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  1. Grell Audio TWS/1

    Grell Audio TWS/1

    Sound 10.1mm high precision custom dynamic drivers Dynamic transducers (tolerance +/- 1 db) Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) Qualcomm® cVc™ Noise Cancellation Axel Grell Noise Annoyance Reduction (NAR) Transparency Mode Max Sound Pressure Level 105 dB SPL 1 kHz in some countries Frequency...
  2. Heyyoudvd

    Former Sennheiser engineer Axel Grell made a $200 pair of ANC true wireless earbuds - the TWS/1

    Axel Grell may be the most legendary name in the entire headphone world, given that he’s the man behind Sennheiser’s biggest hits, including the 580/600/650, the 800, and even the Orpheus. After leaving the company and founding Grell Audio in 2019, it was said that he was working on some...