1. aj05hi

    Fitear Parterre & Shure SE846 together for £550

    These are the custom versions of both earphones and you will need to get a re-shell done for you own ears. Both will come with their respective boxes and packaging (including filters for Shure). There is a receipt included for the Shure of the original sale, please also note that Fitear has a...
  2. Mike Dias


    Retailers often use FitEar products as a benchmark to compare everything else against in terms of build quality. So we asked Keita Suyama — FitEar's Founder — about design and inspiration and the role of the in-ear monitor. Each month, IEMITO proudly presents an inside look into the visions...
  3. LuciusB

    Sell Empire Ears Spartan

    Sell my Spartan 200€ Good condition With box, cable, tips Ship Europe, USA, etc...
  4. jrbgarcia

    Fitear 111 almost brand new (SOLD)

    Used for barely an hour, acquired 1 day ago. Not my preferred sound signature. Have original box, accessories, cable, tips. $400 usd, includes PayPal and shipping.
  5. Jephre

    FS: FitEar ToGo 334

    Hi everyone, Selling my FitEar TG334. At the moment, I'm looking for straight $$ or another IEM+$$. These are in excellent condition with the default cable and an additional cable included. These are also channel matched. If interested, please PM me. I accept USD or CAD, although CAD is...
  6. ElecHires

    [SOLD] PW audio N5 Fitear 4.4mm

    Hello i want to sale my PW N5 cable 4wires Fitear connector and 4.4mm, i'm the first owner. the cable is in really great condition and work very well. the price include Paypal only
  7. Sym-Proceed x FitEar SP-IEM7

    Sym-Proceed x FitEar SP-IEM7

    There's very little information online available for this one-of-a-kind and rare collaboration between Sym-Proceed, which is a brand owned by a large production agency in Japan (Media Integration) and FitEar. I was recently in Tokyo, where I had the chance to stop by audiophile heaven...
  8. ElecHires

    [WTS] Fitear cable

    Hello i want to sale this cable made for fitear Explore Hybrid TITAN Edition this is a silver cable
  9. Mobat

    Fitear F111 (Sold!)

    Really a fantastic IEM with terrific build quality, clarity and surprisingly good spaciousness. However the signature isn’t what I’m looking for and I want to try something new. Im interested in amps/dacs, other full-size headphones and portables. The condition is perfect and includes...
  10. ElecHires


    Hello i want to sale my fitear Titan they are in very good shape this is a custom model not universal if you want to reshell they can be at if you have any question please ask
  11. Joe-Siow

    FitEar TG334

    For sale here is a pair of FitEar TG334 with full set of accessories Legendary performance for vocals. In excellent condition RRP is $1,399 with long wait. Asking for $OLD Price includes shipping with tracking from Singapore, but respectfully request buyer bear the 5% Paypal charge...

    Fostex TE100 mint, Europe

    Hi, Im selling my Fostex TE100 in mint condition. There is no sign of use, they were always well treated and kept in case. Not much use as I got them for work and traveling, and at the end most of the week I work from home and I prefer on ear headphones. Earphones can be collected in Dublin...
  13. echineko


  14. ElecHires

    WTB fitear mh335dwsr

    Hello I’m looking for one set of mh335dwsr so if you have one pm me.
  15. echineko

    Beyerdynamic Xelento - SOLD

    For various reasons, I need to put my beloved Beyerdynamic Xelento up for sale. The Beyerdynamic Xelento was purchased over a year ago, and includes all the original packaging/accessories that came with it. The retail price on these were $999. Price: SOLD These are in great condition, and used...
  16. ElecHires

    SOLD Togo 334

    hello I’m selling my fitear Togo 334 UIEM. I’m not the first owner but the second. They come with all things in the picture. If you have any questions please ask. The price is all included pp fees and shipping.
  17. dBel84

    FS : FitEar ToGo334 IEM

    I have a pair of barely used FitEar TG334 - the newer version. I love them and they suite my musical preferences perfectly BUT I just never use them and it makes little sense keeping them any longer. Will come with the pelican case, 2 spare cables ( one is a BTG Midnight ) and unused tips...
  18. etteoh

    (SOLD) plusSound Echo+ Series cable (for any FitEar IEM + new Audeze plugs)

    Item: Posting for a buddy - this Echo+ uses shielded Type 6 Litz UP-OCC copper cables and is four feet in length. Terminated with plusSound’s 3.5mm Rhodium plug. Will also throw in a new pair of Audeze style plugs (see pics below) so if you have a pair of Audeze (or any other cans using the same...
  19. Montyburns

    ***Closed***Campfire Audio Nova

    Up for sale or trade is a perfect condition pair of Campfire Audio Nova IEMs with box and case. I have mostly Noble products and like their darker sound signature. Want to try some different items. Looking to trade for 64 Audio U3 or U4, Noble Trident, Orilus Forsteni, AudioQuest NightOwl, or...
  20. jeffreyw311

    WTB: Fitear Parterre

    I'm looking to buy this, let me know if you're willing to part with yours.
  21. rantng

    SOLD - FS - FitEar 111 x ALO Audio

    Purchased from a fellow head-fier. See original thread Will include original purchase receipt. Special Edition FitEar 111 made for ALO Audio. Includes FitEar 006 Cable which is the standard FitEar cable for the FitEar MH334 and MH335DW...
  22. DimitriTrush

    Prophile-8 Inear

    SOLD Prophile 8 for sale this unit sold without outer box as it was heavily damaged when shipped from Manufacturer. Warranty is one year through Musicaacoustics Unit is like new, it was recently replaced by manufacturer. Unit has no sigh of wear Shipping worldwide ok price Total price inclusive...
  23. ThePrince425

    FitEar TG!334

    Pristine condition FitEar TG!334 universal in-ears up for sale. Comes with stock 006 cable, FitEar semi-hard carrying case and 1060 Pelican case. Price quoted includes Paypal fees but shipping will be additional, hit me up and thanks for looking!
  24. LuciusB

    FitEar Private 222

    Sell FitEar 222 Private Custom Very good conditions Reshell with Ambient Acoustics
  25. Spidermeng

    Fitear TOGO 334 Premium + 008 cable ( SOLD )

    Up for sale is my Fitear TOGO 334 Premium Come with: - Fitear 008 cable - Fitear Soft Pouch - Fitear Clean Tool - Fitear Pelican case - Fitear Double-flange tips - JVC Spiral Dot Eartips: S, M, L size Very blinky clean and perfect working conditon. Matte black faceplate film protector...