1. TommyFro

    [WTB] Sennheiser HD580 flat plate or HD540 600ohm

    Found a flatplate, putting the 540 search on hold for a while I've had the regular raised plate 580 3 seperate times, so I'm looking to pick up a flat plate version. Either the made in Ireland or made in Germany one. Also looking to pick up a 600ohm version of the hd540 reference, either the...
  2. CL14715

    [SOLD] Andromeda Gold #741 (Mint Condition)

    Andromeda Golds serial # 741 purchased from a member recently, in perfect condition. All accessories that come from factory are included.

    SOLD: SP1000M Gold, Original Packaging + Accessories

    For sale is an Astell&Kern SP1000M Gold originally purchased new from an authorized dealer in April of 2019. Included is all of the original packaging: wooden box, USB cable/packaging (unused), plastic microSD protector, initial protective film covering with MQS info, warranty information, one...
  4. NewEve

    WITHDRAWN: Campfire Audio Andromeda Special Edition Gold

    (No trades) Numbered Limited Edition of 1000 Pairs (official site) This is #384 Used (but babied) condition: Bought directly from Campfire Audio on August 21, 2019 Reason for selling: These are the best IEMs I ever heard... I just need the money Comes with: All original box & papers Selling...
  5. Vitaly2017

    SOLD Plussound Gold Plated Silver SOLD

    Hi selling my one month and half old Cable. It is in mint condition and as new. Its a 2 pin connector for iem with a termination of 4.4mm balanced. It has 1.5m length This is the 4 wires version. It has beautiful sound properties with a touche of warmth and smooth treble notes. Bass is more...
  6. Vitaly2017

    SOLD Tia Trio perfect condition + plussound gold plated silver SOLD

    Hi Selling my beloved Tia trio and the plussound gold plated silver cable as a combination package. The cable is 2 pins custom 1.5m long and 4.4mm balanced. Comes with the oem stock packaging. The Trio's are in perfect condition everything works flawlessly and has no scratches. Selling those...
  7. cr3ativ3


    please delete
  8. ElecHires

    [cancel] WM1Z

    Hello guys, i want to sale my WM1Z i'm the first owner the player is still on warranty for 2 years have only 21.5 hour of used 04/09/2019 the player is uncapped Trad possible only for SP1000 black or CU in good condition
  9. macdonjh

    Selection of MFSL gold Ultradisc CDs

    I have a small selection of Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Ultradisc and Ultradisc II gold CDs for sale. All have original lever-lock cases, original liner notes/ booklets. The CDs themselves are in excellent condition. The booklets may have a bit of wear on one edge where the case tabs "bump"...
  10. ElecHires


  11. Schwibbles

    Amp SOLD: Monoprice Cavalli Liquid Platinum w/extra pair of tubes + More Tubes

    Amp SOLD! I am the original owner. Purchased directly from Monoprice in November, 2018. Since then, it was only my main amp for a couple months and seldom used after that. I would estimate it has been on for less than 200 hours. Due to the light use, it is in excellent condition. There are no...
  12. chungjun

    FS: plusSound X Series | GPC | 2-pin, 2.5mm (balanced)

    For sale:- 1 x plusSound X-series | GPC | 2-pin, 2.5mm (balanced) Cable : Gold Platted Copper Connector : 2-pin (0.78mm) Termination : 2.5mm (balanced) | TRRS Condition : 10/10 Okay to ship anywhere. Local Singapore pick-up can be arranged. Price does not include shipping and...
  13. aaf evo

    [FS] - Astell Kern SP1000M Gold

    Mint condition with box and all accessories, looking to experiment with other daps although I’ll probably regret this. Cash or high end cables + cash
  14. bluebair

    *SOLD* Campfire Solaris: removed memory wire, extra carry case, symbio tips, and more.

    If youre here, you probably know what these are. These IEM's are my favorite audio product I have ever owned or listened to. This was purchased 12/7/2018, so it is still under warranty SN 203. Price is including shipping & paypal fees to the US. I threw in an extra campfire audio comet case...
  15. Broquen

    Wire materials and cable differences

    We're in a time that good sound engineering is getting more and more affordable with all these nice chi-fi stuff and Internet really helps to discover new pearls. Now, it is possible to buy a lot of cheap headphones/IEMs with removable cables and, that possibility, opens quite some new options...
  16. Lotoo PAW Gold Touch (LPGT)

    Lotoo PAW Gold Touch (LPGT)

    Product Highlights: - 3.77" IPS Touch Screen - Lotoo OS (NOT Android) - Bluetooth 4.1 with LDAC - 4.4mm Balanced Output - Power Output: 500mW at 32Ohm load - USB DAC (Fully Asynchronous) - USB-C Port, USB 3.1 Protocol - Memory: SD Card upto 2TB, Supports UHS II - 10+ Hrs Battery Life...
  17. Piotr Michalak

    [WTB] HD800 painting service in EU

    Hi, I've recently traded for a HD800 which is a little scratched. I'd like to paint it gold like Colorware in the States did with HD800G: Please PM me if you may do it (and within EU preferably). Regards!
  18. AthenaZephyrian

    Head-Fi GOLD has arrived!

    FOR INDESCRIBABLE FI FOR SUMMIT-FI &/or HEAD-ASPLODE-FI FOR HI-FI AF (As Fostex, we're PG here): FOR HIFI AMEH (As MEH): FOR ATH-L3000's (pricetag/sound ratio), Beats, Skullcandy, and other flops:
  19. propaganda

    [SOLD]F/S Lotoo Paw Gold + 200GB Sandisk MicroSD

    I'm selling my Lotoo Paw Gold: Barely used. In mint condition. No scratches or signs of use. Battery with only 9 cycles. Display / Sound in perfect working condition. Complete, it comes with original box, Lotoo original leather pouch (new / unused), cables, manuals,... Also I'll send to the...
  20. Flares GOLD by Flare Audio

    Flares GOLD by Flare Audio

    1 | Flares® GOLD earphones - 24ct gold finish - Anti-Resonance technology - Finely tuned Dual Jet technology - Acoustic Lens technology - 5.5mm beryllium drivers - Superior passive noise isolation - Three types of T200 compatible Flares Earfoams® 2 | MMCX Professional Connectors - Balanced...
  21. Jmop

    Shozy Alien Gold

    Great shape, player only. Pics available for serious buyers only. Shipping and PayPal on me.
  22. Jmop

    Shozy Alien Gold

    Great shape, comes with everything. Shipping and PayPal on me. Pics upon request.
  23. 3294

    Sold: Kumitate Lab Licht IEM Cable - SPC (Silver Plated Copper) - 2-Pin with 4,4mm TRRRS Gold Plug for Sony WM1A/WM1Z

    Hi there, for sale is a Kumitate Labs Licht Cable with a 4,4mm TRRRS termination in super nice condition. I've recently bought it from someone here on Head-Fi as well, to see how a SPC-Cable sounds like (to figure out it's "effects") on my SE5-Way Ultimate. While the stock cable provides a...
  24. EinTheVariance

    FS: Grado SR325i Gold SOLD

    Putting up some stuff for sale to fund some upgrades. Buyer will need to login to paypal and pay via pay for goods and services (ask me for my paypal info once you are ready to buy). CONUS only. SR325i Gold: These are the rare early SR325i in Gold celebrating Grado's 50th Anniversary. They have...