1. tattoou2

    WTB: Grado RS2i

    Found!    Looking for a mint/excellent condition stock RS2i.  If you have one and have some established feedback, please pm.  Thanks.
  2. jerikl

    Grado RS-2 w/buttons (vintage)

    Price includes shipping to CONUS. Extra for international. Headphones are in excellent condition and come with original box and papers!   I bought these RS-2 headphones from a Head-Fi member a few weeks ago, but found a pair of vintage RS-1 headphones around the same time. I'm keepin' the...
  3. violante

    Grado RS-2 (#975)

    Sorry, old thread...
  4. Chris_Himself

    Grado RS-2i

    RS-2i. Pristine condition, basically a shelf queen. Something about the mahogany makes me nervous to be around since my other Grados have been ok just laying around my carpet, I'm not worthy of these things haha   440 is the lowest I can go shipped US. Willing to ship international!   No...
  5. oceanaudio

    Grado RS2i

    Gently used for 2 months and in great condition. I'm starting an in ear collection so don't need these anymore. Paypal please so all goes right.
  6. marios_mar

    Grado RS1 or RS2

    Want to buy a pair of Grado RS1 for a good price. Shoot me a p.m. and have a very reasonable price and we might have a deal.
  7. SurfWax

    Wanted - Grado RS2i

    Looking for Grado RS2i. Looking for the "i" version. I can pay $350 obo, I won't have the funds until next week, but wanting to arrange everything now. Located in Los Angeles, can pay cash if local. Feedback on ebay, under "Shen-O" Will also be looking to pick up an iBasso D6 to compliment...
  8. Nick01

    Grado RS2

    Serial #993 Excellent condition.   Shipping & paypal extra.   Registered post for shipping weight up to 1.25kg to America $52 to Canada $43 to Europe $53 to Asia $37 to New Zealand $30.50 within Australia, shouldn't be more than $30 depending on postcodes.   Paypal 3.6%...
  9. nimxnooj

    WTB: Grado 325is or Alessandro MS2i or RS2i

    Hey guys,   Like the title says, I'm looking for a Grado 325is or an Alessandro MS2i. Maaaaaaaaaaaybe the RS2i if you really really hate it and want to get rid of it for a super price, I'm your man!   Preferably in good condition. I understand some of the paint comes off after some use...
  10. KwyjiboVenneri

    Wanted: Grado RS2i

    Hello everyone,   If anyone has a pair of Grado RS2i that they would sell for $350 im very interested. Just shoot me a PM.   Thanks! :)
  11. markkr

    FS: Custom Grado RS2i

    I purchased these new approximately 2 years ago. Recently I was tired of looking at the poor finish quality and decided to refinish the cups. These were meticulously disassembled with no damage to the cups or the drivers. The cups were sanded down to raw wood, then 25 individual coats of...
  12. rsgladwin85

    (SOLD) FS: Grado RS2i (SOLD)

    These are SOLD!
  13. markkr

    How I opened my Grado RS2i

    I have been inundated with questions about how I opened up my Grado RS2i's... so rather than replying to all the PM's I will just post a brief synapsis of what I did.      Obviously I've already completed my mod, so I dont have pictures to contribute to this post so I'll do my best to...
  14. dan.gheorghe

    Grado RS2i to complement Sennheiser HD650

    Hello guys,   I have decided i want a new hole in my wallet. I remember the first time i wrote here. All i wanted was a headphone and an amp, both under 400 euros. After many maany threads read, i bought gear of aproximately 900 euros :P   I currently own a Corda Cantate 2 from Dr...
  15. bozuhead

    SOLD!! Grado RS-2i - MINT - price drop

    Grado RS-2i in MINT condition!   I purchased this June 2011 at Audio Consultants (Evanston, IL) after an amazing experience listening to it.   But I admit, it was an impulsive buy and I don't really listen to music on headphones right now. These are such great headphones, it certainly...
  16. TwoTrack

    I figured out how to simulate an RS-2i with an RS-1i...

    I have been playing around and noticed that if you have an iPod Classic with the RS1i and engage the "Bass Reducer" setting in the EQ option then you have a sound that is remarkably close to that of the RS-2i.  More treble detail comes forward which can be handy for some songs.   I just...
  17. the chemist

    RS2 or apogee Duet

    Ok so its a bit of an apple to orange comparison but I have some upgrade funds and it either needs to go to fuel the source or upgrade the phones. Right now I am running FLAC/foobar-> MBP->  total bithead->SR225(oldies). Initial gut and bang for the buck says grab the RS2i. Looking to spend...
  18. the chemist


    Alright guys I am getting some over analysis paralysis. Currently I am running apple lossless through MBP to the total bithead and grado sr225. I will be upgrading to the grado Rs2i or Audiotechnica ath ad2000 but I am not concerned about my headphone decision. I simply want you guys to know...
  19. the chemist

    WTB: grado RS2i

    I am looking for a grado RS2i. I would also consider audio technica ATH AD2k for a bit more.
  20. bulmanxxi

    Grado RS-2i

    A pair of like new Grado RS-2i.  Superb mint condition and in the original box.  FREE SHIPPING WITHIN US!  Outside of US, Buyer pays shipping. 
  21. trentino

    FS: Grado RS2i EUROPE

    Complete in box. Second owner, and maybe 20 hours in total listening time on these head phones. They are in perfect condition. Europe preffered but I could ship anywhere. 260 Euros includes Europe shipping but buyer will pay the Paypal fee. /Mikael
  22. WhiteCrow

    Grado RS-2 Vintage*minty* FT

    Hello, this is mainly a fishing adventure but I am willing to trade if I some one offers something I'm looking into.   I'm thinking of trading off or even SELLING if the price is right my Grado RS-2 vintage headphones. Don't get me wrong I love these things. But my listening environment is...
  23. olsonc84

    WTB: Grado RS2i

    PM me if you have good condition RS2is you are looking to sell. Please include details about any cosmetic issues, how long you've owned, and approx. hours you've put on them. 
  24. GREQ

    WANTED: Grado RS2i (or RS1i, but not likely for price) IN GERMANY or Europe.

    Hi there. I'm looking for a used (in perfect working condition) or new Grado RS2i or RS1i (in perfect working condition, but maybe needs new cable or something). The catch is that I live in Germany and don't want it shipped from U.S.A. otherwise I'll mostly likely get a hefty tax on it...
  25. mosshorn

    IC: Grado RS2 for IEM's or HD600/650

    Hey all, recently acquired these RS2s in a trade. I love them, and I'm needing a more portable pair, mainly IEMs. If you have a pair that are new or fairly new, shoot me a PM, we can work something out. Bonus points if they can be reshelled :D Will also consider trades for HD600/650. EDIT...