focal elex
  1. servantsaber

    [SOLD] 4 feet, 6.3mm Single Ended Cable for Focal Elear/Clear/Elex/Elegia UP-OCC Silver Plated & Copper

    I've used the cable for about 10 hours with Focal Elex. This cable from LQICABLES is definitely more convenient than the stock cable. Shipping fee covered
  2. ogidigo

    FOUND WTB - Focal Elex

    Hey guys, I had one of these for a while and ended up selling them. Now I kind of regret it. Really enjoyed its signature and I really miss hearing it. I've bought my pair for 504$, so that's what I am hoping to pay again. Especially because since then my currency (I am from Brazil) devalued...
  3. Vaiet

    [Sold] Drop x Focal Elex - great condition, rarely used [EU]

    Hello, For sale are my almost mint Focal Elex. Bought here on HF in Mid-July of 2019 just burned-in with 200hrs of use in closet. In my posession ever since. Their condition is almost perfect with very minimal use (15-20hrs a month) since I have other headphones and rarely get proper conditions...
  4. billqs

    SOLD Focal Elear with Clear (Pro) Pads SOLD

    Up for sale is this excellent set of Focal Elears that come with both the regular Elear pads and also the Red Clear Pro Pads. The bass slam on these is legendary as is the speed of these phones. Only selling because my time gets taken up by my Focal Utopias. This comes with the phones, 2 pads...
  5. J

    FS or FT: Focal Elex SOLD

    Good evening, I'm selling or trading my Focal Elex. Only trade I'm currently interested in are the HD800S (obviously I would add some $$). I understand these are currently on Drop, but rumors have it that they are not shipping currently (might have changed since last I've heard). Selling them...
  6. S

    [SOLD] Focal Elex (plus optional accessories)

    EDIT: Will now sell any of the items that you want. No longer needing to sell the whole bundle. Just let me know which items you would like and we can figure out a deal. New/better pictures: Hello, I absolutely love the sound of my Elex, but decided in the end I...
  7. lenroot77

    WTB-Focal Elex/Elear/Clear Balanced Cable

    Let me know what you have, Thanks!
  8. DivineCurrent

    SOLD: Focal Elex (Mint Like New Condition)

    SOLD I am selling a previously open box Focal Elex. Condition is identical to how I received it 2 weeks ago, like new. I am including pictures from the previous sale of these headphones, but I can upload updated pictures if requested. I have put a few hours of listening time on these, no more...
  9. Insidious Meme

    FS: Massdrop Fostex T-X0

    FS: Massdrop Fostex T-X0 Used up to various times. Just want to sell to those that will use them as I'm content with my setup for now. All sales are CONUS and Paypal only. I will pay for shipping. Fostex T-X0: $80 PM me for any inquiries or questions. Images here:
  10. Amouage

    [SOLD] FS: Focal Elex (2 months old)

    [SOLD] I purchased these from another user about 2 weeks ago, they hardly used them and I had used them for less than 30 hours. Package will include the headphones themselves, both the balanced cable and 1/4, and the original box and packaging. Theyre obviously in very good condition...
  11. S

    SOLD: Focal Elex

    Selling my mint-condition Focal Elex. Only have owned for a short while. Bought from a user on here recently. I have used them less than 10 hours. They are truly a great headphone, but I now have another hifi headphone in my collection, and these won't be seeing much use anymore. I believe these...
  12. A

    WTB Focal Elex (Living in The UK)

    I'm looking for a mint condition Focal Elex to buy and I am living in The UK please let me know if you want to sell.
  13. strawed

    SOLD: Massdrop Focal Elex - EXCELLENT

    SOLD Massdrop Focal Elex headphones. In EXCELLENT cosmetic and working condition, includes original box, cables, manuals. I'm the sole original owner, bought it new. Used exclusively indoors in a smoke-free, pet-free home. $585 FIRM (Includes Fees and Shipping). Check out my trader feedback...
  14. thegreatpeng


    Hello I am looking to buy a focal elex in good condition, please PM me if you have one fs. Also I have a he560 w/ balanced neotech XLR cable & sheepskin pads, and a pair of jvc fd01 w/ oyaide balanced 2.5mm cable w/ 3.5 se adapter. Lmk if interested so we can work out some kind of trade with...
  15. SheriDublin126

    SOLD Focal Elex

    I hereby have on offer a near-mint Focal Elex headphone (near-mint only in the sense it has been used, but it would be indistinguishable from a new pair it's that pristine). I have listened to these less than 15 hours ever since I purchased them last year, as I tend to gravitate towards using...
  16. lramirez1959

    SOLD BTG Audio Headphone Cables Focal Elear, Clear, Elegia,Elex 2.5 & 1/4

    1. BTG Audio Headphone Cables Focal Elear, Clear, Elegia,Elex 2.5 mm Balanced (4 ft.) Black Sleeve Barely used 2. BTG Audio Headphone Cables Focal Elear, Clear, Elegia,Elex 1/4 (6 ft.) Black Sleeve Barely used Botch cables are virtually new. Selling due to change of source No Trades, Thanks...
  17. Lewis Li

    Sold! Massdrop x focal elex

    Selling my great condition elex. Bought from my friends, used not more than 100 hours. Upgraded to he6se so I need to clear my stock. Price including pp but no shipping because of the big box. Open to trading of some great power amplifier for powering my he6.
  18. Homrsimson

    WTS Moon Audio Silver Dragon v3 upgrade cable for focal clear, elex, elear, song mdr-z7

    Cable is like new condition, retails for $330. Used with my Focal Clear and IMHO, provides a noticeable bump in detail. A bit longer than 5 feet in length. Asking $150 shipped. PM if any questions, and thanks.
  19. hamison

    [FOUND] Massdrop Focal Elex

    Bought - not looking any longer
  20. dropadred

    SOLD - Focal Elex (EU)

    Hi Guys, I have Focal Elex for sale. They were bought in August 2018. I am a second owner, bought from a fellow guy from community (fellow headfier as well). They are in mint condition, complete packaging and the original box. I am selling them because of the addicted...
  21. viveksaikia22

    [SOLD] Massdrop Focal Elex on sale

    **** Mods, this headphone is sold. Please close this thread **** Hi All, I am hoping to sell my Massdrop Focal Elex. I bought it from Massdrop less than 3 months ago and is in mint condition. It comes from with all the original accessories and the box packing. The sound from these needs no...
  22. marcussmj

    WTS Focal Elex

    Hi all would like to sell the Massdrop Focal Elex that was purchased during the second drop around the end of July or so. Have been used sparingly as well as I have other headphones and now with work IEM's are my go to. Accessories will all be fully included. Headphone is in excellent condition...
  23. slowpickr

    Massdrop Focal Elex Not For Sale - They Sound Too Good

    Had second thoughts on these. No longer for sale.
  24. sahmen

    FS : Massdrop Focal Elex $$SOLD

    I purchased these recently to try them out, and found that they live up to hype and buzz one finds in all the recent reviews, regarding their technical attributes, their build and musicality. However, I was hoping they will offer me an SQ flavor that differs enough from those of the cans I...