1. tom_s252

    Earpads for Sennheiser HD420 SL

    Hi all, I've just picked up a pair of Sennheiser HD420 SLs on eBay, and I'm having trouble tracking down some replacement earpads. Any help would be much appreciated!
  2. scootsit

    Sennheiser HD 420 Plus Accessories For Sale

    Sennheiser HD420 Headphones   Included in the sale Headphones Original box, manual, and warranty card Headphone cord with 1/4" plug Extension cord 1/8" to 1/4" adapter   Condition Headphones are in excellent condition and sound great Yellow pads have been washed...
  3. Mitchell4500

    Sennheiser HD420 "vintage" headphones - what now?

    So recently Ive dived into the audiophile community and bought a pair of IE80s that I love and a Sansa clip+ is in the mail for me. I spent the past week raving to my parents about audio quality and how much I love listing to music now and they payed no mind to me.    Well yesterday I was...
  4. GREQ

    Vintage Sennheiser HD 420 SL - Boxed with all paperwork - Good condition

    Here's a boxed Sennheiser HD 420 SL with all documentation and original receipt for 109 Deutsch Mark.    The headphone itself is in great condition. The box has a few hole/punctures in the lid and a few dents, but is mostly intact and good/OK condition. The documentation is flawless/like...
  5. bandara

    HD 420SL

    From the MID 70's ,And got them from the CBC vaults :) as a gift