grado labs
  1. Todd

    Grado RS-1x Loaner Program @

    HI All, We are pleased to announce another great loaner program - this one featuring the Grado RS-1x. This loaner RS-1x will come wire for balanced and include the 1/4" singles ended adapter. It will also have cups on it that will highlight the variety of colors that the wood come in. Please...
  2. Todd

    Grado GS1000X Loaner Program @TTVJAudio

    HI All, We will have a Grado GS1000X headphone available for our loaner programs. Sign up following the rules listed below and have a listen to these fine new headphones from Grado Labs. The GS1000X is $1195. you can read about it here on our website. Here is your chance to hear the Grado...
  3. DekoniAudio

    Dekoni X Grado Giveaway!

    Enter now in our latest giveaway for your chance to win a free pair of Grado Labs headphones! We are pumped to announce that Dekoni is back with its June giveaway! This giveaway is in collaboration with our friends from Grado Labs as we are giving away and our first place winner win a pair of...
  4. kofman13

    Main mixing headphones, Grado SR60e (original version) are dying, afraid to get the re-release

    Hi all. I produce dance music professionally. My main mixing headphones have been the Grado SR60e (with custom toneboosters Morphit calibration profile). I use them everyday and rely on them. But they are suffering from the dreaded issue everyone had with them which is the rubber casing of the...
  5. Todd

    New Grado SR-225X loaner program

    Hi All, We are now taking requests for participation in our new Grado SR-225X loaner program. Same rules as always... the SR-225X will ship out by Friday of this week to the first one to sign up. Loaner Program Rules: Send your name and address, telephone number and your Head-Fi user name...
  6. MoonAudio

    NEW: Grado SR325x

    Grado SR325x Headphones $295.00 Order Now With its metal housing, the SR325x brings a surgical precision to your music that you won’t find in the rest of the Prestige Series. Better imaging of the space between the instruments paints a clearer picture of your music in their soundstage. Shop Now
  7. MoonAudio

    NEW: Grado SR225x

    Grado SR225x Headphones $225.00 Order Now The SR225x and SR125x have had a sibling rivalry for decades. Being the mature one, the SR225x utilizes the new F cushion to open up the sound to more textured tones. The driver works in unison to produce a unique voicing and be just as fast as the...
  8. Todd

    Grado Hemp Headphone Loaner Program

    HI All, On Monday June 15th, we will be sending out a loaner Hemp Headphone from Grado Labs. We have had lots of questions about how it sounds and so we are giving you a chance to express your thoughts on it while using it in your own system for a week. Loaner rules - same as always. STRICT...
  9. MoonAudio

    Grado Hemp Limited Edition Headphone - Pre-Order

    The Grado Hemp Limited Edition Headphone The first of it's kind, hemp finds a new purpose in The Hemp Headphone. A brilliant, warm, and previse sound rolled into a Limited Edition Grado. The team at Grado had to draw on inspiration and experience from past Limited Editions, taking what they...
  10. Todd

    New Grado Phono Cartridges Part II

    TTVJAudio is still open for business and doing everything to insure our customers satisfaction and safety! We are here every weekday and sometimes on the weekends to answer your questions and provide you with premier audio gear from the finest manufacturers in the world. Most of the items on...
  11. Todd

    New Grado Phono Cartridges @ TTVJAudio!

    Grado Labs announces their new cartridge Lineup! The New Grado Prestige, Timbre and Lineage Series cartridges take a huge leap forward in vinyl sound reproduction. The improvements are immediately recognizable to the listener. Clean, crisp, detailed highs that are in balance with the mids...
  12. Todd

    Grado HF3 Loaner Program

    HI All, This program is limited to those who are on the fence as to whether to buy these headphones. I have a nicely broken in pair of HF3's to loan to perspective buyers. Personally I think they are awesome for $350.... but I am willing to let you decide for yourself. And a portion of the...
  13. Todd

    Order your Limited Edition HF3 from TTVJAudio!

    Now available to order from - the special, limited edition headphones from Grado Labs - the HF3! The Grado HF3 carries on the tradition of a great value headphone dedicated to the Head-Fi community. $100 of the purchase price is to be donated to charity in the name of Head-Fi...
  14. Todd

    Grado White Headphone loaner program

    HI All, Due to the fact this is a limited edition headphone, I am asking only those who want to hear it and if they like it will buy it from us (with a Beatles White Album included with purchase) to sign up. The headphones will be available until the end of the year and then be gone... so...
  15. Todd

    A Sale and 2 Hot New Recommended Products!

    HI All, Here is our newsletter for this week... SAVE 12% on all our USED/Sale Gear Category until July 16th Hot new products you don't want to miss! Grado White Headphone Limited Edition These highly recommended limited edition headphones from Grado Labs begin shipping next week! We are...
  16. E

    Media Player for Chord Hugo

    Could anyone recommend a portable digital media player with possibly large display screen for use with my chord hugo and grado sr325e headphones (other than a smartphone). I was looking for something with various digital audio outputs, usb, optical toslink or coaxial compatible for the hugo. And...
  17. Todd

    The New Grado Epoch Phono Cartridge @TTVJAudio!

    The Grado Epoch will begin shipping in Early August. The retail price is $12,000. Pictured here riding on our VPI HRX and some delicious vinyl! The Grado Epoch possesses the ability to communicate music effortlessly and naturally. Never boring, the Epoch's bottom end is deep, solid and full and...