1. Chris J

    The Entry Level Stax Thread

    Hello, The purpose of this thread is to create a resource for anyone who is considering getting into an entry level Stax system. For example: SRS-2020 SRS-2050 SRS-2050 ii SRS-2170 SRS-005S new or used.   This thread differs from the Stax thread in Summit-Fi (High End Forum)...
  2. fmr94

    Good headphone for classical music!

    Hi! I would like to buy a pair of cans good for classical music! I like very much senn hd 650 senn hd600, grado ps 500 and grado rs2i. Wich of them is better for classical music? Any Suggestions? 
  3. Christo4

    Question about wooden headphones

    Hello guys! I have a quick question.   I have listened to the Beyerdynamic DT 880 Premium and the Grado Sr 80i. Even though the DT 880 is sometimes 2 or 3 times more expensive (depending on location) i find myself liking the Grado more only because of it's more "natural" sound. IMO the DT880...
  4. eggontoast

    Neutral Sounding Cans

    In need some suggestions for some new cans. I currently have some Grado RS2i’s and Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80’s.   I have a bit of a love hate relationship with my Grado’s……sometimes they a musical bliss other days I put them on and the sound like tinny ear piercing pieces of crap. The...
  5. Grateful Ed

    Grado RS2i or Alessandro MS2??

    I've been drooling over the Grado RS2is for a while now, and I recently discovered the Alessandro Music Series. The RS2i is a little on the pricey side for me, but from what I've read the Grado 325is would be too bright for my taste. The 225i sounds appealing, but if I'm spending a couple...
  6. kingkevo25

    Look, a celebrity wearing Grados in public

    Saw this pic on a celebrity-gossip site. Taken yesterday, the pic is of John Mayer sporting Grado RS headphones. I'm sure he's an audiophile; he mentions in a recent guitar magazine interview that he uses Alessandro speakers and cabinets, mogami cables, and A/Bs tubes in his guitar amps for the...
  7. ADD

    Grado RS1i / RS2i cushion size and pressure points

    Hi,   I have placed the Grado RS1i and RS2i on my shortlist as a replacement for my Sennheiser PXC300 headphones for classical music, since I like a clear, bright and sparkly sound for classical and it looks like these Grados may deliver in that respect.   I hav, however, health issues...
  8. keezzzz

    Difference btw Grado RS2i and RS2

    Here in the Netherlands i can buy a RS2 for 399 euro or the RS2i for 599 euro is the "i" a very big difference ? I have a SR80 but never heard a SR80i, thats why i'm wondering of the i is worth 200 euro
  9. leadbythemelody

    Ultrasone Edition 8 Ruthenium

    Hi, please scroll down and look at post #2 for pictures.   If interested, have questions, or have an offer PM me.   -Thank you
  10. ZBoneCapone

    Grado RS2i vs AKG K702

    Anybody have any opinions on these two sets of headphones? I love the look of both of them, and the price point is the same so what does everyone think of their sound signature? I will mainly use them for gaming and listening to music. I do listen to a lot of rock music so I know Grado really...
  11. gradohn

    Request - Information about my Grado RS-2 Pink Drivers

    Hi Head-fiers,   Would someone give me information (type, year, ...) about my Grado RS-2? I've just bought in eBay. I'm so surprise that it has pink drivers. Thanks in advanced!   Here are the pictures:        
  12. hasanyuceer

    Grado RS2 - like new - worldwide free shipping

    I am selling my Grado RS2. These are bought on May, 21. Hardly used. Almost like new.   Selling because I realized that other headphones in my hand covers its strong suits. So I dont need these.   Box is included.     I want 380USD for these.   Worlwide FREE shipping and PayPal...
  13. Grado RS 2i

    Grado RS 2i

    Like its big brother the RS1i, the Grado RS2i brings a liquid lushness to Grados signature lively presence and big musicalnbspimpact,nbspjust without some of the costly bits. Mahogany earpieces and ultra-high purity copper cablingnbspamp voice coils remain to ensure a wonderfully immersive...