1. SLC1966

    *SOLD* Itsfit Fusion Universal IEM

    Pretty much new. In perfect condition. I am selling because I have too many IEMs once again. I am selling at an extremely good price because I got them at the same very good price. No trades please. Price includes PayPal fees and shipping Conus. Thank you for looking.
  2. F

    FOUND: Itsfit Fusion universal, Fearless S8F universal

    I’m looking for these IEMs in mint condition (I prefer the Fusion, but I won’t say not to a good deal for the S8F).
  3. arijitroy2

    [FS] ItsFit Fusions - Universal Version (SOLD)

    Selling this awesome sounding ItsFit Fusions that I had bought on 29th Nov 2019. They sound incredible but I am deloading my iem collection hence selling these ones. No trade, shipping is on you, price includes Paypal Fees.
  4. rishabhgkp

    SOLD ItsFit Fusion Universal IEM

    ItsFit Fusion Universal These are almost new, mint, ItsFit Fusion Universal IEM, used for around less than 50 hours. Bought 2 weeks back, to give them a try, a great sound hybrid IEM, with excellent bass and treble tuning; as can be read on Flinkenick's IEM Thread and HeadFi reviews for better...
  5. davidmolliere

    Itsfit Fusion impressions thread

    I thought the Fusion deserves its own thread... here are my first impressions after a dozen hours with the Fusion... I tried the Fusion with the Cayin N6ii, A01 and T01 motherboards with the DITA Oslo and Dunu Hulk cable. My favorite pairing is DITA Oslo and T01 motherboard. Right out of the...
  6. Itsfit Fusion

    Itsfit Fusion

    As the world’s first tri-brid earphone with Magnetostatic™, the Itsfit Fusion is the result of our quest for a true innovative in-ear technonogy that conquer even the most demanding records. One of its most remarkable trait is the incredibly wide soundstage that promise to recreate the truest...
  7. qdc Fusion

    qdc Fusion

    qdc Fusion Specifications Drivers: 4 balanced armature drivers + 1 dynamic driver 3 sound channels, 3 crossover Sensitivity: 106dB SPL/mW Frequency response: 10Hz-20000Hz Impedance:18Ω Noise isolation: 26dB
  8. crabdog

    Inearz Audio Fusion | Impressions and discussion thread

    This thread is for discussion on the Fusion. The Fusion is Inearz Audio's latest addition to their product range. It's a 6 BA CIEM with a smooth and resolving sound. Full review here: https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/review/19527/