1. Mr_magicfingers

    Where can I get new cables for my IEM's please

    Hello,   I've had my C3 IEM's for a few years now and the cables are wearing out. They're the little two pin connectors so the're replaceable, I just wanted to know which companies do replacement cables please.   Also, I need a set of regular length cables but I'm...
  2. LyPForever

    Frogbeats Custom-IEM Appreciation Thread

    I start a new thread for discussion because the old thread was closed , I also own the Frogbeat C4 . Feel free to ask if you have any questions . Hope it can help everyone here ;))   LFF's Review ...
  3. Frogbeats C3

    Frogbeats C3

    The C3 is what we like to call the "baby brother" to the C5. Featuring the same sound signature as the C5, the C3 is our entry level CIEM. However don't be put off by "entry level", this gem will still shine through and sound absolutely fantastic. We've examined all possible routes for our...