focal utopia
  1. H

    SOLD Up for sale is a pristine Danacable lazuli reference terminated with rean mini-XLR connectors, which will work with the Meze Empyrean, all ZMF headphones, and most if not all Audeze full size headphones. 2 meter length and 4 pin XLR termination. The cable retails for...
  2. royneo

    [€1900 off!] 9.5/10 Focal Utopia - Price dropped!

    Hi all, I'm selling an Focal Utopia with earpads and headband in excellent condition. Please note that is very slight paint wear on the headphone as found in the last picture. The overall condition is pretty much a 9.5/10. This Utopia was bought in June 2018 and the warranty would run until...
  3. me2621a

    Focal Utopia, Like New, with Extras - SOLD

    Pricing Update: The listing Price of $1900 only includes the stock Utopia cable (not the two Wireworld cables) and does not include paypal or shipping, all other accessories mentioned are included. I can provide you a shipping quote, or if you would prefer a flat number $2000 includes shipping...
  4. juanix

    WTB Norne Draug 3 Focal Utopia Cable

    Looking for a Norne Draug 3 cable for Focal Utopia. Let me know if you’re selling one. Thanks.
  5. S

    Focal Utopia + HDV820

    Hello guys, I'm just curious. I have HDV820 with HD800s and I'm just thinking if I ever wanted Focal Utopia, would HDV820 be good enough?
  6. juanix

    [FOUND] WTB Focal Utopia

    Looking for an excellent condition Utopia. Preferably less than a year old so I have some warranty left. Must have original purchase receipt for the warranty. Please send me your offer if you have one. I also have a pair of Aryas (less than a month old) that I’m willing to trade to offset the...
  7. NYanakiev

    Looking for Lazuli Reference FC for Focal Utopia Headphones

    I am looking to buy a Lazuli Reference cable for my Utopia- please PM me if you are looking to sell yours. I am based in London, UK.
  8. Audio46

    Focal Arche Bundles at Amazing Prices

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of Focal. Save big on Focal headphones bundled with the Arche. CLEAR+ARCHE $3,000 $3,998 SHOP> STELLIA+ARCHE $4,000 $5,498 SHOP> UTOPIA+ARCHE $5,000 $6,498 SHOP>
  9. xxx1313

    SOLD: Focal Utopia (EU)

    I am selling a Focal Utopia in good used condition (pictures below). I bought it from an authorized Focal dealer in Austria in December 2016 and bought extended warranty until November 2020. The ear pads have been replaced with new original ear pads only few months ago. The Utopia comes in its...
  10. H

    WTS Several focal clear/Stellia/elear/elegia upgrade cables and Norne volsund focal utopia upgrade cable

    Hi all, I have a few upgrade and stock cables for these focal headphones that I’m looking to sell, details and time stamps below. As these came in a package I’m taking offers rather than setting asking prices, please pm if you’re interested and have a reasonable offer (the exception is my...
  11. xxx1313

    SOLD: Focal Utopia flagship headphones (EU)

    Selling a gently used Focal Utopia headphones in very good used condition (pictures below). First owner, got it in November 2016, so there are nearly two years of its 5 year warranty left. Works fine, sounds good, no dents, no scratches. It comes in its original box with 6.3mm cable and...
  12. SammYyYyY

    SOLD: Focal Utopia in Excellent Condition w/ Red/Black LQI Balanced Cable, Elex and Elear Pads, Focal Case

    Today I'm selling my Focal Utopia headphones. They are in excellent condition with a 7 ft. red/black balanced cable made by LQI. I'm also including the Focal Elear and Elex pads and the official Focal carry case. All original packaging and accessories are also included. The warranty is...
  13. Teaster

    FS:focal utopia

    I am selling my focal utopian and silver dragon Cable together for 2000 dollars. The box and the original cable are not in the US currently. I will bring them to Us at the beginning of The next year. Also the condition for the headphone is great, but the original box is not in a good condition.
  14. tommytakis

    SOLD Focal Utopia

    I’m settling down with my forever bae HD650. Item is in great condition and Comes in original packaging + stock cable terminated 4-pin XLR. Potential buyers must have established feedback. Low ballers will be ignored. No trades. Asking $OLD within US. Item will be fully insured and signature...
  15. tommytakis


  16. Acemcl

    [SOLD] FS : Like new Focal Headphones with case and aftermarket cables!

    Pair of like new focal utopias for sale .... comes with original box and cable. Will also include a Beat Audio & moon audio cable terminating in a 4.4 mm balanced connector. Will also include focal utopia carrying case Additional photos on request. Price excludes shipping and PayPal fees.
  17. jimjims

    WTB Focal Utopia

    Looking to buy an excellent condition Focal Utopia! Would like the original purchasing invoice for warranty purposes. Aftermarket cables are a plus as well! Thanks
  18. crayons23

    focal utopia excellent condition! 1700$!! Sold!!

    i am selling my beloved and well cared for focal utopia headphones. I am asking my bottom line price up front at 1700$. i have had these for less than a year and they have never left the house. It breaks my heart to sell them but it is what it is.. Buyer pays shipping USA only and local pickup...
  19. superjohny

    FS: Focal Utopia with Dana Cable

    up for sale is Focal Utopia with Dana Cable. I am the first owner for both Utopia and Dana Cable Dana cable 2m Lazuli Reference with Furutech dual 3-pin XLR purchased for 1474 USD in January this year received in Feb. Utopia bought on 31 December 2018 from a local Focal authorized seller. I...
  20. JoeDoe

    Utopia - $OLD

    Need to recoup some funds, so here we are! Priority given to straight sales or trades + cash. With regards to condition, all of the headphones below are an 9 or higher on the Audiogon scale. They each come in original packaging with all original accessories. I am considering trades (+/- cash)...
  21. JoeDoe

    Focal Utopia

    Cannot find a flaw anywhere! Straight sale or trade. Considering two trades: Cocobolo or blackwood ZMFs + cash. Focal Clears + cash. Price includes fees, shipping on buyer.
  22. AEIOU9

    SOLD: Focal Utopia + Case + Kimber Kable Axios CU, Mint Condition

    Focal Utopia comes in the original box with the standard cable. The headphones were originally purchased in February 2018 from an authorized dealer in the US. You will also get a Focal hard shell carrying case and a Kimber Axios CU cable (1.2M, 6.35MM terminated). So you get the headphones, 2...
  23. xxx1313

    SOLD: WyWires Platinum cable for Focal Utopia (EU)

    For sale is a Wywires Platinum cable for Focal Utopia, with 6.3mm plug and 3m length. Less than 2 years old, in very good, I would even say mint condition. This is a great sounding cable and a worthy upgrade, imo. I am only selling it, because it is too long and therefore consumes too much...
  24. PlussRep

    For Sale: Focal Utopia [EU] *SOLD*

    Hei There! Selling a pair of Utopia's with all the accessories and the box, can include the original shipping box that housed the Focal Box! See the photos and judge for yourself. Looks amazing on photos, even better when between your fingers. Sound? I don't know i faint every time from all...
  25. Carmantom


    No introduction needed here. These are Focal's Flagship headphone. From a non-smoking home. Sure to please. List price on these are $4000 The only reason I'm selling is I need to channel the funds elsewhere. Woo headphone stand is not included This is the lowest I have seen these sell for...