1. Bengkia369

    Seems like no point to buy Grado RS2i/e, what do u think?

    Would rather go for PS500 which had a more refined sound compared to RS2i/e or just get a SR325e for that fun sound.
  2. rage3324

    New Grados or something else? $1000 budget (new or used)

    First thing first, I love the Grado sound a lot for the music I listen to mostly (rock, classic rock, indie rock, soft rock). I also love large soundstage (AD700, K7xx) as well. While I do like my AKG K7xx for their wide soundstage, I am finding them boring and not engaging. The soundstage, to...
  3. cloudl

    How to justify myself for wanting to make a pricey headphone purchase?

    Hello Guys,   I have signed myself up on Head-fi for quite a few years. Never posted anything until today. The reason why I do today, is because I can use some inputs from everyone on one very troubling question I've been asking myself for quite a few weeks. How can I justify myself for...
  4. ryanjsoo

    Sennheiser IE800 vs Headphones?

    So as the title suggests, I`m considering selling off my ie800s and buying a similarly priced set of headphones, in particular I`m looking at the Grado sr325e and rs2e, I was wondering if these headphones will offer an improvement in sound quality or if they will simply be added bulk, I know...
  5. reifler

    Upgrading from MDR-v600s....

    I'm working with a pair of Sony MDR-v600 headphones. I want to upgrade. I've got a good budget, so that's not in question. (The quality of the headphone will decide how much I wanna spend.) One thing though... I cannot find a good stereo shop in my area that has the high end headphones I've...
  6. sling5s

    NEW Schiit Lyr 2: Impressions

    Just want to start a thread for the new Lyr 2.  Interested in impressions.
  7. HeatFan12

    Pictures Of Your Full-Size Headphones & DAP (Digital Audio Player) Setup!!!

    The DAP market has definitely changed in the last few years.  Hi-rez players, great built-in DACs, great HOs (headphone out), line-out, coax out etc. and a variety of file formats that can be played.  The possibilities are great and plentiful whether it's at home or on the go.  Plugging in a...
  8. gaby1088

    Grado RS2 vs 325is

    Hello everyone, before you say search i want to let you know I searched like crazy for this! I am new to this forum, my name is Gabe.  I currently own the grado 325is model. I love them, but i recently found the opportunity to buy the rs2 model. The issue is that its the buttonless one and...
  9. Steven-JK-W

    AKG K702-65th

    hi, im selling my cans of rs2 with button and akg k702 65th which are not usually used since i have lots of headphones.   rs2:(SOLD) 8.5/10, mint condition.  it is the old version with the button, functioning perfectly. im the second hand owner. i cant find the original box, so i package it...
  10. crappyjones123

    hd 650s!

    my hd 650s are out for delivery! i got up super early today, well i couldnt really sleep last night hehe just to make sure the nice ups guy wouldnt go back. cant wait to put em on...oooh and i get my prelude AND the little dot amp in the same package.
  11. Zanth

    SIGN UP! Zanth's Headphone Loan Programme

    After kicking the idea around for quite a while and with the support of a generous Head-fier who wishes to remain anonymous, I am able to start up the headphone loan programme which will permit a member to use a headphone in their home. Which Headphones Are Offered? To begin, we will have...
  12. WhiteCrow

    Semi-Vintage Grado RS-2(non i) up for grabs if intrest is met.

    well head-fi I feel the time has finally come...maybe. I am a bit torn over these as these were pretty much my first audio purchase and are "special" to me if that makes sense; I just don't use them enough. I love these things; but the HE-500 and my speakers just take up more time than these do...
  13. cantsleep

    grado rs2 - blue dragon recabled

    grado rs2 in good condition recabled with blue dragon (a little longer than 4ft) terminated to oyaide gold plated 1/8" dont have the box but i do have spare rs1 box(which would be much better) you can have that instead.     asking $385 shipped conus paypal add $12 for the fee or trade for...
  14. underhyped

    Grado RS2/RA1 - MusicF V-CAN

    Hello i am thinking of buying this combo, and i just wanna check with you guys if i need to make some changes or will i be happy with this?   Thanks for answers
  15. Ikarios

    For Trade: Grado RS2

    Looking to trade my Grado RS2s for something else that I haven't tried (full size, portable, IEM, closed, open, doesn't matter). If you have an interesting trade offer send it my way. I'm most interested in trying out a set of new-screen HD650s (preferably with a cable upgrade), some Ultrasones...
  16. Alex_O Rules

    SOLD: My vintage Grado RS-2 for your Sennheiser HD600 / HD650

    SOLD!  Thank you all!   Looking to trade my Grado RS-2 with buttons and flats for your Sennheiser HD600 / HD650.
  17. AVR4000

    V-Can, V-DAC and V-Link compared to the competition (amp-dac combo for Grado RS-2)?

    I am currently doing research of the area of a headphone amp + dac combo for my MacBook Pro. My previous setups has been Marantz SA 7001 KI + LittleDot I+ and Grado RS-2 or Vincent KHV-1pre with Sennheiser HD600 cans. Now I am living in a different part of the world and the requirements has been...
  18. mrtim6

    Grado RS2 & Senn PCX450 have been sold

    hi everyone I have for sale two wonderful headphones both have original boxes and are in excellent condition: Grado RS2 $250 ovno Sennheiser PCX450 $200 firm I live in Sydney Australia so if you want me to post the items you will have to pay for the postage. I have recently broke the bank...
  19. J&J

    Grado RS2 replacement pads

    Need new cushions for my Grado RS2 im with reasonable offer to sell
  20. LCfiner

    SOLD! - Vintage Grado RS-2 (with button)

    Grado RS-2 headphones in very good condition. These are the older models with the wood button on the grill. serial number 498.   I am the second owner of these headphones and they are in very good condition but I would not say they are ”brand new” as there are very slight edges of the...
  21. nbeier

    Budget DAC? For LD1+ and Grado RS2

    Hello,   I'm new to head-fi, just getting into the whole world of audiophilia.  I've had some Grado SR60s for a while now, I love them like my first car!  After auditioning a friend's RS2s last year, I started saving and finally found myself able to purchase a pair (from our own LCfiner)...
  22. jerikl

    Grado RS-2 w/buttons (vintage)

    Price includes shipping to CONUS. Extra for international. Headphones are in excellent condition and come with original box and papers!   I bought these RS-2 headphones from a Head-Fi member a few weeks ago, but found a pair of vintage RS-1 headphones around the same time. I'm keepin' the...
  23. violante

    Grado RS-2 (#975)

    Sorry, old thread...
  24. Nick01

    Grado RS2

    Serial #993 Excellent condition.   Shipping & paypal extra.   Registered post for shipping weight up to 1.25kg to America $52 to Canada $43 to Europe $53 to Asia $37 to New Zealand $30.50 within Australia, shouldn't be more than $30 depending on postcodes.   Paypal 3.6%...
  25. WhiteCrow

    Grado RS-2 Vintage*minty* FT

    Hello, this is mainly a fishing adventure but I am willing to trade if I some one offers something I'm looking into.   I'm thinking of trading off or even SELLING if the price is right my Grado RS-2 vintage headphones. Don't get me wrong I love these things. But my listening environment is...