getting started
  1. ajheyl

    The dangerous plunge into HiFi Headphones

    Before we begin, a few disclaimers. I am not an engineer, just a listener of music. I do not collect nor do I play vinyl. Yes I am aware how nice it can sound. I am far from wealthy so the stuff I buy has to be in a budget range but not cheap. I have no problems buying used equipment...
  2. Kanev24

    I want to begin my long journey to becoming an audiophile and I have a few questions.

    So I've been wanting to get into the audiophile scene for quite some time now. I listen to music all day every day, from the moment I get to school until I either have to go to work or go to bed. I’m currently just using the standard EarPods that came with my iPhoneX on a daily basis. I own the...