full size headphones
  1. Steve Guppy

    Customer service done right!

    Just wanna say how impressed i am with Custom Cans customer service. I contacted them about my cable, as being the clutz i can be, i managed to knock my player onto the carpet, and in turn, broke the 2.5mm termination. So i asked if i could return it for repair. They replied promptly, said that...
  2. Giraku

    SOLD: Focal Stellia Absolutely Mint (<100 Hours)

    I decided to sell Focal Stellia, which was used less than 100 hours. My use of these HPs have been strictly in house under strictly smoke free environment. Comes with the original packaging and all the accessories as you see in the pics below (HP stand not included). SOLD: US$1950 or Best Offer...
  3. WhiskeyJacks

    ZMF Ori's (Walnut) SOLD!

    I absolutely love these headphones, they were a pre-production model when they first came out that I bought from Zack from zmf. Because of that they are in Walnut what you don't know if he uses for this model anymore as far as sound signature it is in between the Cherry and the black one more of...
  4. James Shoegazer

    SOLD: Audio Technica ATH-AD2000

    Selling them since I prefer my HD650 by a large margin. Too many headphones anyways. These are in very good condition without any paint chips and wear. Stock earpads newly replaced. No box but will throw in a 6.5mm adapter and will be packed securely. Free shipping
  5. James Shoegazer

    Audio Technica ATH-DN1000USB DAC Headphones

    £200 (Apr 2021), reduced from US$430 Free shipping incl. pp fees. Ships from my Singapore address using Aramex. https://www.audio-technica.co.jp/smt/atj/show_model.php?modelId=2665 Item has not been in use and looks quite new. Just need a usb from your computer and it works as a...
  6. WhiskeyJacks

    SOLD-Monolith M1060 v2, 140 $

    It is decent to good condition I'd give it 7 out of 10. No issues with band or cups, sounds great. I am selling this only for to high medical bills because I think it is a great headphones and one of my favorite in the mid-fi price range. Doesn't come with original pads but audeze vegan pads...
  7. yanaginagi

    FS: Sony CD3000 black plug

    Hello all, looking to find a new home for this baby to fund my new system. This pair is the first-production, made-in-Japan, black-plug version. She's still in great working condition and the previous Japanese owner has exchanged the headband leather and replaced new earpads. The rubber band...
  8. Lurk650

    Meze 99 C w/ 2.5mm Balanced Cable

    I believe these are the Walnut Gold and included will be both stock cables as well as a Triton Audio Silver core balanced cable ($150+ value). No stock pads, Brainwavz Sheepskin Pads are installed Band is a bit weathered from previous owner but is easily replaceable with purchase from Meze. 48...
  9. Acoustic Research AR-H1

    Acoustic Research AR-H1

    Acoustic Research is a Japanese company that has made speakers back in the 50's. They came out with DAP's over the past few years and have a positive feedback. Which then they created and sold their first planar magnetic headphone, the AR-H1 along with two In-Ear-Monitors. Features High-end...