1. rlanger

    PIco DAC/amp battery won't charge (and Headamp is no help)

    I've emailed Justin at Headamp more than once and posted on the Pico DAC/amp thread and have received no response so I'm hoping someone else can help. The battery will no longer hold a charge. I've opened up the case, but have no idea how to get the circuit board with the battery out. Anyone...
  2. tea-head

    Predator vs. Pico?

    Anyone heard both and care to chime in? Thanks. tea-head
  3. elnero

    Pico - USB DAC/Amplifier From HeadAmp

    I have to admit I wasn't all that fired up about Justin's upcoming offering when I first heard about it, other than his stellar build quality I just didn't quite get what was going to separate it from the other offerings on the market. Ok, yeah, I knew it was supposed to be a higher quality DAC...
  4. Asr

    Three-Part Review: HeadAmp Pico & RSA Predator

    This is #6 (of 6) of my continued Loaner Program, for my very recently acquired HeadAmp Pico and RSA Predator. Of course everyone wants to know how these two units sound and how they compare to each other, right? Well, for the next month I'll let just 3 other people have at both of these so they...
  5. Trox

    DAC/AMP for Galaxy S3 and also replace Titanium HD on PC

    I'm looking foward to buy a new DAC/AMP combo for my Galaxy S3, and make sure it´s better than Titanium HD DAC and integrated headphone AMP. I have a budget of ~300; I was thinking in going for this uha-6s-mkii/ but no have idea of others alternatives. I Mainly will be using Grados 325 for...
  6. Airwin

    Double blind testings?

    Hello,   if we speak about sound quality of transistor amps, and differences between them, there's often a subjective tendence to push the better built / more expensive amp vs. the cheaper one, no matter if there's a real differ in sound or not.   We made doubleblind testings between...
  7. coco73

    External DAC and headphone amp for iPhone

    Hello!   Can I buy one for less than £200???   have looked at the VAMP but too expensive and what happens when i buy an iPhone 5???   Your recommendations much appreciated.   Device needs to be small enough to carry around in my rucksack, can be mains, battery or USB powered.  ...
  8. bagram000

    Need some advice on a new Portable Amp

    Well I just got a new ciem (4.A from Heir Audio also will use it with my old TF10) so I decided to upgrade my amp as well. Currently I narrowed down to the Rx MkII from ALO Audio, Corda 2Stepdance, Pico Slim or Pico Portable. I'm open to other amp options but trying to keep the budget around...
  9. Melvins

    What amp is best for Magnums?

    I love the tube sound that accompanies my magnums (version 4), anyway, would love to hear from some of you guys what you guys like to use with your magnums. Feel free to include the rest of your setup, I'm just mostly curious as to what amps you folks find best accompany the magnum sound. (hence...
  10. cancam

    $350-$400 budget for gears

    Hi there, I have a Cowon D2 (listening to flac) with a Klipsch X10 at this moment. I have decided to spend USD$350-$400 for upgrading and I have some ideas and see if you guys can give me some advice. I seldom listen to ROCK, METAL and CLASSICAL in my D2 and I am seeking for an overall upgrade...
  11. Rainman26

    Is there a hiss on Pico Amp?

    Hello there!   I would like to ask if if there is an audible hiss if I will plug my Unique Melody Mages or any IEM (JH, Westone or UE) to the original pico amp? Likewise, is there a channel imbalance at low volumes for IEMS when paired with the amp?     Thanks!     Looking...
  12. NimbleTurtle

    Question regarding low impedence headphones

    Watup dawgs? I'm looking for a desktop amp/ dac. I have a 50 ohms sennheiser HD 598. I'm a noob when it comes to the audiophile world and a couple days ago, I read an article by NwAvGuy regarding headphone amplifiers. From what I can understand, buying an amp such as the FiiO E9 (an output...
  13. baloo123

    Amp for Edition 8's

    I am looking to get an amp for my iPhone and Ultrasone Edition 8's. I just saw V-Moda's new amp and it looks nice but it has terrible battery life. Any suggestions?   My Priority List: 1. Portability (if it's too big I won't carry it and won't use it.. doesn't have to be as small as the...
  14. Iron_Dreamer

    Compared: Headamp Pico, Ray Samuels Hornet, Apogee MiniDAC

    In order to sufficiently inaugurate my newly minted Headamp Pico, I figured what better than a battle with my primary standby of most of the last year, the Apogee MiniDAC? And to make things even better, a popular portable headphone amp, the Ray Samuels Hornet, has emerged from a generous...
  15. markkr

    New Pico Portable (not slim) vs Old Gilmore Lite

    How would a new Pico stand up to the older Gilmore lite? HP's would all be low imp Grado's and such...   Please recommend other high end SS amps for Grado usage...
  16. countach

    Looking for an USB DAC/amp w/ no line input, nor battery.

    My headphones are the Etymotic ER4P and the DT770 Pro 250ohm I also have Leckerton Audio UHA3 as a portable USB DAC/Amp I'm looking for another USB DAC/amp w/ no line input, nor battery. Only the USB port and the headphone output. (And volume wheel of course) Gain switches would be...
  17. funboyz3

    Portable Amp for Grados 325i

    I recently bought a used pair of Grados 325i (not the new 325is version) on Head-Fi from Zombie_X (great to deal with by the way) and looking to buy a portable amp. Zombie-X re-cabled them with Nucleotide wire. Currently using a 5th Gen I-Pod using Apple Lossless codec. Not sure if I want an...
  18. drhoooon

    Pico DAC/AMP or just an amp?

    I plan to use iphone 4 as my source and UM miracle.   Would I benefit from Pico DAC/amp or should I just get an amp? like Ibasso, RSA, or XM?
  19. Enthusia

    Does anybody know what power adapter connector the Pico Amp/Dac uses?

    I lost the Pico amp/dac power adapter and now I am looking to replace it. I know that they need a 12v dc 500ma power adapter but I am not sure what type of connector. Maybe the people who have Pico's can check for me? 
  20. Unicorn!

    [Advice Wanted] I Need a new Portable Amp

    My current lousy FiiO E5 has after 1 year given up so I'm looking for a new portable headphone amp and I was hoping someone here may be able to give me some advice on what to buy and where to buy from. There doesn't seem to be a huge range of portable headphone amps available in NZ so I am happy...
  21. Gollie

    Amp for Beyer DT770 Pro 80

    I have searched around and I THINK I like the Leckerton Audion UHA-3. Anyone have an opinion on quality, price value? My X-Fi is holding my can's back
  22. tometran

    usn to line out

    Im looking for USB DAC that will by pass my laptop's internal sound card and feed the signal to my stepdance.TY   oops, the title should be "USB".          
  23. drummerdimitri

    RSA predator distortion

    Hello guys,   I have realized something interesting today. I decided to plug my edition 9's into my marantz PM6003 amplifier, connected to the pico usb DAC and was happy to find out that my headphones could actually play much louder than on my predator without distorting. I simply cannot...
  24. D

    Icon Mobile vs Pico power?

    Hi all, I am thinking of upgrading my icon mobile usb dac/amp to the Pico dac/amp as I feel my hd650s are pretty underpowered with it. I know the Pico may not be as good as a desktop amp but I would like to confirm whether the Pico will do a better job of driving these cans. Leon    
  25. WalkGood

    Pico Pictures

    Pico on a leaf: