flare audio
  1. Flare PRO 2HD

    Flare PRO 2HD

    This in-ear monitors are made from rhodium coated brass and based around 5.5mm beryllium drivers. They use gold plated MMCX terminated at splitter level. They're shipped with 3.5mm jack cable and a balanced bluetooth modul with aptX support. More information...
  2. O

    Flare Audio Jet 1 in ears

    Hi all New here so hi and it's nice to be here. I would consider myself pretty knowledgeable when it comes to audio and I recently purchased a set of Flare Audio Jet 1 earbuds based on reviews I've read and the marketing blurb, which promised (for want of a better word) great audio quality...
  3. Flares GOLD by Flare Audio

    Flares GOLD by Flare Audio

    1 | Flares® GOLD earphones - 24ct gold finish - Anti-Resonance technology - Finely tuned Dual Jet technology - Acoustic Lens technology - 5.5mm beryllium drivers - Superior passive noise isolation - Three types of T200 compatible Flares Earfoams® 2 | MMCX Professional Connectors - Balanced...