HeadAmp - now available

    I decided to start creating a line of DIY components instead of just finished amplifiers...gotta be diverse and everything, and it's nice to contribute to other people's projects as well.   The first part is a teflon jack for Stax electrostatic headphones, available in both pro-bias and...
  14. justin w.

    Teflon Stax Headphone Jack from HeadAmp - now available, our first part

    HeadAmp is now pleased to offer our first part, which is a custom machined chassis jack for use with Stax electrostatic headphones.  The part is machined from virgin USA teflon for its great electrical properties, and then gold-plated machined pins are inserted.  Use the jacks if you are DIYing...
  15. justin w.

    HeadAmp offers huge savings on DACT Stepped Attenuators to DIYers

    DIYers: Looking for DACT stepped attenuators?  I buy them in large quantities for use in amps, and will pass the savings on to you - offering a few models at prices far below anyone else.   The following models are available.   DACT CT-2 10K Stereo (only a few pieces left) $135 DACT...
  16. DannyB

    HeadAmp KGSS buzz question

    Is it normal to have a buzz through headphones when listening to a KGSS amp WITHOUT a source plugged in? It is dead quiet when a source is utilized. Just wondering if this may be a normal quirk of this amp or a possible ground issue.
  17. justin w.

    10% of all HeadAmp order revenues donated to Japan relief efforts - March 16 thru March 24 EST.

    From March 16 thru March 24, Eastern Standard Time, HeadAmp will donate 10% of all order revenues to benefit relief efforts in Japan, from the earthquake and tsunami.  You do not need to do anything other than place a new order during this time, and I will make the donation and post a receipt...
  18. th0m

    Headamp/Preamp for ~$1000?

    Finally time for some upgrading! Been stuck with my current rig way too long.   So, any tips for an SS amp in the $1000 range? My only demand really is that it has a preamp (preferably one that isn't crap) and that it'll work well with my D5000's (or hopefully D7000's soon).   Thanks.
  19. javertim

    HeadAmp Customer Service?

    So, it's been about 3 weeks since I've placed my order for a Gilmore Lite amp, and I haven't heard a single thing from HeadAmp. No confirmation email (save for the one PayPal sent me), no response to emails or phone calls. I'm starting to get a little worried, since both PayPal (and my bank...
  20. jdandy

    Musical Fidelity X-Can V8P compared to the HeadAmp Gilmore Lite

    I have purchased a Musical Fidelity X-Can V8P headphone amplifier.  It should be here next week.  I have been listening to a HeadAmp Gilmore Lite for the past few years, and I enjoy the amp.  I wanted to try something different, and I thought that the tubes in the X-Can V8P might be a nice...
  21. justin w.

    HeadAmp Pico Power: Pre-Order Thread

    Edit 4/2013: Orders can now be placed on the regular HeadAmp order page here: http://www.headamp.com/order/index.htm     Other than the Gilmore X2, the other product I'll be releasing in the first half of 2011 is the Pico Power portable amp.  Some bullet points on this design:   - 18V...
  22. justin w.

    Pico Upsampling USB DAC: Weekend + Cyber Monday Sale (Nov 27-29 only)

    Save 20% on the Pico Upsampling USB DAC, this weekend + monday ONLY.  See the details on the front page of http://www.headamp.com  
  23. onikiller

    help replacing batteries on headamp ae-1

    Hi All,   I've owned a headamp ae-1 for a long time now, and the batteries have been dead for a couple years. I've emailed Justin over at headamp several times asking about what I should do, since the amp doesn't work if your batteries are dead, but he never responds. I guess since he has my...
  24. Jesse 173451

    Which Ohm limit for driven cans by Headamp Pico

    All,   I want to move to high-end cans and want tod rive them with my pico. Wonder which limit I should get up to interms of impedance? Knowing that I want to use my pico for more than 5 mins ;-)   txs for any advice
  25. phanquangkhanh

    best headamp to use with Sony XB700 ?

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I bought an Sony XB700. Can you suggest me the best headamp to use with my headphone ? I prefer an small, portable and budget headamp cause I do not have much money (below 50$). Thank you all.