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  1. Sony MDR-XB1000

    Sony MDR-XB1000

    Key Features 70mm Drivers OFC Voice Coils Direct Vibe Structure King-Sized Ear Cushions Adjustable Headband Flat Y-Type Cable Gold-Plated 3.5mm Plug with 1/4" Adapter Headphones Form Factor: Full size Sound Output Mode: Stereo Frequency Response: 2 Hz Sensitivity: 106 dB/mW Impedance: 24 Ohm...
  2. joe

    Introducing Head-Fi Classifieds!

    Hello Head-Fi'ers! We know that our For Sale/Trade forums have become a popular place for Head-Fi'ers to buy, sell, and trade all kinds of personal audio gear. It's an exciting area of the site, and we love that it has become one of the most popular places to buy, sell, and trade this type of...
  3. Gaspasser

    SOLD: Soekris DAC 1541

    I’m selling my Soekris DAC1541 with TNT filter pack installed and will include firmware update cable. This is the latest version (November 2019). SOLD $900 shipping (lower 48 only) & PP Fees included. I have original box and manual. I will post pics when I get home tonight . Thanks :)
  4. LostnAmerica

    PENDING //.FS: NIB Massdrop Sennheiser HD 6XX

    Greetings, I have had this pair in the unopened box for several months. I had also bought a pair of the AudioQuest Nighthawks at the same time, listen to the nighthawks and decided to leave the Senns. alone...I have since moved into uiems (full bore), and don't listen to the nighthawks anymore...
  5. marcgii

    SOLD: Schiit Magni 3

    Amp is in like new condition. Comes in the original plain white shipping box. I didn't use it for long before deciding to upgrade. Price includes shipping. Ships via USPS priority mail. Note this is the original Magni 3. Not the Magni 3+
  6. justsomesonyfan


  7. Svstem

    SOLD: Etymotic ER2XR

    Very good IEMs, just never use them. Mint condition with box and all accessories/paperwork. Asking $105 shipped within North America. PM for any questions or if you need more photos. Sold.
  8. SkySilent

    - Sold -

    - Sold -
  9. Not Deaf


    For sale is a very good condition, used Burson Soloist Headphone amp. - Perfect working order. Very good condition; few minor blemishes - Produces nearly identical performance to the Soloist SL Mk2 Amp, but puts out 4W at 16ohms instead of 2.5W, so able to drive virtually any can with plenty of...
  10. Svstem

    SOLD: JVC HA-SZ2000

    The now discontinued JVC SZ2000 is known for its 55 mm brass-damped, ported carbon nanotube woofer, which is able to produce unmatched amounts of exertion in the bass. In my experience, it has taken 20 dB of sub-bass with no significant distortion or clipping. This pair is in mint condition...
  11. Svstem


    This original HE-6 is a very well maintained and complete example with many extras. Note that it is not like the newer HE-6se, which has similar magnets but differences in the diaphragm, trace and driver damping. This is the less bright, but less rare 6-screw model. The headphones are in very...
  12. Darth Plagueis the Wise

    FS: FiiO Q1 MKII

    FiiO Q1 DSD dac/amp for iphones and androids. Selling with iOS cable. 2.5mm bal and 3.5mm headphone jacks, micro usb input and 3,5mm input that bypasses DAC. Long battery life, two gain options, and "bass boost." Prefers to ship within the US, USPS priority mail, price not included. No original...
  13. Seazer

    ORA Graphene-Q mint condition

    Mint condition, tested to ensure not faulty. Looking for 300 dollars shipped.
  14. Seazer

    Audeze Mobius Copper very good condition (CLOSED)

    Kept in very good condition, lightly used for a few months before moving on to a different headphone. Copper color, from the original indiegogo. Updated to the most recent firmware. Price includes shipping.
  15. Svstem

    SOLD: Campfire Audio Solaris

    For sale is my CA Solaris. Very good condition overall though the previous owner did leave a surface scratch on the left faceplate which is best seen under certain lighting/angles (I tried to capture it as best I could on the photos). Other than that, no flaws I can detect. I've owned them for...
  16. Gaspasser

    FS: SOLD: Schiit Yggdrasil A2 Unison USB Silver

    I now own two expensive EC amps and I need to consolidate and move things around. I have a Silver Yggdrasil A2 with a Unison USB beta card that was updated to latest firmware when it was in for the A2 upgrade. I have original packing materials and DAC is in excellent condition with no scratches...
  17. Gaspasser

    SOLD FS: Eddie Current ZDS

    I made a big change with converting my Af to 300B and it has led to this FS. Eddie Current ZDS #88 Great condition Silver metal includes stock tubes plus Philips JAN green letter 6SL7 SOLD $2100 net (down from $2200) Thanks :)
  18. kevingzw

    ((FOR SALE)) Ibasso IT01s

    Selling a used pair of Ibasso IT01s without the box. It does, however, come with the original hard case and the 2.5-3.5mm converter. Willing to ship anywhere, but the cost is dependent on location. Preferably Australia, Oceania or Southeast Asia :). Feel free to pm me!
  19. redrol

    Thieaudio Voyager 14 (SOLD)

    I'm upgrading to a different set and I am happy I got to try these out. They are basically mint condition. I do NOT have retail stuff as this is the first pair sold (yes really), only the 2 cables shown and the tips and cases. All included obviously. $850 + shipping CONUS only
  20. Mobat

    Sony WH-1000XM3 (Traded)

    Selling these like new Sony WH-1000XM3’s. They are very convenient and they feel very nice but I recently got a Mojo and SE846 on a steal so I don’t see myself using these anymore. They are a little more than a month old, have no scuffs or scratches and I have everything they came with. I’d...
  21. Darth Plagueis the Wise

    [FS] Selling headphones and (probably) an amp

    I will be selling some audio stuff once I can post on corresponding forums. Message me if you want it now. Prices TBD, shipping negotiable depending on mood after the first mid-term. Trade welcome, but prefer US$. For now, here's a teaser: Monolith M560, no mods, I'll leave in something from...
  22. redrol

    FS: Moondrop A8, used, excellent condition (no flaws).

    For sale, CONUS only. $450. Excellent condition with box and accessories. Shipping included in price. Will include 2.5mm Balanced Lyre Pansy cable. Cable has been measured and verified correct polarity.
  23. sauronmordor756

    FS: Meze 99 Classics with two sets of pads.

    Selling my Meze 99 Classics for $180. It doesn't come with the original packaging but all the necessary cords and stuff are included in addition to two sets of pads - the ones that came with it and a Dekon pair that in my opinion really reduce the bass while increasing the mids and highs. These...
  24. Sleaney

    For sale: 64 Audio A6T

    Selling my 64 Audio A6T's. -Redwood Burl faceplates Purchased mid-last year directly from 64 Audio. Price includes shipping to 64 Audio and manufacturer reshell, and shipping to buyer. All manufacturer accessories included: -hardshell case -48" black cable -cleaning tool Everything in...
  25. HiGHFLYiN9

    SOLD: Bottlehead Mainline Custom Build - Loaded Balanced Amp

    This is the Bottlehead Mainline with countless upgrades. It's fully wired with shielded Cardas wiring, Teflon tube sockets, premium Teflon RCAs, Kiwame resistors, Jupiter capacitors, Fender pilot light, KILO milled aluminum knobs, copper-leafed wood base, EAR feet, and a Hammond choke. The plate...