1. TyTB

    What are "the HD650's" of the Amp and DAC worlds? Units that are truly clean and neutral and which most faithfully represent the digital audio file they're outputting? The "Reference Monitors" of Amps/DACs?

    Hello everyone, I'm always hesitant to make a post on Head-Fi, given how controversial so many topics in the Audiophile world are, but this is something I've been wondering for a while, and haven't been able to find answers to. It's easy to find lists of Amps and DACs that are recommended for...
  2. Otodynia

    Seeking recommendations: does this headphone exist?

    Hello; I first got into headphones in 2013, when I moved and left my regular audio gear in storage for a while. I was intrigued by the differences in house sounds and so forth, and ended up with a small mid-fi collection: Sennheiser HD650, AKG Q701, Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro (250), Audio Technica...


    ZMF SENNHEISER 6** PADS REVIEW Recently Zach from ZMF decided to branch out and release headphone pads compatible with the Sennheiser 6** series (HD580, HD600, HD650, HD660, etc…). They are available in three different options: Perforated Suede, Perforated Lambskin, and Solid Lambskin. These...
  4. Sennheiser

    Side x Side x Side - The HD 600 Family

    The HD 600-series of headphones has deep roots here at Head-Fi (thank you!). Seasoned members are generally familiar with each, and some of you even own (or owned) all three at some point. For those unfamiliar with the family, choosing the right one for you means some research and hopefully a...
  5. Corvin25

    HD6xx short cable recommendation?

    Hello! I currently have some Sennheiser HD6xx headphones on the way, and I'm just wondering if it's worth it to get some custom cables for it. Preferably 5 ft, since my amp is barely 2.5 feet away from my head at the computer. I see a few cheap results on Amazon.ca, but I don't have much...
  6. C

    Best SS amp money can buy for HD650

    Hello All, I've searched quite a lot and although I see some treads on HD800s I am having a hard time finding a TOTL amp for the HD650 for the type of use I plan for those headphones. My idea is as following. I am planning to go for a Abyss 1266TC and a Formula S/Powerman for music. Favorite...
  7. silentsoul0309

    Feliks Audio Upgrade

    Noob upgrade question, I am currently running Sennheiser 650’s, with a Feliks Audio Elise Tube amp, and a Schiit Modi 1 DAC off my MacBook Pro. I enjoy rolling tubes but lately I’ve been thinking of cheating on my Feliks and buying another tube amp. But that’s quite an investment. So is there...
  8. dragonball

    Best 300$ DAC for Sennheiser HD650 and OTL Tube Amp?

    In today's times, which DAC will be best in terms of Sound Quality for HD650 + OTL tube amp (Eg. Bottlehead Crack) ? I dont need MQA, balanced inputs, etc. Thank you
  9. abheybir

    HD600 vs HD650, which one is a keeper for life?

    Not able to decide which one to keep for life!! Initial impressions one has nice airy treble extensions while other has lush musical notes, what are your views on the same?
  10. M

    Looking for a headphone amp for my hd580/hd650 that would rival my speaker amp

    I have tried multiple amps with my Sennheisers, but the best one remains the headphone output of my vintage Akai AM-73 speaker amp. The other amps I have tried are the JDS Element, Schiit Vali 2+, Behringer UM2 interface, and a custom OTL similar in spec to the valhalla otl. None of them can...
  11. robospine

    Troubleshooting harsh highs on left channel (Little Dot MkIII)

    Some time ago I noticed the highs on my left ear started sounding weird. I noticed it after getting my Fostex T20RP-Mk3, so at first I thought it was them but was too lazy to actually make sure it was the phones and nothing else, for warranty sake. It's not a super obvious problem, it comes at...
  12. S

    SS amp that can get the most from HD6xx

    I know tube amps are often mentioned as a great pairing to the HD6xx family. I was wondering what would be the best solid-state amp to use with HD6xx. I know there are many amp that could power HD6xx effortlessly I was just wondering if there is any solid-state worth noting specifically...
  13. fufula

    Something between HD650 / X2HR?

    There's a lot of things that I like about the HD650s and the X2HRs, but then there's this one thing in each case that drives me mad. I could live with the smaller soundstage and less bass of the HD650 if it wasn't for its terrible headband (I'd like to keep my headphones stock). The X2HR are...
  14. S

    Upgrade from HD 530ii to HD 600/650/660s and an amp?

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and was hoping for some help. I've had a pair of HD530ii since the 90s and love them - on my second pair. But, these have now bitten the dust and feel I need to move on. I'm currently using them straight out of a Tascam US-1800 or via and Onkyo A-9010 amp. I use...
  15. PsilocybinCube

    Tips to reduce microphonics in HD650 cable??? Need help.

    I purchased a cable from No-Hiss cables on Etsy for fairly cheap. It was $50 or so for a balanced cable for my HD650. The cable below the splitter is good, no microphonics. Above the splitter it's terribly sensitive to touch and drives me crazy. Do you think applying a long piece of shrink...
  16. B

    hd650 Cutting out when moving head

    So, i've had a pair of HD 650's for a coupe of years now and for the past couple of moths they have developed an odd fault. Every now and then the right cup will cut out for a few seconds. it appears to be when i move around in the chair, e.g. sitting upright from reclined etc. I have replaced...
  17. Junglbob

    Upgrade for Essence STX

    Hi, I don't know what to do, I have Xonar Essence STX (2xMUSES8920 + 1xMUSES8820) and HD650, want to improve sound quality, what is better for upgrade? I can buy Magni 3 for Essence STX + 2 x op-amp Burson V5-D or don't buy op-amp from Burson and just take Schiit stack Modi 3 + Magni 3? Someone...
  18. dasmodul

    Meze Audio Empyrean Impression vs reference sample

    I don't do many of these written impressions (do I do any? :beyersmile:) but as a promise and thank you to Todd from TVVJ for loaning out these new reference headphones to me and Meze Audio for creating such a beast, I'm going to share what my impressions have been over the last two nights. I'm...
  19. DonRoger

    Need your help upgrading my HD650

    Hello, I'm in for a new pair of headphones to replace my HD650, my budget is 1000 to 1200 max ( maybe 1500 if it's really worth it). I use my headphones with a Schiit Valhalla 2 -> Dragonfly Red -> Spotify Premium/PC. The headphones i'm looking at so far: HD800s (€1590, a lot over my budget...
  20. JackDuluoz

    Desktop USB DAC or Network Player?

    I have been wondering to add a dac or a network player to my system. I wonder which setup would improve sound the most. I just bought Graham Slee ULD headphone amp to drive my HD650's. I listen mostly Tidal with my LG G7 (Quad dac; also with USB audio pro player) or with my macbook pro. The LG...
  21. K

    DAP for HD650

    Hi, guys! I’m completely new to the audiophile world and just purchased my first pair of audiophile headphones, used on AVexchange... Sennheiser HD650’s. I purchased these spontaneously, not thinking about the fact that I’ll need an amp/dac setup to drive them optimally. I was already...
  22. Sotiris

    Direct upgrade to HD650

    Hi Can you propose me a direct upgrade for senh hd650 that will be up to 450$? Thanks
  23. fedocable

    Neutral headphones to complement the HD650?

    Hey there. I've been an audio enthusiast for long years, but pretty new to the headphones world. I recently bought a Modi 3 - Valhalla 2 - HD650 combo to use while I'm working, and have been immediately sucked in and living inside of the headphones ever since. After much browsing in these forums...
  24. Grado Diesel

    Essential pair of IEMs with HD650 flavor

    What’s the must-have gold standard of IEMs? What’s a good model of IEMs with a sound profile similar to the revered Sennheiser HD650s? I love that “dark”, relaxed sound. I’m looking for something that’s not too bright - I don’t need any boosts to the sibilance in my 70s rock’n’roll...
  25. H

    Need help with completing my system

    Hello, I bought a HD650 many years ago but never used it. i am planning on getting a HDVA600 recently and try to build a system. I want to use my desktop to listen to music. What are the components i'm missing here? Do I need to get a DAC? The motherboard i'm using is Gigabyte H370 gaming 3...