1. Sinsen

    Buying a new Stax system, but need help to avoid upgraditis

    Hello again. I was looking for a great open phone to use with a GS-1, but then I got to thinking, why not buy I Stax system... I have auditioned a couple of higher-end Staxes, and find that I like them very much. But, I have a habit of getting bad cases of upgraditis, especially before...
  2. klb2122

    RAL no communication... is this standard?

    I sent my K701s down to fl. over two weeks ago for a rewire I was told would take 2 or 3 days... my last email was never answered and they never pickup the phone. has anyone else had this experience? is this standard? will my headphones return to me?
  3. Head Whipped

    KICAS wall wart

    Hi all I just bought a use KICAS and the guy sent me the wrong wall wart.Does anyone know what amprage and size I need to see if this amp even works...   Thanks
  4. Professor 4dham

    I'm thinking DT 880's + some decent amping.. And ideas for a total new guy? Help is needed big time..

    Okay so basically, I'm getting a bit picky about my sound, and long story short I'm looking for some decent headphones plus an amp to suit. Don't know too much about amps or enough about headphones for that matter, only that my IE 80's are sweet! I'm probably what most of you guys would call...
  5. S

    AKG Q701 help for a music professional

    Hi,   I've been reading and reading and reading as much as I can to figure out a proper setup for the Q701s, so I thought I'd finally ask people who know.   Background: I work in the film/video game music industry (so mostly orchestral music) and I needed to get a pair of headphones to...
  6. Chefguru

    Headamp's GS-X vs Gilmore Lite for high-end Grado

    It's my understanding that Dr. Kevin Gilmore designed the Dynalo amp for Grado's specifically to match well with their low impendence. Considering that the gilmore lite is a dynalo, and able to drive the Grado's extremely well - is there any true sonic difference between upgrading to the Gs-x...
  7. Asr

    2007 Awards for Headphones and Amps

    With only a few more days in 2007 left, I thought I'd put my audio experience acquired over the past year to some use to share what I think are the best of the best for headphone hi-fi. Not all these products came out in 2007 but all are still available on the market. These are, of course, my...
  8. Asr

    Six-Way Review: Square Wave, GS-1, CanAmp, EC/SS, Gilmore Lite, Black Cube Linear

    A Six-Way Solid-State Epic Throwdown! This review originally began as a simple three-way between the HeadAmp Gilmore Lite, Eddie Current EC/SS, and Heed Audio CanAmp, when I owned them at the same time at the end of June '07. However, I recently realized that I also owned another similar amp...
  9. epocs

    Where does the Headamp GS-1 Stand now?

    Hi guys,   So I've gone through the huge journey of upgraditis a couple years ago and went from something as basic as a Pico DAC/AMP -> Grado SR60 up to the Woo Audio GES -> Stax O2s.   The amp that I've had for the last year now though has been the Headamp GS-1 and I personally love it...
  10. MacedonianHero

    HeadAmp GS-1 – A Forgotten Treasure

    HeadAmp GS-1 – A Forgotten Treasure   So after hemming and hawing for several months about picking up a solid state amp to compliment my Woo Audio WA22, I finally made the jump. I was looking for a solid stage amp in the $700-$1200 price range. Amps I considered were the Violectric V200...
  11. voyager123

    The best SS amp under 1000 $...

    I heard many times that the Headamp GS1 is the best of the best around and even above 1000$, but I've hesitated so much that it is sold out now. I didn't want to buy an amplifier costing that much, so it was out of my price range, and actually it is still now, but I'm bored with looking for...
  12. MayorAdamWest

    Amp and DAC for HD800

    Hi all,    I have been reading through hundred and hundred of threads here and I am having a very hard time figuring out what options are best for me. I have HD800s and listen to music through my Mac. It's probably 50% large orchestral, and 50% a mix of pop/rock and jazz.  I'd prefer to have a...
  13. justin w.

    Last call for GS-1! 4 remaining!

    There are only 4 GS-1 amps remaining before they are sold out!  http://www.headamp.com/home_amps/gs1/index.htm   There are 2 silver, 2 black left.  All of them are with the upgraded DACT stepped attenuator -- so keep this in mind if you choose to place an order.
  14. Tuberoller1

    Best solid state amp for Denon AH-D7000s

    So I just recently upgraded my headphones to the Denon's and am absolutely loving them.  However, my audiophilia nervosa is acting up again, and I'm starting to wonder if my channel island VHP-2 is the best match for them.  I'm thinking of either getting the VAC-1 external power supply for the...
  15. Hawaiiancerveza

    Powerful dac/amps with quality sound for orthos.

    Hello, I am looking to see what kind of desktop amps there are about 1k and less that are power houses.  Besides the Schiit Lyr amp.  It can be a dac/amp combo or just a dedicated amp.  I currently just got the NFB-5 but in the future I'd like to upgrade.     What are some power house amp/dacs?
  16. Caesar2010

    Is LUXMAN - P-1u still in the top tier?

    Just 12-18 months ago, this high end amp was on top and had a lot of buzz.  A little time passes, and no one mentions any more. Instead, people are talking about the new, hot amps.   Is this amp still in the top tier?  Has it been surpassed?  If so, how?
  17. epocs

    Headamp GS-1 Preamp question (about possible mod?)

    Hello,   I am in the process of receiving a Headamp GS-1 but there seems to be one thing I really want to change about it.   Currently the preamp-out is always active, even when the headphones are plugged into the front of the amp.   I have powered speakers without any volume control...
  18. Asr

    Burn-in Review: K701s #2896 vs #10073

    [ Intro ] For a long time, I'd been wanting to see if burn-in really exists for headphones, and not too long ago I jumped at the chance by ordering up another K701 on top of the one I already owned. Does burn-in really exist? While this probably won't turn skeptics into believers or believers...
  19. wae5

    Differences between Gilmore Lite Versions 1 & 2

    How can I determine whether a Gilmore Lite amplifier is version 1 or 2?   Do the differences make a sonic difference?   Thank you for taking the time to consider my questions. 
  20. ToneDeath

    Alessandro Music Series MS PRO FAN CLUB!

    I thought this would be a good time to start a MS PRO thread. I ordered my pair today. I'll be using them with my Creative Vision:M DAP & PA2V2 amp. I'll also use them with my Denon CD player. I understand these Grado style headphones really shine with the use of a tube amp and I have hopes of...
  21. daltonlanny

    Audeze LCD2, Beyerdynamic Tesla T-1, or Sennheiser HD800...which should I choose?

    This thread and poll is for those who own all 3 of the headphones listed above, or who has owned and/or extensively compared them to one another in the recent past. I am about ready to purchase either the Audeze LCD2, Beyerdynamic Tesla T-1, or the Sennheiser HD800, but cannot decise for the...
  22. qqbingbing

    The best Headphone Amp under 1000usd

    I am looking to get an amp soon, budget is 1000usd and not sure which one to go for. Currently have the RS1 and CD3000 but may get the T1 or HD800. I dont need the amp with DAC as I will get the DAC on its own. Mainly listen to Pop and classics, hope you guys could help me out.
  23. W

    Class A Headphone amps.

    Are there any Class A headphone amps?  I have a Class A amp in my speaker rig and I love it but I don't know that much about headphone amps.  
  24. th0m

    Headamp/Preamp for ~$1000?

    Finally time for some upgrading! Been stuck with my current rig way too long.   So, any tips for an SS amp in the $1000 range? My only demand really is that it has a preamp (preferably one that isn't crap) and that it'll work well with my D5000's (or hopefully D7000's soon).   Thanks.
  25. granodemostasa

    Lehmann black cube Linear

    Hi... In my search for something that sings with the HD650, i came accross this amplifier. Yet, i can't find any recent reviews or hype about this particular amp. So my question is, how does it compare to something like a modern Headroom desktop or a GS-1? (i have a pretty good dac, so i...