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    Turbulent X Drivers / Aluminum Gimbals and Rodblocks from Martin Custom Audio / Shearling headband / Redwood Lace Burl cups by Clint Eash of YewWoodworks
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  3. Chezzy79

    Need recommendation for a flagship-level headphone

    Over the last year I've been purchasing, auditioning, and selling headphones to search for my favorite set up.  These are what I've had the chance to own so far:   Ultrasone Signature Pro Beyerdynamic Tesla T1 Synphones Magnum V4 in Mahogany cups (made by Benjamin 6264) MCA Fostex T50RP...
  4. floresjc

    Looking for the next High end purchase

    I have two headphones, some Magnum V4's from Martin Custom Audio (Amboyna burl cups) and a pair of Sennheiser HD598's. Love them both, although I think the high end is better on the Magnums, but I listen to the 598's more because they are super comfy and fun.   The 598's are my first...
  5. Melvins

    Favorite Grados/Magnums

    Hey guys. For those of you out there who own who have owned or whom have listened to....     what's your favorite grado in their vast lineup? Do you prefer the magnum series instead of the grados?     Then for you who can answer this question, and is kind of the one I'm most interested in...
  6. pentagram15

    Headphone Amp for Magnum V4

    I have Magnum V4 drivers in SR325 (old one) cans. I am looking for a headphone amp for them. I generally listen rock and metal music and my budget is $900. What do you advice for these headphones? They don't have the same sound color with Grados and because of this, it is very hard to...
  7. not_sure

    Opinions on GS1000i, PS1000, MS Ulti and Magnum v4 Ulti?

    Hello, I would like to try Grado and I would like to get if possible the best. I can chance listen only GS1000i, PS1000. Others can buy only blindly. I have heard something that possible best Grado is HP2i, I guess almost zero chance find them from second hand. So if there is someone who had...
  8. faverodefavero

    Grado PS1000, PS500 and V4 Magnum.

    Which one, and why? Please.   Thank you, your opinion is indeed much appreciated!
  9. 188479

    Magnium Build

    Hey all: Built a pair of "Grado" Magnium (V4) with wood chambers from Headphone Lounge and silver cable from Chris-Himself. After listening for several hours I have to say I'm very impressed! I own a few good headphones and this compares in the same level for a lot less money.
  10. Biscuitz

    Grado RS2i vs Wood Magnum V4?

    Has anyone been able to compare a wood-housed magnum V4 to a stock Grado RS2i? What kind of sonic similarities and differences do they share? Which is "better" in your estimation?
  11. lawlz

    -HD800 vs. LCD2 Stock vs. LCD2 Recabled vs Magnum V4-     As a disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Symphone Labs, Headphone Lounge, or Double Helix Cables. I have simply tested and just so happen to own some of their products. I am writing this to share MY personal...
  12. Melvins

    Magnum v.4 vs. magnum v.5 vs. all grado's vs. any other cans

    Can i hear some people draw some comparisons between their Magnums and the other 'phones they have? particularly modded grados? I'm trying to figure out if I want to get a modded grado to accompany my magnum build...   (see sig for my setup)     also please include the set up/songs you used...
  13. whirlwind

    Question For All "GradoHolics"

    I have a couple of questions for the Grado Junkies.   Is there anyway that anybody has listened to every one of them , or at least like 5 different some comments here about what you liked and what seemed to be the best bang for the buck and so forth...interested in as much info...
  14. faverodefavero

    Magnum and the Beagle

    Has anyone tried using Magnums (specially V4 drivers, and - even more so - full aluminum ones) with Grado's Bagel/Jumbo cushions? What's your opinion about the result, please? _ And, if you care to share one more comment: Do you think V4 Magnums are better than ANY Grado? How would they fare...
  15. Noykrub

    V4 magnum vs Grado PS500

    Hi everyone,   Now, I have PS500. I looking for the new headphone better than PS500. So, I would like to know V4 magnum it's better in quality sound better than my PS500 or not?   Please explain to me in detail .. Thanks ^_^
  16. eyalcat

    DAC around the 150$ budget

    Hi,   Which DAC would you recommend for connecting to little dot II >> Grado Magnum cans in the budget limit mentioned in the subject?   Thanks
  17. Melvins

    DAC for Magnums/325is--upgrade from e10?

    Hey guys. I'm currently running macbook pro---fiio e10---little dot 1+ (with tube/op amp upgrade)----Magnums.     I am about to be receiving a pair of 325i's. I'm about to have some extra cash in the upcoming weeks and was curious if I should upgrade my DAC. I love my LD1+ and see no reason...
  18. spook76

    Headphonelounge Cables - Appreciation Thread

    I have started this thread to let people know about and Ted Allen the manufacturer. I do not believe his website is up yet but he is a Member of the Trade here at Head-Fi so I am sure you can send him a private message if you are interested in ordering. By way of...
  19. Grado Magnum v4

    Grado Magnum v4

    Grado Magnum v4