1. noah1

    Etymotic HF3 replacement 'phones

    Hello all,    My fist post here, have been reading for a while, and could do with a little advice please.   My HF3s died a cable ripping death yesterday after 18 months of daily use. The kind manager of the Apple store gave me a full refund onto an itunes card (£135). This leaves me very...
  2. k923

    Need suggestions for Stylish headphones for Wife?

    Can you fine people in this forum give me some more suggestions of stylish in ear headphones for my wife.  Needs to be on the smaller side, pretty durable, and have iphone controls.  I don't want to get her any of the normal rapper ones, (beats, 50's, souls, etc.).  So far all have come up with...
  3. Harman Kardon AE1 In Ear Headphones

    Harman Kardon AE1 In Ear Headphones

    Harman Kardon's Acoustically Enhanced (AE) in-ear headphones are lightweight and feature aluminum-alloy housing for extended bass and true low-frequency reproduction of all the sound on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. The customizable AEs include silicone sleeves in three sizes for optimum comfort...