1. PsilocybinCube

    Tips to reduce microphonics in HD650 cable??? Need help.

    I purchased a cable from No-Hiss cables on Etsy for fairly cheap. It was $50 or so for a balanced cable for my HD650. The cable below the splitter is good, no microphonics. Above the splitter it's terribly sensitive to touch and drives me crazy. Do you think applying a long piece of shrink...
  2. jestercow

    *sold* Amplifier Surgery cable for Sennheiser

    4-pin xlr balanced, 6’ cable, for HD600/650/6xx etc. $65 shipped
  3. R

    SOLD: BNIB Made in Ireland Sennheiser HD650 circa approx 2010

    Hi All, I'm new here so I will provide interested parties my Ebay username so you can check my feedback over there. I am selling a brand new unused HD650 from probably around 2010. I purchased these new directly from Sennheiser and never even opened them except for these pictures. If you are...
  4. jaboki

    SOLD: Audeze LCD-GX, Sennheiser HD 650

    Location: Orange County, CA 92823 SOLD Audeze LCD-GX (Price: $650 + Split Fees/Shipping) Condition: 9+/10 Includes: Audeze LCD-GX Headphones, Cables and Original Case Images: https://imgur.com/el242MB https://imgur.com/625NdBV https://imgur.com/FTEq0AD https://imgur.com/eyuiqj1...
  5. insomnyteq

    FS: Shure SE215

    So i have some headphones i have been holding on to for repairs. all prices are OBO of course. 1. Shure SE215-CL clear earbuds comes with box and extra tips $50 all prices are shipped in the us, but i will entertain international shipping if buyer covers the cost. paypal only, looking to...
  6. B

    hd650 Cutting out when moving head

    So, i've had a pair of HD 650's for a coupe of years now and for the past couple of moths they have developed an odd fault. Every now and then the right cup will cut out for a few seconds. it appears to be when i move around in the chair, e.g. sitting upright from reclined etc. I have replaced...
  7. niotio910

    SOLD: Sennheiser hd650 + custom cable

    I decided to let my favorite headphone go because I don't use it often when I am at home. It comes with original cable and a custom cable that I bought from a chinese website mainly due to that I wanted a shorter cable. Price includes shipping fee (no custom fee). I only ship with regular post...
  8. dewy22

    FS: LQI cable for Sennheiser HD6XX/HD58X

    For sale, a LQI Voda UP-OCC cable for the Sennheiser HD600 series in 3.5mm termination. asking $0ld shipped. CONUS. https://lqicables.com/products/voda-up-occ-copper-headphone-cable
  9. ysunkar

    [SOLD] Sennheiser HD 650, HD 600, Hifiman HE-400, Meze 99 Classics, Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm

    I need to thin the herd to calm the wife. These are all classic cans, priced to sell. All prices include shipping and PP fee. Not considering trades or lower offers. PM me if you are interested. Open-back: Sennheiser HD 650 - $210: Bought new in late 2017, still works and looks like new (but...
  10. alphameridian0

    FS: [HD600 + Atom + Modi 3] w/options

    Hi, for sale is an HD600 + JDS Atom + Schiit Modi 3. Atom and Modi 3 are in good condition and work perfectly. The Atom's enclosure, being plastic, does show some extremely minor signs of wear but should not be any more than other used Atom's on here. Just want to be forthcoming. HD600 is in...
  11. ysunkar

    [FS] Sennheiser HD650 - Sold

    Hello, I have a pair of Sennheiser HD650 in great condition for sale. I bought it new on Amazon in late 2017. According to the box, this is the 2014 rev1 version. I have mildly used it in my smoke-free home. It functions perfectly like new, with very good cosmetics. I have kept all the original...
  12. Junglbob

    Upgrade for Essence STX

    Hi, I don't know what to do, I have Xonar Essence STX (2xMUSES8920 + 1xMUSES8820) and HD650, want to improve sound quality, what is better for upgrade? I can buy Magni 3 for Essence STX + 2 x op-amp Burson V5-D or don't buy op-amp from Burson and just take Schiit stack Modi 3 + Magni 3? Someone...
  13. eriksson

    [FS] Sennheiser HD650, Benchmark DAC1 & ZuMobius

    Because of limited time and somewhat lost interest I´m selling my complete rig. Sennheiser HD650 Benchmark DAC1 ZuMobius XLR, 2.0m ZuBirth powercable, 1.0m (Shucko) Signal BNC->RCA cable, 1.0m Everything is working and sounding great. There is some paint lost on the frame of the HD650s from a...
  14. DDDYKI

    [FS][US Only] Sennheiser HD650 (Complete) with Bonus Slappa Case & Oyaide Silver/Rhodium PCOCC-A Cable

    Full photo album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/sPH8EUyReZPNKgK5A I'm parting ways with my Sennheiser HD 650, since I've moved on to the Focal Elegia. I bought these used from B&H in December 2017 and primarily used them at work, so roughly five days a week for about two years (though hours each...
  15. ilikebananafudge

    FS: Sennheiser HD650 (CANCELED)

    ** THIS HAS BEEN CANCELED ** I bought these new in July of 2010 and they were my primary headphone for several years. I've probably used them for over 2000 hours so you don't have to worry about burn-in! They're in good shape, but the pads are a little worn. I'm selling them because I primarily...
  16. jaker782

    **SOLD**: Sennheiser HD6XX - Virtually Brand New!

    I am selling my Drop HD6XX headphones, which are in pristine condition with original accessories and packaging, including stock cable and 1/8" to 1/4" adapter. Pads and headband are in mint condition! I just received these and only had them on my head for an hour so they are basically brand...
  17. dasmodul

    Meze Audio Empyrean Impression vs reference sample

    I don't do many of these written impressions (do I do any? :beyersmile:) but as a promise and thank you to Todd from TVVJ for loaning out these new reference headphones to me and Meze Audio for creating such a beast, I'm going to share what my impressions have been over the last two nights. I'm...
  18. DonRoger

    Need your help upgrading my HD650

    Hello, I'm in for a new pair of headphones to replace my HD650, my budget is 1000 to 1200 max ( maybe 1500 if it's really worth it). I use my headphones with a Schiit Valhalla 2 -> Dragonfly Red -> Spotify Premium/PC. The headphones i'm looking at so far: HD800s (€1590, a lot over my budget...
  19. Rockin_Zombie

    Sennheiser HD650 [SOLD]

  20. holytiger

    Selling HD6xx and Campfire Comet

    Both of them bought last year, I am the second owner of the hd6xx which the original owner bought from mass drop last year and the comet which I bought myself at minidisc last year. Both of them, I don't have the full box with, just selling as is pictures shown. I am selling these because I am...
  21. H

    WTB norne or other mini XLR to 2 pin adapters

    Odd request but let me know if you have a pair that you’re willing to part with. Interested in trying some of my ZMf/Audeze cables with my hd650 as an experiment. Thanks.
  22. jaker782

    FS: Custom XLR Cable for HD6XX, HD600, HD650, etc.

    Up for sale is a custom XLR cable, 5ft long, I purchased used several months ago. The cable is in excellent condition and has been in storage over the past few months. It is soft, non-microphonic, and coils easily. **Accepting trades for a similar cable with single ended 1/4" termination**...
  23. Jimmy24

    SOLD: Bottlehead Crackatwoa with TwoQuiet Stepped Attenuator

    Bottlehead Crackatwoa with TwoQuiet Stepped Attenuator 120v (US) Note: If you lived outside the US I can modify the voltage for you Great condition. It's been used for about a year on and off in a non-smoking environment. I want to try something new so I've decided to sell it. Comes with...
  24. Nick-firestorm

    [EU/UK] HIFIMAN Sundara / Trade with HD650

    Almost brand new, in box with everything, used around 10-20 hours. 250gbp / 290 euro, + shipping to UK/EU. Also trading with HD650 / HD6XX and difference.
  25. Geezer Rock 001

    Sold Sennheiser HD6XX Sold

    Lightly used Drop/Sennheiser HD6XX. Will ship with box and all contents provided by Drop. Excellent condition and not fully burned in yet. $170 for a shipment to the U S. Will ship to other countries with help from the buyer on the additional shipping charge. Pictures to follow. No trades...