1. thazy2

    GRADO RSi rewire?

    I cant seem to find anyone who would rewire these cans.  The oem setup is horrible.  I found this person but no response to email.  Any ideas?
  2. EtherMD

    Headphones in ski helmet

    Very excited to discover that a pair of iGrado headphones I had lying around managed to fit in my Smith Variant ski helmet. (I'm not a fan of skiing while listening to IEM's -- I actually do want to be able to hear my surroundings.) Certainly beats the standard OEM Skullcandy option. Now I can...
  3. White Lotus

    "Sound band" - A Kickstarter project for a headset with NO speakers. Seems.. Interesting. I wonder what they sound like - if their reproduction is accurate? Can anyone here shed any light on this?
  4. captian73

    Recable Grado iGrado - UK

    I could do with a possible re-cable of my Grado iGrado's. just wondered if there was anyone in the uk who re-cables headphones?
  5. captian73

    iGrado review

    I owe quite a few headphone review to head-fi, including my impreesions of the Stax SR-001 system. that's still under construction. Here's my review of the iGrado's to keep you going. Enjoy! iGrado Review for For the life of me, I can’t really remember the reason for...
  6. cruizin caleb

    Will the Little Dot I+ adequetly drive two Grado headphones (via Grado Splitter)

    I don't understand exactly how impedance works and stuff, so these may be silly questions...   can my Little Dot I+ adequately drive both my RS-1 and my friends SR-225 using a Grado Splitter? does the impedance change with two headphones, or does the power required increase? will the...
  7. SoItGoes

    Grado Headband/Broken Grado headphones

    I'm finishing up my Grado Magnum project and I need a headband to attach to my gimbals.   I need both the headband's metal tension piece (the thing that goes inside the headband and provides structural support) and whatever vinyl/leather outer covering (the thing that touches your head).  ...
  8. Tutti57

    Recable igrados

    I'd like to replace the chincy dental floss that came on my igrados but don't know where to start. I took them apart and see what needs to be done but don't know what parts to buy or where to buy them. I'm not looking for any sound change, just a cheap upgrade to better cables. I saw a couple...
  9. codefusionx

    Budget Headphones between $60-100

    Hi, folks! I'm fairly new to this forum so this is my first post. I'm currently looking for some headphones for my iPod classic. This is my first pair of headphones (since my earbuds broke) so I'm fairly new to all these. Initially I wanted to get a pair of Razer Electra's since they were $60...
  10. shadow21

    PX 100 equivalent - removable cable

    Hi, I have had a pair of PX100-ii headphones and i am very happy with them. But recently (within less than a year) the wire got loose. I am wondering if anyone know a pair of headphones equivalent to PX 100 - ii, but with a detachable cable. so that loose cable is no longer a problem   I saw...
  11. MrAwesome

    Gym Headphones?

    My apple earphones went deaf due to sweat and possibly intense movement, and I'm looking for headphones or earphones that under $100. I'm using them for intense workouts at the gym, such as running the tread mill, lifting weights, If there earphones I want ones that stick in your ear, because...
  12. CrystalT

    Fast, bright headphones with exceptional instrument separation for ~$100?

    I have a pair of SoundMAGIC ES18 which is great for quite a few of my genres of music, but find that it performs poorly with Power and Progressive Metal. I'm looking for full-sized, circumaural headphones, preferably open ones that are fast so they don't get overwhelmed by faster, and busier...
  13. Somnambulist

    Upgrade time... for my mum!

    A few years ago I helped my mum pick her first pair of 'proper' IEMS, as she kept buying cheap Sony ones that kept falling apart and got fed up... which is where I reeled her into HeadFi land. Picked UM1s as they were just about in the price range she was willing to spend and comfort was v...
  14. riahc3

    Need some new headphone for hip-hop: Perfer behind-the-neck

    Hey   Im currently using the Sennheiser PMX 60 which I was pretty happy with, with minor flaws such as TOO loud and lacking some bass.   Id like some headphones (perfer behind the back) around the same price ($40) which can give me the same expirence such as the Sennheiser PMX 60 and are...
  15. Mushrooshi

    AKG K518LEs + E5 = Awesome

    So I gave in and decided to get some AKG K518LEs after a dozen hours of research. I got my iGrados over the holidays, and I totally ignored what 'open' meant... and saying that iGrados leak sound like a mofo is a big understatement :P , since I have to turn my cans up to ear-damaging levels to...
  16. Mushrooshi

    Comparison of iGrados to iPod Earbuds from a new audiophile

    Well, since discovering Head-Fi, I've been finding myself more and more curious about the world of audiophiles and good audio equipment. The first 'audiophile' purchase I made was on these iGrados, which I found shared the same drivers as the Grado SR60s, and have been well received by lots of...
  17. Salent

    Headphones for Hardcore/Death metal music <$100

    I'm looking to upgrade from my JVC HARX700's. I listen to mostly Metalcore, Death metal and a little rap, but would like them to sound better with metal more so than rap. My budget is around $100 with a little bit of lea-way if the headphones are worth it. These would need to be a lot more...
  18. nicolasete

    Best possible Headphones for onboard sound?

    This may sound heretic in an audiophile forum, but i think it can be helpful for the new people here, and the other threads on this subject are extremely short.     So what are the best headphones (for the price) to use directly plugged in the motherboard's onboard audio system? (In my...
  19. uOpt

    Please help picking my next headphone set (full-size, closed, somewhat like DT770)

        Anybody likes to make a recommendation what to try next?   I am mostly listening to civilized forms of metal, some rock, singer/songwriter and occasional country.   Here's my history of headphones:   * Current favorites: DT-770, but a little too boomy, in particular at high...
  20. doginabag

    New user, looking for an iGrado alternative.

    Hi guys.  I have been doing a lot of reading around on headphones on the web lately and this forum always comes up in every search result, so about time I signed up and consulted the experts!     Christmas is quickly catching up with me and my better half is pestering me for ideas.  The only...
  21. Grado iGrado Headphones

    Grado iGrado Headphones

    "iGrado" street style headphone is designed specifically for the portable electronics market. Its goal is to serve as a street style headphone that will sonically outperform anything currently available in the low-end portable market.The "iGrado" is functionally stylish, lightweight and...