galaxy s8
  1. OneBoot

    Looking for Beginner Commute IEM with Bass and Detail (CA Io, FiiO FA7, etc.?)

    Hello! I am new to the forum. My audio background includes breaking a bunch of headphones as a kid (mostly cables, sometimes from listening too loud), taking a couple EE courses in college, buying some Bose sport earphones, finding some Beats Powerbeats 3, and having those die on me after 3...
  2. SplintX

    Making Fiio Q1 Mark II DAC working with Samsung Galaxy S8

    Disclaimer: Well, this method *should* work with any Android phone (theoretically), but I could make it work with Samsung Galaxy S8. So try at your own risk if you have another Android device. I will not be responsible if anything happens to your device following this workaround. Today I got my...
  3. R

    A smartphone with low noise floor?

    I'm looking for a new phone that would, hopefully, pair well with my Shure SE535s. To me that means no audible hiss first, low distortion second, and detail, soundstage, etc. third. Needless to say, the one thing that gets most on my nerves is the hissing. I know the bar is high, because these...
  4. Tehianh

    Samsung, stop charging my DAC

    As the title goes, my galaxy s8 keeps charging each dac I use be it goDap X or any iFi device old or new. I know the trick to turn dac on first then plug but it does not seem to work. I am sure its not the phone, as I'm getting 2 days of use without peripherials. If I was to get custom usb otg...