1. Sasaki

    FOSTEX to release high-end headphones

    FOSTEX to release high-end headphones. They have black lacquer finish. Two amps with 32bit DAC to come as well. Have a look on the Fujiya Avic twitter. Here is some pics. FUJIYA AVIC (FUJIYAAVIC) on Twitter
  2. WyldRage

    The Deals Thread (CLOSED! See the last post for the link to the new thread)

    *NOTE* I have not updated this list since August, but I am keeping it as an handy tool to compare prices. Deals are now posted as replies when they are found, so look at the end of this thread for the latest deals.   Since there were several requests for this, I am starting a thread for...
  3. RexAeterna

    is used pair of TECHNICS EAH-810 for 60 bucks worth it?

    just curious cause i found a pair on ebay for 50 dollars plus 10 dollar shipping across the U.S. been reading a lot bout orthodynamic headphones lately and how they offer a very flat frequency response compared to dynamic. also would like to try something different and getting tired of my...
  4. uhnoel

    Klipsch issues first on-ear headphones, Image S5i Rugged and bargain Image S3 earbuds
  5. peli_kan

    Fostex T50RP v2 : Where to Buy?

    I'm hunting for the newest model of these, the ones with the smooth, flatter earpads.  Does anyone know a good USA based seller that sells this version instead of the older, soft cushioned one?    The standard price I've found for these so far is $75.  Lower would be better, but again, they...
  6. cam94z28

    If not planning to mod, any reason to get Fostex T40RP or T20RP over the T50RPv2?

    I would like to experience the ortho sound, but would not be planning to mod the T50RP, are the lower two models respectable in their own right? They are slightly cheaper. Do they have the same stock midrange hump and require the same modding?
  7. PianoForte

    Fostex HP-A7 Amp/DAC

    Does anyone have any information about the Fostex Hp-A7? I posted a truncated version of this in the source forum because it also contains a DAC, but it has an amp, which is why I post this more elaborate version here. " FOSTEX New Headphone Amplifier 32bit DAC HP-A7 HP-A7 has...
  8. Pianist

    Just listened to some Fostex T50RPs today... WOW!

    I auditioned a pair of these at a local audio store this morning. I heard that they are based on Orthodynamic technology and was really curious about what an Ortho sounds like. I plugged them into my Sony NWZ-A816 MP3 player without expecting much at all. The seller at the store told me that...
  9. Sasaki

    Fostex to release revolutionary DAC/amp combo!

    Fostex reveals a plan that they are going to develop revolutionary portable DAC amp combo! This is a great entry to the portable audio world. Fostex is primary known for speakers and headphones supplier, but they are also known as professional recording studio gears. so they are experts of...
  10. peli_kan

    Fostex T50RP : Impressions and Future DIY PVC Housings

    I've gotten listen to and compare the Fostex T50RP, stock and modded, to a bunch of other headphones.  Stock, the Fostex were terrible.  I'm usually able to convince myself that a pair of headphones could lend itself to a unique set of user "preferences"  The midrange was lumpy and...
  11. captian73

    headphone ID please   any ID on these headphones please?