focal radiance
  1. MoonAudio

    PREORDER: Focal Radiance Limited Edition Headphones

    Focal Radiance Closed-back Headphones $1,290 Preorder Now Expected End of October 2020 Born from a common passion for excellence, Focal (1979), Naim Audio (1973) and Bentley Motors (1919) combined their expertise for remarkable products to forge this luxury closed-back headphone. The Copper...
  2. TaronL

    Focal Radiance Limited Edition Headphones Available for Pre-Order on

    The limited edition Focal Radiance is now available for Pre-Order at Each Radiance order will be shipped same-day as soon as stock is received with free UPS Next Day Air shipping. Pre-Orders are expected to start shipping October 26th Pre-Order the Focal Radiance Here Additional...
  3. jude

    Focal For Bentley Radiance Headphones

    Since 2008, ultra-luxury carmaker Bentley has worked with Naim Audio and Focal to equip their cars with high-end audio systems. Today they're extending their collaboration with two new (far more accessible) products: The Naim Mu-so for Bentley Special Edition wireless speaker system, and the...