1. reidk02

    INFORMATION OVERLOAD! - where to start!?! HD650/600 AHD2000/5000 Grado RS2i AKG K701/702/Q701 Beyerdynamic DT880?

    Hi All,   I am very new to headphones and audio equipment but I am very into good sound! I have just started reading about products and I have set myself a budget for $500 (although depending on the salesperson i could be convinced to go higher :P) for either headphones or a headphone and...
  2. genexrocket

    Do woodie Grados sound different as the wood ages? (RS-2)

    So after using the SR-60 for almost 5 years, I finally decided to jump for the RS-2! Wednesday can't come soon enough!   I know that the sound changes as the drivers burn in, but I'm wondering if the sound quality changes further more as the wood itself ages over the years? Kind of like how...
  3. locker314

    HELP! Can't Decide! Grado sr325is or RS2i ?

    Hello,  I am new to Head-Fi and am recently in the Market to buy a new pair of Grado Headphones. The problem is that I can't decided between the sr325is or the RS2i. The price does not matter. I am as willing to pay $300 as I am to pay $500. All I want are headphones that suit me. I have...
  4. GrandeSwag

    RS2i Setup?

    Hey all, I'm picking up a pair of Grado RS2is soon, looking for an optimal setup. I want to spend $200-$300. I currently have a Fiio E7. Should I get a new DAC and an amp, or will the E7 suffice? For an amp, I have been considering the Litte Dot I+ for my new Grados. Thoughts/suggestions?
  5. olsonc84

    FS: Grado RS2i Reference Series Headphones with V-Audio Case -- [Purchased BNIB 12/19/11]

      Selling a pair of one-month old, Grado RS2i headphones with 1/4" to 1/8" adapter. Need money to fund a new amp as I have picked up some pretty serious cans. Didn't think I would part with these as they are major upgrades over the SR ilne, but oh well.     Comes with pizza box, warranty...
  6. tiobilli

    SOLD: Grado RS2

    SOLD Hi, I have the Grado RS2 for sell. Mint condition like new, please check the pictures. I don't have the box, I'm sorry. I include the headphones, and the 3.5 mm jack adapter. Shipping to EU is 15€. Rest of the world 20€. Paypal gift, otherwise buyer pays Paypal fees.
  7. Chris J

    Best amp under $500.00 for Grado SR-325i or RS-2i

    Hi,   I hope some my fellow head-Fi-ers can help me out with this one: I'll be buying either a pair of Grado SR-325i or RS-2i in the next couple of weeks and would like some suggestions for a good amp for under $500.00. Both Solid State and Tubes amps are under consideration.  ...
  8. decesaro

    Grado RS2 semi vintage (buttons)

    Up for sale is a pair of beautiful condition RS2's with the buttons. Im not sure what the market is getting on these but I remember last year when I sold my vintage rs1's with the wooden box I was told I was selling low . There in great shape sound amazing and honestly I think they sound more...
  9. no cans

    Comparison of Denon AH D2000, Sennheiser 595, Grado 225i and Grado RS2i

    My trusty Sennheiser 497s (cheap) were getting on my nerves and I wanted to upgrade to cans for stereo listening. Not iPods, not MP3 players and no amps other than my Marantz stereo with ¼ “ outputs.   At the local brick & mortar, I had a selection of Grados, Denons and Sennheisers – about...
  10. decesaro

    Grado (buttons) RS2

      Up for sale is a pair of beautiful condition RS2's s/n 281 with the buttons. There in great shape sound amazing and honestly I think they sound better than my vintage rs1's . I seem to come across a bunch of these amazing headphones often and even though Im a pure 2 ch audio guy I pick them...
  11. kinkadius

    What to get with my $500 Amazon Gift Card (rs2i? rs1i? D7000?)

    Hello Everybody! Long time lurker, first time poster!   Okay, Getting to the point:   I love good headphones. The problem I've had for the longest time is that I only really get good in-ear models, and then get ghetto over head models. Observe my current selection:   Shure SE535...
  12. ryder78

    Newbie Seeking First Pair Of Headphones - Grado RS2i, RS1i, GS1000i vs Beyerdynamic DT880, T1, T5p

    I've been lurking around here for a long time and gone through countless of threads on the archives for the past few weeks. After a decade long of constant upgrades, I have finally arrived at a decent loudspeaker-based system at home which I can live with for a long time. I've decided to call it...
  13. Raines

    Help to choose can:) Grado PS-500 vs Grado RS2i vs Alessandro MSPRO

    Hi guys:)   I was reading almost all threads about this subject:D     But i wanted an opinion specific to my system.     CD - Marantz cd 63 - mkII KI signature   portable source - hippo gumstick , cowon i9 ,   amp - jds labs c-421 2227 and cmoyBB     headphones -...
  14. alv4426

    Grado RS2i

    I have a 1 month old pair of like new RS2i that I am wanting to sale (no trades). I am selling because I have not been using them much since I now realize that I need the isolation of a closed headphone. I bought them brand new from amazon. Price includes shipping USPS+tracking. Let me know if...
  15. purrin

    Grado SR-80 and RS-2 Impressions / Comparisons

    Well to start off I'd like to say hello to everyone as this is my first post. I can't believe that I didn't know of the existence of these forums until recently - even though I had purchased several products from HeadRoom over the years. I purchased a Grado RS-2 after some research on these...
  16. GREQ

    Grado RS2i - squeaky adjustment rods??

    As the title suggests my adjustment rods squeak against the plastic R/L parts when they pivot or slide which sometimes interferes with the music when I move my head - before I smear grease or spray WD40 all over them and possibly ruin the critical resistance that keeps the headband from changing...
  17. Drubbing

    Grado RS2 - SOLD

    Excellent condition, unmarked and lightly used, always kept them stored away -  which is the main reason I haven't used them a lot, I just grab the DT250 or MS1, which are left out on the desk, and are more kid-proof.   Comes with original box and new, unused bowl pads. I didn't like bowls...
  18. agoston.berko

    FOR TRADE Audio Technica ESW9 EUROPE with MOON AUDIO CABLE (Trade for: Grado RS2i, HF-2)

  19. ayres

    Grado RS2i - new & near mint w/ box & receipt

    hi all, i'm selling some rs2i grados.  these are really really almost brand new.  the serial matches on cups and box.  they were purchased from a hi-fi store in cincinnati.  they have approximately 30-40 hours on them.  there is NO problem with them and they do sound rather sweet.  but given...
  20. matt120

    Dac/Amp to go with Grado RS-2s

    Hi Guys   I've had to dig my headphones out again since moving from a detached house to a flat and well they just aren't cutting it compared to my last speaker set up.   My current rig is Foobar/FLAC -> Emu 0404 USB -> Modded HeedCanamp -> Grado RS-2s but the combo just isn't making me...
  21. Mortalcoil

    Grado RS-2 Mint - Price Drop

  22. daniel521

    Could anyone describe me the RS2i sound signature?

    What does it's sound signature sound like? Is it similar to any other cans? I heard that it's not that similar to the original grado sound,  so are they a bit laid back compared to the other ones? I'm purchasing a mid-fi can soon and I am currently going for the hd600, but I'm curious to know...
  23. SmettMark

    RS2i vs RS1i

    I've only seen a comparison with their non "i" models. Is it worth the extra money for the rs1i? How do they compare, especially in mids and highs?
  24. deepshikhanc

    Grado RS2i MINT condition with Box and Papers / 11 mo warranty

    I have a pair of Grado RS2i's in flawless condition. Used for less than 50 hours and not fully burnt-in yet. I am the original owner and they were purchased a month back from an authorized dealer. Box, warranty papers and a copy of the invoice will be included. These headphones still have 11...
  25. sanakaku

    Grado RS2 updated with pictures.

    In excellent stellar condition 60-80hrs, will come with the pizza box and foam and papers etc etc..   Trade for Sen HD 650/600   Location: Toronto Can   Will post pics later.     Thanks Headfi ;)