1. A

    Will be in FFM, Germany soon, would like to meet up, Bad Homburg too

    Hi Frankfurters (und Wiesbadeners, und Offenbacher au d alle ). Would be glad to meet, get to lewrn new faces, and of course listen to equipmemn. Interested in Singser amp, TR/TH 600 models from Fostex, including Drop XX varieties, 900 series too, Grados. I really want to hear that ZMF sound on...
  2. jude

    Focal Clear Mg Review & Measurements

    Focal Focal Mg Review & Measurements NOTE: If you can't see the embedded video above, please CLICK HERE to see the video. The new open-back Focal Clear Mg replaces what is perhaps Focal's most-loved headphone. We take a close look at the new Focal Clear Mg, including several measurements...
  3. nxnje

    Forum app or tapatalk login?

    Heyo boyz and girls, Searching in the forum and digging into some posts i've found many discussions about how people uses the forum. I saw a forum app idea that was left written onto a post, some tapatalk people arguing about forum not working anymore on tapatalk but i didn't see any thing about...
  4. Luchios

    Looking to buy new headset, recommendations?

    Hey all, I would like to buy a new pair of headphones. Last ones are on their last leg (audio cutting in and out). I primary play games and also listen to music at the same time. I am completely new when it comes to good quality headphones. My price point is $300, with a possibility going a...
  5. makethemusic

    Moedawg140 Needs Our Help!

    Everyone, One of our most loved community members, @moedawg140, has encountered a serious medical emergency during his travels in Bulgaria for the world wrestling cup, and is now hospitalized in Germany in the ICU. According to their GoFundMe page: "While attending a wrestling match in...