1. Johnnyhi

    Which one Grado RS2i or PS500.?

  2. kibble4

    Quick Review of HiFi-Man He-400

    My First Impression: These cans seemed to have no soundstage, no separation, no treble, and stuck in the mud bass.  The vocals seemed to be behind the rest of the music and was muffled at times or hard to hear.   I have to say I was very unimpressed with these headphones out of the box.  I was...

    Full Size that sound like KSC75

    Hey guys, I've been playing around with headphones since jan 2010. I've owned quite a few in this time. However nothing has been as enjoyable as the $20 Koss KSC75. So far I have owned: DT770 - 250ohm HD650 SR60i DT880 - 600ohm Porta Pro RS1i Now don't get me wrong each of those listed...
  4. Alex_O Rules

    Your LCD2 for... Earmax Pro, RS-2, T50p, Gilmore Lite and Nordost

    I'm feeling a little bit crazy, so I'm going to put out a deal that could be highly appealing...  The LCD2s have been greatly built up around here and are undoubtedly a bit of a FOTM.  I want to see how they compare to my Stax.  I'm offering the following, all in excellent condition in exchange...
  5. underhyped

    Grado RS2/RA1 - MusicF V-CAN

    Hello i am thinking of buying this combo, and i just wanna check with you guys if i need to make some changes or will i be happy with this?   Thanks for answers
  6. Ikarios

    For Trade: Grado RS2

    Looking to trade my Grado RS2s for something else that I haven't tried (full size, portable, IEM, closed, open, doesn't matter). If you have an interesting trade offer send it my way. I'm most interested in trying out a set of new-screen HD650s (preferably with a cable upgrade), some Ultrasones...
  7. Alex_O Rules

    SOLD: My vintage Grado RS-2 for your Sennheiser HD600 / HD650

    SOLD!  Thank you all!   Looking to trade my Grado RS-2 with buttons and flats for your Sennheiser HD600 / HD650.
  8. WhiteCrow

    Grado sr325is V.S. RS-2*button* MINI REVIEW!& General discussion

    Well I got up to 32 ohm today and to my surprise they had the RS-2 to use and some 325is. LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!!!! Build: Well that can I say ones wood, ones metal and are built pretty much the same.   Sound: OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOD! 325is: Well people on here say that the higher end...
  9. detoxguy

    Grado RS2i MINT condition (CANADA)

    I am selling my pair of Grado RS2i Headphones purchased brand new on January 21, 2011 (still under warranty). I bought these for $650.00 CDN and absolutely loved them. I'm selling these to fund a new DAC purchase and because I have recently come into possession of a pair of RS1i and I don't need...
  10. Iceman69

    Grado RS-2 or Alessandro MS2?

    Hey guys, So I'm gonna get either a Grado RS-2i or an Alessandro MS2. I'm gonna also buy it with either a pico USB/DAC or an RSA Predator. I listen to oldies rock and metal most of the time, but I also take my time listening to hiphop and I usually listen for about 1 - 3 hours per session...
  11. rbf1138

    WTB: Grado RS-2i

    Looking for RS-2i in excellent condition. I'm in the US. Send me offers, please!
  12. Greeni

    Grado RS2i, mint

    My Grado RS2i is up for sale, it is a headphone sought after by many.   I have spent some time running in but actual use is few, simply because Grado is not really my cup of tea but many swear by them. Condition is mint to indistinguishable from new.   Original packaging and double box...
  13. oshia86

    Amp my 325i's or go with RS2's

    I've gotten the upgrade itch. It started the other day when I decided to pull the button off of my 325's. Now, I think I am just wanting to try something new. I love the 325's, but what's wrong with something better? So, what would you guys do? Add an amp to the 325's or just go with the RS2's...
  14. maideniron

    Grado RS-2i NEED Amp and DAC

    Hello Head-fiers,   My girlfriend gifted me a new pair of Grado RS-2i. I am completely new to good quality audio, the last headphones I had were Koss porta pro.   I am looking for a good amp and dac (individuals or combined). I am using Laptop for source (foobar2000 + FLAC). I usually...
  15. AVR4000

    V-Can, V-DAC and V-Link compared to the competition (amp-dac combo for Grado RS-2)?

    I am currently doing research of the area of a headphone amp + dac combo for my MacBook Pro. My previous setups has been Marantz SA 7001 KI + LittleDot I+ and Grado RS-2 or Vincent KHV-1pre with Sennheiser HD600 cans. Now I am living in a different part of the world and the requirements has been...
  16. kjoh

    RS2 w/ flats vs Recabled AH-D2000

    I currently have the RS2's w/ flats but I'm starting to feel that itch of trying out new equipment. Anyone have any experience comparing the RS2 to a D2000? Particularly a D2000 that has been recabled or Markl modded or both?  I'll add that I do quite enjoy the forward grado slam and I'm not...
  17. AVR4000

    Grado GS1000i or PS1000 as the step up from RS-2?

    Time for a new thread about this.;)   I am planning to upgrade my headphone setup and go for a solution based on Musical Fidelity M1HPA and M1DAC (or VDAC) together with a new pair of headphones. My original plan was to keep my RS-2s but when I made a long listening test (as a part of the...
  18. Noobintoronto

    Noob in need.. Grado RS2i and Amp question

    I am a happy owner of the Grado RS2i's I have been using portable carry on amps.. till yesterday I saw a very nice little amp, and made an impulse purchase.   FX 10 Integrated Amp by JoLida   It seems that it does not have a headphone jack...
  19. mrtim6

    Grado RS2 & Senn PCX450 have been sold

    hi everyone I have for sale two wonderful headphones both have original boxes and are in excellent condition: Grado RS2 $250 ovno Sennheiser PCX450 $200 firm I live in Sydney Australia so if you want me to post the items you will have to pay for the postage. I have recently broke the bank...
  20. J&J

    Grado RS2 replacement pads

    Need new cushions for my Grado RS2 im with reasonable offer to sell
  21. rbf1138

    Like-new Grado RS2i for sale!

    2 month old, like-new Grado RS-2i's for sale. Perfect condition, box and Grado mini adapter included. Price includes shipping. Pics coming tonight.
  22. drclaw

    FS: Balanced Grado RS2

    I really hate to let these go, but I have other interests that I would like to per sue.  These are balanced with what looks like Mogami cable, and 3 pin XLR, which was done by a previous owner.  They are in really great shape.  It comes with the box and original papers.   I'm asking $OLD!!!!!! +...
  23. LCfiner

    SOLD! - Vintage Grado RS-2 (with button)

    Grado RS-2 headphones in very good condition. These are the older models with the wood button on the grill. serial number 498.   I am the second owner of these headphones and they are in very good condition but I would not say they are ”brand new” as there are very slight edges of the...
  24. jerikl

    WTB: Alessandro MS-2 (or trade for RS-2)

    If you have a pair, I'll pay immediately! :) I'm looking to upgrade my SR-225, and haven't found anything I like better in the Grado line aside from vintage RS-1 which I can't find! I have a pair of vintage RS-2 that I will be selling soon as well, unless you have a pair of MS-2 for trade.
  25. nbeier

    Budget DAC? For LD1+ and Grado RS2

    Hello,   I'm new to head-fi, just getting into the whole world of audiophilia.  I've had some Grado SR60s for a while now, I love them like my first car!  After auditioning a friend's RS2s last year, I started saving and finally found myself able to purchase a pair (from our own LCfiner)...