1. looser101

    Symphones Magnum upgrade for Grado SR325 and Alessandro MS2

    Looks like the hard work is finally coming to fruition! Looking at this as a future upgrade to my MS2i. WEBSITE
  2. Martin J

    upgrading from SR60i

    im loving the grado house sound, and im hooked up with an entry level Fiio E7...   i wanna upgrade slowly and have been thinking about getting the sr225 over the sr325...   are there any recommendations for an equivalent can (price wise, or SQ wise) to the models above?   Noob...
  3. winenerd

    Looking for something for MPB/Tropicalia around $200

    So I've come back to this forum after quite a long departure, and I'm enjoying myself so far. The headphone world has changed so much in the past 6 years, it's crazy. Anyway, so far I've purchased a pair of Sony M1HC's and Ultrasone HFI 550's that I grabbed for cheap on eBay (always wanted to...
  4. Fedelesk

    Looking for upgrade from HD280

    Sorry in advance for the heavy text, but i'm sure its normal considering the vast selection of headphones. Also I want you all to get the absolute best idea of where I am at, what I want, and what I dont want. I haven't owned a whole lot of entry/mid/high end audiophile phones but I have a minor...
  5. noseallinit

    Nose's Grado Post Mod w/ Shaft Collar and Rubber O Ring

    okay, I got a Grado Mod that I want to share with the Head-Fi community. I have been using it for a year now and selfishly keeping it to myself. I thought I wanted to package the idea and sale it to try and purchase the equipment I cannot afford. would you pay a few bucks for it? after seeing...
  6. T

    Grado SR-325.

    Grado fans,   I have some nice ''Black'' Grado SR-325 Headphones. Can an experianced SR-325 user tell the age of my SR-325?   Below are pics.   S.  ...
  7. jpancier

    Grado SR 325

    I have set of Grado SR 325's in good shape, minor wear on the lettering along the cup. I purchased these from the original owner who used them to with his guitar amp.   I have plenty of feedback on Audiogon under jpancier, and I've also got feedback under the old HeadFi feedback thread.   ...
  8. CrimsonTowers

    Thinking of picking up some Sennheiser HD600s--is there a good portable amp for under $50?

    Exactly what the title says. I currently have the 518s and I'm thinking of upgrading (speaking of which, can anyone detail the difference I might experience between the two models? I'm by no means a knowledgable audiophile by the way). For a set like this I figure an amp would be absolutely...
  9. FrysSux

    grados sr-325 (new model) vs sr-225 vs something else?

    So I went the other day to listen to some headphnes. Just graduated, figured I should buy myself a graduation gift Anyways, I wanted to buy the sr-225 after hearing the numerous positive reviews on this forum. So I took some cds and went to the local audio store. They had the sr-125, sr-225...
  10. JoeDoe

    Alessandro MS2/Grado SR325

    I've been on the prowl for one of these for a while and by one way or another have yet to land one. Between the two, I'd like to have an MS2 first but a reasonably priced 325 certainly would be considered!   PM with offers.   Thanks, Joe
  11. willmax

    FS:Calling all GRADO collectors IC Vintage Black SR325 w/ PINK Drivers

    I'm not yet certain I want to part with these wonderful headphones, so at this stage this is an Interest Check classified.   Up for your appraisal is a mint pair of GRADO SR325 in original Black anodised and original PINK Drivers!   Comes with original Grado pizza box and blue foam...
  12. brent_strong

    Grado SR325 - non i (black version)

    Up for sale is a pair of Grado SR325 headphones.  I believe these were the original version of the 325, long before the 325i and subsequent revisions were put out.     These headphones were serviced by Grado a few years ago to repair a problem with one side intermittently cutting out.  That...
  13. Grado SR325s

    Grado SR325s

    The original SR325s from Grado Labs.