fully balanced
  1. Topping D90SE MQA ES9038PRO DAC

    Topping D90SE MQA ES9038PRO DAC

    Features ESS ES9038 PRO DAC chip, MQA decoding with USB, coaxial, optical, and AES inputs Get bit-perfect audio playback without distortion or jitter. The XMOS 16-core XU216 microcontroller converts the highest quality digital files to analog voltage without the timing deviations that cause...
  2. iBasso IT07

    iBasso IT07

    SPECIFICATIONS Powerful seven driver hybrid setup each side (6BA+1DD) Reference-level high-resolution sound clarity Premium looks with Resin ear shells Patented acoustic structure Fully balanced 2.5mm termination Impedance: 16Ohm Frequency range: 5Hz-40kHz Sensitivity: 108dB/mW THD+N: <1% Noise...
  3. L

    Yulong DA9 Fully Balanced DAC/Amp

    Massdrop has a live drop right now for the Yulong DA9 DAC/Amp. $949.99. Great deal on a great sounding fully balanced DAC/Amp. If you are in the market you should definitely take a look. Only two days left. I spent a little demo time with the DAC/Amp and decided to buy one. The drop has only one...