1. Kevin5236


    Thanks for looking.
  2. NotaLefty

    Having trouble loving headphones...why?

    I'm kind of upset that I can't fall in love with a pair of headphones. I've owned HD598s, Momentums, HD600s, DT990s, SR80s, and now have HD700s. Sure, they sound great. The 700s beat everything I've owned so far. However, when I unplug them and listen to my Audioengine A2 speakers...
  3. yasuda2k7

    HD600 Replacement Cable

    I believe the internal of my cable is broken and was wondering which replacement cable is the newest to buy. I'm not necessarily looking for an expensive upgraded cable.   Thanks
  4. Andrew_WOT

    FS: Zu Mobius MK1 Sennheiser HD600, HD650 cable 1/4"

    For sale excellent condition Zu Mobius MK1 Sennheiser cable. SPC 3m (10ft) cable, 1/4" TRS Neutrik connector, aluminum machined cable to HP connectors, black techflex sleeving. Original owner, cable is like new.
  5. swmkdr

    FT: Sennheiser HD650 for HD600

    I'd like to trade my HD650 in excellent like new condition for HD600s. I love my HD650s but after getting the opportunity to try out these two headphones together I feel that the HD600 fit my preferred sound signature slightly better. Looking for a straight up trade within the UK/EU to avoid...
  6. tintin220

    HD600/HD650 Cable

    PM me with what you're selling and your asking price. I'm not interested in anything fancy, and would be perfectly fine with a stock cable if you have one (~$15 direct from Sennheiser). Just thought I'd try here before ordering one from them directly.   Thanks!
  7. littlexsparkee

    Sennheiser HD600 + HD650 cable

    I've used these very little recently, so I've decided to put them up. I have the original box, stock cable (1/8 inch) w/ 1/4 adapter, and the sturdier HD650 cable direct from Sennheiser ($20, 1/4 inch). They are in very good condition; the padding is not as full as it is when new and there is...
  8. imackler

    Sennheiser HD650

    My HD650 arrived from authorized Senn Deal in February and is in excellent condition, with box, manual and packaging. Its only been used a handful of times because I prefer my HD600.    US Shipping + Insurance: $15   Please add 3.5% for paypal fees unless you are an established headfier...
  9. aspher

    ALO audio copper/silver hybrid sennheiser hd600/hd650 upgrade cable

    Selling my ALO audio copper silver hybrid cable made for sennheiser hd650 or hd600. Purchased from headfi forum,but I just sold the hd650 ,so there's no need to keep this.Previous owner got very low usage of this cable. It's one of the best upgrade cables for hd650 or hd600 headphones...
  10. imackler

    HD650 HD600 5' Cable Terminated in Double Helix Plug 1/8" -excellent for portable amp!

    I had headfier fraggler shorten (from 10 to 5 feet) and reterminate a brand new, stock HD650 cable w/ a 1/8" Double Helix Plug. You can see from the pictures, he did a tremendous job. I got rid of the amp I was using it with though so no sense keeping it here...   (I will also include the...
  11. Suopermanni

    FS/FT: Sennheiser HD600 with HD650 cable

    Hello Head-Fi,   On for sale or trade today is Punkplayer's HD600, as stated in this ad here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/650119/fs-sennheiser-hd600-with-hd650-cable-aus#post_9151275   The condition of the item sold here is discussed in the ad linked to here. For those who have not read the...
  12. pclov3r

    Almost brand new Sennheiser IE-80 From authorized reseller - Sale or trade for HD600,HD650 + more

    Up for grabs again. I decided that I am going to sell or trade. I tired to use them but I cant seem to do it. Been sitting for a week now. Just, Not my type of sound. I prefer the neutral sound much more. These are legit as they came form Razor Dog! Audio Used maybe 2 hours now. $330...
  13. lewiz

    Trade my HD600 for your HD650

    I bought my white driver HD600 new in March 2010.  They are unmodified and are in excellent condition physically and sonically.  The white "HD600" text has rubbed off from the left blue patch (right is fine, no idea how that happened).   Am interested in trading for a pair of HD650.  ...
  14. Aydn

    WTB: HD600 or HD650 Grills

    Looking for a pair of HD650 or HD600 grills. Doesn't have to be new. Please let me know!    Also looking for Cables for HD650 - PM me with what you have
  15. toekneeyeah

    Stefan Audio Art Equinox 9 Feet Cable For HD650 or HD600

    Selling my Stefan Audio Art Equinox Cable 9 Feet. Condition is about 9/10 and works excellently. Thanks. 
  16. nkoulban

    Steffan Audio Art Equinox LE Cable for HD650 / HD600 8 feet

    I have a Steffan Audio Art Equinox Cable for HD650 / HD600 8 feet for sale.  I also sell some of my stuff on eBay under the name of Koul_Shop (You are welcome to check my profile) by sending me a message in eBay. I have 100% positive feedback. Shipping costs are extra and depend where you are...
  17. AzN1337c0d3r

    WTS lots of headphones (HD558, HD600, HD650, K702)

    Decided to forego selling my collection since I was unaware that there was a huge discount being offered for brand new sennheiser items that would make my sale uncompetitive (and thus unable to fund the HD800)
  18. Audio-Omega

    Balanced Zu Mobius mk2 for Sennheiser HD600 / HD650

    The cable was bought in April 2010 and has only been used for 6 months.  It's 2.0 metre long with neutrik 3 pin xlr plugs.  I have low resolution photos of it.   Price is $150 including Registered Post to anywhere in Australia.  International Registered Post is $20 extra
  19. joeyjojo

    Recommend me an HD600/HD650 cable

    Hi there head-fiers, and apologies if this has been done to death already.   I recently got my hands on some used HD600 phones which are sold sans cable. I don't have much of a budget, so I'm looking for a good value cable which may also be used on HD650's should I upgrade in the future.  ...
  20. Alex_O Rules

    SOLD: My vintage Grado RS-2 for your Sennheiser HD600 / HD650

    SOLD!  Thank you all!   Looking to trade my Grado RS-2 with buttons and flats for your Sennheiser HD600 / HD650.
  21. voodoohao

    HD600 vs HD650 Balanced

    Hi guys just wanted to enquire about this question, which would provide a more well rounded sound? I've been trying out my hd650s balanced but haven't got the chance to really A/B them with the hd600s, but would appreciate it if anyone could give some impressions on their experiences with these...
  22. N0sferatu

    Sennheiser HD 600 or HD 650 or OTHER as 2nd pair of headphones...

    My top pair I use right now are the Denon AH-D7000.  They're great for just about all music (including classical) but I sometimes see myself using the HD595's I have every so often to play some classical pieces.  So the simple question is for classical music (no jazz I don't listen to that)...
  23. Hellrzr

    SA-5000's for HD-600/HD-650

    As the title says I am looking to trade my Sony MDR-SA5000's for a pair of HD-600's or maybe some HD-650's (willing to throw in like $50 for the 650s) They are near mint with only one small blemish on the silver facia ring on one side. I still have the original box (has some dents/tears)...
  24. flaming_june

    Cardas Headphone Cables for HD600/HD650

    Hi folks,   Upgrade your stock Sennheiser HD600 or HD650 to the Cardas cables.  They are 10' long and in good used condition.  Since moving on to different headphones, they have been in storage in a sealed bag for more than a year.  I hope it will make some one else happy as it did me.    ...
  25. bassophile

    Been sold HD650 with HD600 drivers?

    I'm not suspecting I've been sold outright fakes because the sound quality is still actually good in itself, but I used to own a pair of HD650, and the pair I've bought (2nd hand) now are much brighter - I think on the bright side of neutral. The bass is less, the treble is more and the midrange...