1. misterfresh

    Fischer audio Eterna vs Klipsch S4i vs Google Nexus 4 stock headphones

    A quick subjective opinion :   Nexus 4 stock headphones : they are good because listening to them once in a while makes you realize how lucky you are of owning other headphones, and validates your purchase, no matter what other headphones you bought. The voice is ok, but the bass and low mids...
  2. ZARIM

    ... WOW..... The Google Jelly Bean supports USB Audio out.....

    Hi, I just red engadget confirmed Google Jelly Bean IOS supports USB Audio out from smart phones and it was missing from previous IOS versions.
  3. fcpchop88

    New Google Nexus Q

    So what do you guys think about google's new toy the Nexus Q?   300$ seems a bit steap, but it seems pretty cool.
  4. Google Nexus Q

    Google Nexus Q

    Into sound? Like, really into sound? You choose how you want to turn it up. Nexus Q has a state of the art, audiophile-grade amplifier built in so you can hook your speakers right up, or use an optical or HDMI cable to connect Nexus Q to your AV receiver or HDTV. Once you’re playing, you can...