flc 8s
  1. canoman


  2. Metalomaniac

    WITHDRAWN Selling FLC 8S tunable three-driver hybrid IEMs (Europe)

    NOT FOR SALE ANYMORE as I didn't get reasonable offers, and I need a "beater" pair for the gym, and nothing at this price point compares. Selling my sexy red FLC 8S.These are the tunable IEMs, which you can adjust to your preferred sound profile. Uses three hybrid drivers. It has original blue...
  3. CHxJC


    Description: Selling my FLC 8S. Item is rarely used and in very good condition, about 8 months old. Non-smoking, no pets household. These IEMs have never left the house, and have been used exclusively at my desk. I estimate about 200 hours of use. Selling it due to, as you epected, severe lack...
  4. TheRock99

    Good amp (w/ or w/o DAC) for Grado SR325e and FLC 8S

    Hello, as a gift to be made during the Christmas period I would buy my first headphone amplifier (alone or even with a DAC) for my equipment to use at home. I have a budget of about $ 200 (even between used). Among the products that seemed most interesting I found: - Little Dot MKII...
  5. bjj51

    Wts flc 8s iems

    Wts in so cal pair of flc 8s iems. They function like new and are in good cosmetic condition except for some of the blue plastic coating has flaked off in a couple places on each iem (this is purely a cosmetic issue, the body of the iems are 100% solid). Includes original box, metal carrying...
  6. shoegazebass

    Red FLC 8s for sale (SOLD)

    Due to ear irritation issues I'm facing with IEMs, I'm clearing house of my sets. Up first is my beloved FLC 8s. Original cable, metal carrying case, and all filters are included. I'll throw in some Spinfits as well - M or L, your choice. I'll ship anywhere in the lower 48 for free, and...