1. kite7

    Vintage Black Grado SR325 gold lettering [review vs vintage SR125 & RS1]

    Got these today! Thought I might share some pictures for now as I listen to them more before writing a mini review. These have gold lettering and has black anodized aluminum cups; they are about 17 years old from the receipt. My first impression is that I finally understand why some people love...
  2. purk

    Grado SR-325 **VINTAGE**

    For sale is my Grado SR-325.  I bought this headphones from Stevio for over 5 years now and I've put less han 200 hours on them.  The 325 sounds great and is in very good shape.  The SR-325 comes with flat pad.  Questions are welcomed.  I take paypal and MO.  Paypal add 3%.  Asking $150 shipped...
  3. Donnyhifi

    Grado SR325 Vintage model recabled $SOLD shipped

    Hello all,   I'm selling my old Grado SR325 Vintage model for $SOLD shipped. It includes an extra black DIY leather headband, the brown leather headband that is installed is also a DIY which I put on some time ago. There are nicks and scratches on it since they are quite old, the letters...
  4. devouringone3

    (sold) my black Grado SR325 (LAST DAY), with plain drivers, ultra white meshes, mint condition (price dropped again)

    *Sold to the best offerant! Thank you to all of those who got interested by it, even if you didn't make a bid!   Negotiable price. ;)   (scroll down for pictures)   I'm selling headphones, not so much because I need money, but more because I'm entitled to not owning two of the same...
  5. manfred77

    Grado Labs SR325 with bowl pads and J Money headband

    Sale Pending   Selling a pair of Grado SR325's with bowl pads and a leather J Money headband. I bought these a few years ago from another Head-fier and hardly ever used them, My Sennheisers got most of the use and I just bought some HifiMan HE-5's, so these should go to someone who will put...
  6. yaluen

    FS: Vintage Black Grado SR325

    SOLD! Thank you all for your interest.   Hey Head-Fiers, I'm selling a couple of vintage cans to free up some funds. This listing is for a rare pair of black Grado SR325 (headphones only) I acquired from a fellow Head-Fier earlier this year. This is the first version of the SR325 that was sold...
  7. optiluca

    Grado SR 325 is driver mismatch

    Hi all.  I recently acquired a pair of Grado SR 325 is headphones, which sound pretty amazing as far as I am concerned.   I have one gripe however, as when I listened to a few tracks in mono, I found the sound to be slightly skewed to the left (eg the left driver was playing a bit louder...
  8. Denys

    Closed headphones for Little Dot MKIII

    Hi guys,   I am considering bringing my Little Dot III at work, so I will need a pair of closed headphones, so I do not disturb my neighbours....   From Ipod (80g with Lossless music)-----to Little Dot III to closed headphones...less than $200 if possible...   Any suggestions???  ...
  9. starcraft2

    Are IEMs that good? Are they really worth it?

    My questions is simple.   Are the IEMs really good? If one buys a 200 euros/250 dollar IEM will he be satisfied? Can the IEMs, with all their limitations (sound stage, depth in sound, size of driver) be the benchmark for portable sound? Will the bigger Headphones be allways better?   I...
  10. willmax

    FS:Calling all GRADO collectors IC Vintage Black SR325 w/ PINK Drivers

    I'm not yet certain I want to part with these wonderful headphones, so at this stage this is an Interest Check classified.   Up for your appraisal is a mint pair of GRADO SR325 in original Black anodised and original PINK Drivers!   Comes with original Grado pizza box and blue foam...
  11. Grado Labs SR325 Black (Vintage)

    Grado Labs SR325 Black (Vintage)

    These are the original Grado Labs Prestige Series SR325, Black. The aluminum colored ones came after.